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    I’m adding another to several recent Forum posts saying that the video function in Advanced Layout Builder is not working properly for links. When I insert a link from either Vimeo or YouTube, it shows only the link, not the video.

    Note that this is happening only on new attempts. My site has several pages that were previously built to include video links, and those still look fine. For example:
    homepage – (YouTube links)
    professional development video page – (Vimeo links)

    Here is a test page I created today. Self-hosted videos are displaying just fine, but the YouTube and Vimeo videos are not.

    I looked at this post:

    In which you recommended these fixes:
    1) “I updated that link you posted using a code block in combination with the video embed script.”
    – I can’t give you administrative access (it’s a State of Missouri website), but could you give me directions for how to do this?

    2) “Attempt this solution:”
    – I’m afraid I don’t understand anything of what Rap says, starting with “going directly to the database.”

    3) “Try switching to the default theme and try to see if it renders via the video shortcode.”
    – What do you mean by switching to the default theme? I don’t want to lose any of my custom settings.

    Note: I also did try removing the “s” and disabling the active plugins. This did not help.


    Hey missouriartscouncil,

    You can use a code block element, and the YouTube, or Vimeo embed code (ie. with the embed tag, not the url). This should work.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    I’ve tried the code block/embed code on this test page:
    The fourth cell on the first grid row uses Enfold’s Video Element with a YouTube link. Just the link shows.
    The fourth cell in the second grid row uses the Code Block Element with the YouTube embed code. An image shows, but the visible dimensions of the fourth cell are different than the other three that contain Image Elements. This throws off the appearance of the entire row.

    So the code block/embed code method does not solve the problem.

    Compare the appearance and behavior of the grid row as it appears on the current homepage:
    This row was created with the fourth cell set to contain Enfold’s Video Element with a YouTube link. I switched out the YouTube link on March 10. It worked then and still works perfectly, just as using this method has worked perfectly since I launched the site last July.

    Each cell on all three of the rows (the actual homepage and the two rows on the experiments page) is formatted for a top alignment and no padding. The Video Element on the homepage is formatted 4:3. Each cell also has a custom background color identical to the color section below it, #e2eaf5. The background is not, however, visible on the homepage grid row.

    BTW, the top video is created via Fullwidth Easy Slider using a YouTube link. I created a new Fullwidth Easy Slider with a different YouTube link. It worked perfectly. The problem seems to be isolated to Video Element.



    Try switching to your default WordPress theme and try to embed the video. Your changes will be safe, and won’t be loss once you switch back. If the video still won’t embed it could point to a server issue.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    I’m not having problems embedding a video using a code block/YouTube embed code. I’m having problems with the way the cell containing the video displays publicly once I’ve done that. The video does embed. But the public appearance of the cell is wrong. Please look at the second grid row on this page:

    I did follow your directions to switch to my default WordPress theme, WordPress 2016. I was initially confused because all I could see in the back end was a bunch of coding, but I was able to figure out where to insert the YouTube embed code. But when I switched back to Enfold, the public appearance of the video cell in the Grid Row was exactly the same.

    Since code block/embed was supposed to be a workaround for the Enfold Video Element, I do need to know how to fix the public appearance of the video cell when using code block/embed, as shown on this page:
    Please advise! :-)

    However, the larger issue is that YouTube/Vimeo links no longer display properly when inserted in the Video Element. That problem is illustrated in the first grid row on the Experiments page.

    I have just now searched “video” and found I’m not the only one who is suddenly having this problem: – May 18 (I’d seen this post before, and unfortunately the poster has not responded to your last suggestion from May 23) – May 19 – May 11 (this one unfortunately dead-ends in a request for admin access, so I have no idea if and/or how the issue was resolved)

    The Enfold Video Element had been working perfectly on my site for 10 months. The issue appears to me to be a new bug with the Element.



    Can you determine when the issue started or any changes made to the installation? This may help pinpoint the problem area.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Sure thing.

    I posted a new video using its YouTube address within the Enfold Video Element on March 10. The next time I tried to post a video was on May 18. That’s when I first encountered the problem of only the link showing up.

    At that time on May 18, my site was still running Enfold 3.8.4. That is the same version the site was running on March 10 when the YouTube link posted just right. My site updated to Enfold 4.0.7 on May 23. So there wasn’t any change in my installation between when the Video Element/YouTube link was displaying perfectly and when it was displaying only the link.

    Again, I note that the link-only-display is occurring only for new attempts to post a link within Video Element. All the places on my site where I already had YouTube and Vimeo links posted within Video Element still look great.



    I will reach out to my teammates for additional ideas.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Any progress? I just tested the Video Element with a YouTube URL again, and the problem is still there.

    1) Video Element shows only link when YouTube or Vimeo URL is inserted

    2) When using a code block/YouTube embed code, the Grid Row cell displays differently than the other cells in the row that contain Image Elements. The Code Block cell throws off the bottom margins of the Image Element cells.



    I`ve checked your site and the video is loading normally.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    No, it is not. Please be sure you are checking this test page and not the actual homepage of the website:

    To simplify matters, I have now removed everything from the test page except two Grid Rows that illustrate the following problems with using a YouTube or Vimeo URL:

    Top Grid Row
    Enfold’s Video Element shows only the link when YouTube or Vimeo URL is inserted.

    Bottom Grid Row
    When using Enfold’s Code Block Element with a YouTube embed code, the Grid Row cell displays differently than the three other cells in the row that contain Image Elements. The Code Block cell throws off the bottom margins of the Image Element cells.

    I have checked the Homepage Experiments page on computers that are outside my office as well as within my office network. The video display problems occur no matter which network and which server I have used to view that page.



    Thank you for the update. I can’t reproduce the issue on my end. Please provide the login details to the site so that we can test it.

    Best regards,


    Sorry about the delayed response; I just got back from an extended absence.

    I can see why you can’t reproduce the issue. I’ve expanded my tests of the Video Element to try several different YouTube URLs, and I’ve found that sometimes the Video Element works perfectly, and sometimes the Element shows only the link. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to which YouTube URLs are compatible. It’s freaking weird!



    Thank you for the update. Did you check the video’s privacy settings? Is it set to public or private?

    Best regards,


    It’s public. It’s from this channel, of the Missouri Department of Economic Development:



    Which of the videos are not displaying again?

    Best regards,


    Dear Kriesi,

    I have also had this same issue, reoccurring now for quite some time. I keep seeing the same issue posted on here. Any news on an update that fixes the issue?


    Hi richardwilding,

    Please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site. Also please point out where we can see and reproduce the problem.

    Best regards,


    How far are we with this? – same problem here – only link showing.


    What I noticed is that same video works on a page but not if I use it in a post, using same video element… is there any difference?


    Okay.. I found something that helped me (for youtube):
    using the link that is displayed within the video screen – click on that, that brings you to the youtube page where the video is then displayed.
    Copy the URL that is in the browser on youtube and paste it into the video module on your post.
    works for me…

    I guess that the video in posts is expecting a different URL schema, that that on used on a page…



    Hi Pedro,

    Great, I’m glad that you found a solution and thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi, I have the same Problem. Only a link is displayed. I’m working in this case with Portfolio items. I tested on a normal page, it’s not working to.

    Can you explain your solution in more detail? When I click on the link a pop-up / overlay is opening in which I can watch the video, it is not opening the YouTube page. Could you paste an URL for expample? So I can see how the URL is composed.

    I hope there is a simple solution,


    Hi there, I just went to the youtube website – clicked on the video to embed and copied the URL shown in the browser, that looks like:

    it works for me on any page (inkl. portfolio, blog etc) ..
    hope this helps

    good luck.



    Thanks for helping out @aovivo, did you have any luck with that @Philina?

    Best regards,


    @aovivo Thanks for explaining your solution.

    I don’t know what happens but now it works. I’ve changed nothing since yesterday. I’ve used the URL from the Browser, but I’ve just tested with the short embed-URL (by clicking on “Share” on YouTube), it’s working to.

    All fine!

    Kind regards from Belgium,


    Hi Philina,

    Great, I’m glad to hear that thing are working as they should again. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic.

    Best regards,


    I have the similar problem in case of Blogposts which are planed to future date:
    1. Uploading Video to Youtube by adding a future date aswell causes a “private” state for this video.
    2. embeding the video to WordPress causes a black preview, with a link on top left corner.

    After publishing both automaticly at planed time, the video is set to public state. But the black preview is still visible, instead of safed thumbnail.

    I can fix this by changing the video link. Depending on how I get the link it is or Changing to the other link makes the thumbnail/preview work, after it is public. But that’s annoying! I have to to this allways just in time at publishing date/time.
    I found something about WordPress is saving this thumbnail.

    Who to reset/refresh this automaticly? Is there any plugin?
    There are some SQL-commands to find in web, but I can’t find it nomore.

    Best regards


    Hi Bernhard,

    Please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site. Also please let us know where we can see and reproduce the problem you are having.

    Best regards,

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