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    Having an issue with lightbox modal windows employed by a plugin called DV Team, when used with the Enfold theme (and not with other themes). I know, I know, there’s a 3rd party plugin involved, but of course the issue doesn’t happen on other themes, so he’s pointing the finger this way. Any help would be appreciated.

    Basically, when the user clicks on a thumbnail, the modal comes up, then automatically scrolls the whole page (background and modal) down slightly. I’ve noticed a few additional behaviors that might give some clues: if you then click off the lightbox to close the modal, then click the thumbnail again, the pages scrolls down slightly further again, and will continue to do so. Also, clicking on a thumbnail in the first row causes it to scroll down further than clicking a thumbnail in the second row, and so on. Lastly, if the user has already scrolled down so that the first row of thumbnails (for example) is partially out of view, then clicks on one of those first-row thumbnails, not only will the modal and page scroll down even further, but when the user clicks back off and closes the modal, the screen will then jump back up to the top of the images in that row.

    Any idea how to get this to NOT scroll at all, when bringing up the lightbox. Already tried toggling Enfold > Theme Options > Lightbox Modal Window. No luck.



    Hi wsnider28!

    There seems from what you say, to be a conflict with Javascript.
    Is it possible for you, to use a different plugin?



    I’m really hoping not to. We really like the frontend and backend of this plugin. So not only is there the sunk cost of already purchasing DV Team, but it’s also the exact style and functionality we want, with very little customization. Just… this one little issue.



    unfortunately not every plugin is compatible with every theme. It would require a huge amount of time and customization of Enfold, so it would be considered as custom work. You can hire a freelance developer for this job here:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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