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    Same issue as OP, and many other OPs – Fullwidth Easy Slider with video and backup image, but when viewed on mobile, instead of the image, it shows “[object Object]”

    Site is

    The solution linked to is a little vague about where exactly the code should be placed – whether it’s inserted or replacing a few lines – and, like I mentioned, if it’s not going to be included in a Theme Update, then I’m not sure how to implement it in a Child Theme.


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    Thanks for linking to that thread – I keep seeing it pointed to as a solution for this issue, but two quick questions:

    1. Will this simply be included as a fix in an update anytime soon?
    2. If not, how should that solution be implemented in a child-theme scenario so as not to lose the fix upon updates?



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    You’re right, if I go to edit a page with the credentials I gave you, the Avia Builder loads ok, but not on my login. …what gives?

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    let’s try again…

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    I know it’s been a few months, but instead of starting a new thread, I thought I’d mention that I’m experiencing the same thing as of today, as well. Avia builder stuck loading, unless I deactivate Yoast SEO. I’m going to contact Yoast, but thought I’d mention it here, too.

    WP v 4.6.1
    Yoast SEO v 3.5
    Enfold v 3.7.1

    in reply to: Small screens – size and visibility of content #613597

    OK, resolved it. The issue described in this ticket was being caused by the “solution” to another problem. Originally, my blog posts’ featured images were too big, and text was going off to the right, even on full size screens. I found a thread where someone else had the same issue here…

    …and implemented the CSS described there as the solution. That fixed things for screens large enough, but messed me up for smaller/mobile screens. Did a bit more searching and found that the OP of that thread experienced the same thing, and posted a follow up here…

    …so I now have implemented this follow-up solution, and it seems to have solved things. Strange that a few of us are having this issue in the first place, so I still think there’s an underlying cause, and we shouldn’t need to have to fix this with custom CSS, but… hey, at least I’m functional at this point.

    And how would I figure out the tag link # in my own instance? I thought it would be the “tag_ID=##” I see when hovering over that tag from the Tags screen, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

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    Nope, no Yoast plugin, but I made sure WordPress, Enfold, and all plugins were up to date (including the updates that showed this morning), and that didn’t fix it. I also tried disabling all plugins, and that didn’t help either.

    in reply to: Small screens – size and visibility of content #612392

    The three posts are exactly the problem. The main page, About page, and Contact page are fine.

    Even the posts are fine, when you look on a full screen. It’s only as you shrink the screen smaller (in width) than the featured image. Happens on Chrome, Safari, Android, and iPhone.

    I’ll include a link to a screen capture in the private content

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    I’m really hoping not to. We really like the frontend and backend of this plugin. So not only is there the sunk cost of already purchasing DV Team, but it’s also the exact style and functionality we want, with very little customization. Just… this one little issue.

    in reply to: WooCommerce Add-to-Cart animation #423987

    Yep, that did it. I’m a bit surprised the WooThemes support couldn’t have answered that, and sent me here instead. But hey, resolved now, anyway.

    Thanks for the help.

    in reply to: WooCommerce Add-to-Cart animation #423154

    Like I said in my original post, the default WC animation is the one that puts a green bar across the top of the content of the page that says “[ITEM] was successfully added to your cart” and has a “View Cart” button on the right. It’s part of the WooCommerce plugin, not part of a theme.

    If you go to the link I provided ( and try adding each of the two products to the cart, you’ll see what I mean. The top one (a standard product) will produce the Enfold animation. The bottom one (a subscription product) will produce the default WC animation.

    While in reality, for you guys, this is probably a gap in the Enfold theme that needs to be corrected so that adding a subscription triggers the same animation you’ve built into Enfold for WC standard products, I on the other hand would prefer to ditch the Enfold animation entirely and allow the default WC animation to display when adding any item to the cart.

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    Sorry, I hadn’t added it, because I thought from the last email that you meant it would be a different, more in-depth customization.

    However, I just added ul.cart_dropdown { display: none !important; } to my custom css, and while it does hide the Enfold animation when adding the regular product to the cart, it does NOT enable WC’s default animation (the green bar across the page), like adding the subscription product shows.

    So the css code is only half of the solution. I can’t have customers adding the regular product to the cart and not receiving ANY visual feedback that the item was added. Surely somewhere in an enfold php file, there’s some code that blocks WC’s animation and replaces it with Enfold’s.

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    In response to…

    Hi wsnider28!
    It sounds like your wanting to disable Enfold’s add to cart feature and just use the WooCommerce default add to cart feature instead. Is that correct? This is sounds like it would be easy but it’s actually going to take a lot of customization to do.
    Can you send us a link to your page so we can get a better idea of the different AJAX cart styles that are displaying on your site? If we can see it in action we will be able to get an idea if it’s feasible or not.

    …Sure. Here you go:


    Same issue. Definitely don’t want the sidebar there, and can’t get it to go away. …and sorry, but simply using the css code is not a solution, it’s a band-aid.

    And for some, it’s a band-aid that may not work. For instance, I was considering actually using the sidebar area on some of my products, but not all, and it was going to be implemented with some php code that would hid or display the sidebar (and other areas of the regular product page) by filtering for product category. The css you provided would keep me from doing any of that.

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