Enfold 3.8: Medical + Creative Studio Demo, new menu options, new backend, slanted sections

Enfold 3.8 comes with 2 new gorgeous demos, new features and improved backend usability

After our recent “no-thrills” Bugfix release it was time to add some new demos and features once again. This time we got 2 new demos. One of them – the Medical Demo – shows how you can achieve a unique look by applying negative top margins on your columns (which makes them overlap the section before) and a custom icon set.

The Creative Studio Demo is a one page demo that shows the 2 new main features of this release: the slanted section borders and the burger menu.

Some love for the admin area

This time we also put some focus on the backend of the theme. The backend options panel was completely re-designed and is now responsive and retina ready as well. It also received a more modern look that fits better to how WordPress looks nowadays. Colors are more fitting, buttons are larger, text is easier to read, etc

In addition to that we made some improvements to the template builder that should enable you to be even more productive (like cloning of single slides, single tabs, accordion items etc)

Last but not least we got the usual bugfixes, which are a little less this time, thanks to the recent major “bugfix only” release.

Here is the change log with the most important changes:


New demo content:

Added features:

  • added: new modern styling for the theme options backend, which supports retina screens and is also responsive
  • added: new options to the advanced styling generator for “body” and “p” tags
  • added: advanced styling option for the new main menu style (burger menu)
  • added: option to end a section with a slanted border
  • added: option to clone the last element of a group (eg: clone the last single slide of a slider, a catalogue item or an iconlist)
  • added: option to change the Fullscreen Slideshow background to scroll/fix/parallax
  • added: new google fonts
  • added: custom icons for enfold and portfolio item in admin main menu
  • added: more styling options to various advanced styling elements, like slideshow captions, slideshow buttons, buttons, etc
  • added: better google maps api key handling and error messages, as well as update of the documentation on the topic


  • fixed: a bug with meta box sorting when on the edit page screen
  • fixed: a bug with the animated countdown element not showing the correct date
  • fixed: a display bug with the animated countdown element on firefox
  • fixed: a display issue with the caption of non linking masonry elements
  • fixed: a positioning issue of the fixed fullwidth menu element when using the “fixed frame” layout option
  • fixed: an issue were long links were truncated in excerpts
  • fixed: an issue with mailchimp world list dropdown menus not displaying
  • fixed: an issue with the headline rotator not displaying correctly when multiline was active
  • fixed: an issue with the menu manager, caused by deprecated menu items
  • fixed: a bug with the display of the WooCommerce product review form
25 replies
  1. Uriah
    Uriah says:

    Will the new update break some of the styling I have in place for my website? It is currently using the enfold theme. Over time I have been using it, I have place css in the enfold custom.css file and in the dynamic input area on the styling options page.

  2. Christian Jaroljmek
    Christian Jaroljmek says:

    Hi Guys. Great updates to the theme! I just wondered if there was any documentation for how to add the custom icons? Thanks. CJ

  3. Ivan
    Ivan says:

    Great and thank you, just one suggestion …

    I would love all the fixes to be released as 3.7.2 without adding new features, so we have ‘stable’ release, and new features released in a new major release, 3.8 in this case, as with new features there always will be new bugs and new fixes etc.


  4. Adrian Wackernah
    Adrian Wackernah says:

    Thanks for the Update kriesi. The new demos are a nice gadget because they are useful only for new site owners. But they show the power of Enfold. What I like to see in future is bit more templates for woocommerce extensions. Bookings was a nice start. Follow Ups Emails is still lacking some styling in case of managing Email subscriptions in customer account and yes the often commented missing of styling for Sensei LMS. And I would like to see a woocommerce single product template for photographers as a choice. The product images could be more prominent as the images are the product. Thanks kriesi for this wonderful theme.

  5. Guenter Weber
    Guenter Weber says:

    Again a very very good job – but be careful – there is no “egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow” – (according to a popular saying in german) – there is no swiss army knife wordpress theme! (Allthough Enfold is very near to that)
    More and more features and more options to choose. This could result in a too complicated theme and sometimes in more bugs to fix.
    I realy like this theme – and a lot of my customers too, but do not allway indulge sb.’s every whim. So many special features request from your (enfold) fans, which could be solved sometimes by simple css.

  6. Jorge Cáceres
    Jorge Cáceres says:

    Enfold a menu would be great for trendy as mobile and let the user option to install or not the plugin layer slider.

  7. Milan
    Milan says:

    Hello to all,

    thank you for your work. I like Enfold and updates. I hope one day I will see footer down even on pages with few lines of text as standard feature. It is VERY important for minimalistic elegant web design.


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