WordPress Plugin: Simple Breadcrumb Navigation

Since I am using WordPress mainly as a CMS and wasn’t very satisified with the availaible plugins (too bloated, too many options to my mind) I decided to code my very own lightweight version.

If you do create websites with WordPress, that go beyond the scope of normal blog pages, you should consider to include a breadcrumb navigation for advanced usability. If you want a very lightweight breadcrumb navigation that supports nested categories and pages, doesn’t need many database queries, and if you don’t need any crazy options this might be your breadcrumb plugin of choice.


Just upload the simple_breadcrumb.php file to your plugins folder and activate it in your WordPress backend.

To display the navigation add this line of code to the template file of your choice:

<?php if (class_exists('simple_breadcrumb')) { $bc = new simple_breadcrumb; } ?>


You can find a working example at my newest WordPress Theme Javazine
(I excluded the Breadcrumb Navigation from the front page, just open a post/page or a categorie to display it)


Last Update: November 05th 2008, Version: 1.0
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  1. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    when i add the php to my template, it gives me this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in

  2. Annie
    Annie says:

    Hi ;0)
    I don’t where I am messing up as I am in the process to figure out this WORDPRESS thing but When I activate the plugin, I keep getting syntax error on line 12 ;0(
    Please help!

  3. Jamie Fehr
    Jamie Fehr says:

    not to complain, but…
    (one) the code snippet you provide is missing a closing parentheses on the if statement
    (two) it really wouldn’t be hard to internationalize it for people who want to use this on non-english sites
    (three) I really need something that displays nested categories.

    So I guess I’ll go code my own version.

  4. Ustaani
    Ustaani says:

    I installed it in my plugins and upon applying the code to the functions.php template file, my website is refusing to load. Period. What gives?
    Please help.

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