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    Hi there!
    From a previous Shoutbox website (2009), I migrated to Enfold on 2012 my professional SEO freelance website. Went through all the updates until latest, quite happy overall and willing to keep going on it. Glad to have a community behind :)
    I work usually with client WP using different themes, some popular as Divi or Avada: I guess these are better for designer stuff, since I love better using Enfold due to its overall performance, ease of use (balance between possibilities and complexity) and a general sense of elegance.
    Other themes make me lose time on regular maintenance and editing, while Enfold interface loads much faster and reliably (i.e. comparing to Divi visual builder or WPBakery builder).



    Nice work and thanks for using Enfold @seofreelance.

    I see you made a wise choice with the anchor text here as well :D

    Best regards,


    Hi vbonora, how did you build the “Find your power” section?


    “Please set a mobile device fallback image for this video in your wordpress backend”
    bu hatayı alıyorum @yigit arkadaşımız açıklamış ama sayfa kapalı bilen varmı?
    cep telefonlarında video izlerken alınan hata

    A work in progress :)


    Hi all
    Latest site build using the ever-brilliant Enfold:
    Lesson learnt during this build; the ‘lazy load’ feature of the Smush plugin will break the Masonry feature of Enfold!!

    All feedback welcome.

    Thanks Team Enfold


    nice work. I have found that Smush dosen’t work as good as other plugins.
    I would try using Imagify which compresses a million times better and also generates WebP backup versions.
    Secondly using WPRocket for cache and enable their lazyload, also a lot better than smush.
    I use both on this enfold site which is very image heavy and has 1 Million monthly web hits



    Hi DXploration and JPDesign,

    Thanks for sharing your sites and thanks for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for sharing your findings, it’s much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Here is the most recent website we’ve launched on Enfold.



    @crushingpixels great job! The way you separated sections and buttons looks awesome. I sincerely hope more people get involved in the cause. Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,


    @crushingpixels fantastic, really impressive.

    here is my latest.



    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold @johno69, great work :-)

    Best regards,


    Harefield Church


    Hi biwales,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    I’m pretty happy with the way this project shaping up at the moment – not quite finished, but getting there.

    We carefully considered the typography, used subtle textures and some pretty good photography. With Enfold it was pretty quick to create a clean, elegant, easily navigated, sparsely coloured website. Adding some quick CSS made some of the not straight-out-the-box stuff a bit easier to achieve (not that there’s that much here that’s not easily achievable).

    I’m really happy with the hero images that invite you to ‘dive’ down the page by blending into the colour sections below the headers.


    Hi alecmjoynes,

    Thanks for sharing your site, it looks really nice. Let’s see if we can get your ad problem fixed in your other thread.

    Best regards,


    Here is my latest creation using the Enfold theme. I’m still amazed at how versatile this theme is. Thanks @kriesi for such an amazing theme!



    Great work and thanks for sharing @jposteen :-)

    Best regards,


    Two new Enfolds in the wild…

      Kwispelheide hoster my client choose is sadly enough not so good


    Nice work @yannick77, thanks for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,



    I already have a few websites built with Enfold. I think that is one of the best platforms to work in WordPress, but needs to evolve faster, specially on integration with some important plugins. There are some other platforms growing faster and taking place.

    Here follows some of the websites made on Enfold and working well:


    I never tried any major problem of compatibility with plugins, nothing that couldn’t be resolved with short CSS. Also the support here has been great and very helpfull.

    Very shortly I already put some more.

    Your opinion as users of Enfold would be very appreciated.

    Best Regards

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    Hi Joao,

    Thanks for using Enfold and for sharing your work, it’s much appreciated. We are continuously working on improving the theme.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for a great theme.
    Made this:


    Hi alserforest,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    I have just come aboard and love Enfold


    Hi roddyb,

    Great work! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Everybody,

    Took me a here is my new website:

    High Credit Score Secrets


    Hi tomherold,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    @pixelsaft – I’ve been looking for a similar slider with the angled blue as the one you used in Any chance you would share with me the Revolution slider export file to recreate it using different colors on a new site we’re working on in the US?

    Contact me here please:


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