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    I’m noticing on my Enfold site (using the Photography demo import) that the content of my blog posts gets cut off along the right, with no way to vertically scroll as the screen size shrinks. I would prefer the content to dynamically change, so that no vertical scrolling were necessary, but having it just get cut off entirely is no good.

    Also, if you gradually shrink the screen width, at the same point the left sticky sidebar takes up too much space and transitions to the mobile-style menu at the top, the featured image also suddenly becomes overly large, too.

    Any help on these issues? Thanks!


    Hi wsnider28,

    I had a look at your front page and in your three posts but I couldn’t see anything getting cut off, could you link directly to a page where we can see the problem please?



    The three posts are exactly the problem. The main page, About page, and Contact page are fine.

    Even the posts are fine, when you look on a full screen. It’s only as you shrink the screen smaller (in width) than the featured image. Happens on Chrome, Safari, Android, and iPhone.

    I’ll include a link to a screen capture in the private content

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    The responsive feature sometimes has a conflict with yoast plugin if you are using it please disable it and check. If not to find the plugin in conflict please follow the below steps

    1. Goto plugins page > Deactivate all active Plugins
    2. Updated WordPress and Enfold to latest version if you have not.
    3. Activate one plugin at a time… refresh the page and check for the issue.
    4. Make sure the plugins are all updated



    Nope, no Yoast plugin, but I made sure WordPress, Enfold, and all plugins were up to date (including the updates that showed this morning), and that didn’t fix it. I also tried disabling all plugins, and that didn’t help either.


    OK, resolved it. The issue described in this ticket was being caused by the “solution” to another problem. Originally, my blog posts’ featured images were too big, and text was going off to the right, even on full size screens. I found a thread where someone else had the same issue here…

    …and implemented the CSS described there as the solution. That fixed things for screens large enough, but messed me up for smaller/mobile screens. Did a bit more searching and found that the OP of that thread experienced the same thing, and posted a follow up here…

    …so I now have implemented this follow-up solution, and it seems to have solved things. Strange that a few of us are having this issue in the first place, so I still think there’s an underlying cause, and we shouldn’t need to have to fix this with custom CSS, but… hey, at least I’m functional at this point.

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