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    Hi there,

    I have most of my photos kept within either Flickr or Instagram. I just tried to use media manager plus to enable access to third party photo streaming sites and Enfold doesnt work with it. The thing is I dont want to have to host locally so I was wondering what plugins work with Enfold?

    Media Manager Plus enables me to manage both folder structures as well as give me access to the likes of Flickr, 500px and Instagram. Using only a dozen or so images in a site probably would need such things but as I want to put up a lot I really need media management control.

    Media Manager Plus work within the normal WP layout page but as soon as it goes into the page builder it doesnt work

    Can you help



    Actually… Ive just tried NextGen, OmniGallery, API Flickr and Media Manager Plus and none of them work within your page builder.

    Can you tell me how I can use hosted images (mainly Flickr & Instagram) within the page builder? By this I mean as single, multiple or as part of a gallery or slider?

    i can see how to use them as blog posts but my main need is within my portfolio and gallery sections



    Hello Andy,

    As far as I know the advanced layout editor can’t support outside hosted images because of the way it interacts with the data live. I’ll tag Peter and Kriesi and see if they have looked into anything like it.




    Nextgen Gallery works just fine with Enfold. You need to insert the gallery shortcode into a textblock and configure the lightbox properly: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -themes/

    That said our theme does not support image galleries from external sources but you need to import the images into the wordpress media gallery.




    Just a quick follow up: the problem with external libraries is that they usually do not get a unique id for the wordpress database and we mostly use wordpress attachement functions to manage the image elements. This is something that has been in my mind for some time now but since most people use the default wordpress function and we only get an occasional request for external libraries it has no big priority at the moment.

    Sorry for that


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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