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  • in reply to: new licese not working! #1413095

    Hey Rikard
    No further help needed, thank you guys, you can close that ticket. :-)
    Cheers, Eric

    in reply to: new licese not working! #1413076

    Ah cool, thank you Nikko! I made all the steps you told me and it works now like a charm! :-)
    Many thx & best regards,

    in reply to: Mobile Navigation Problems #1273605

    Hi Rikard

    Thx for the answer!
    You’re right, now it works… strange, while +/- 24h it wasn’t showing, even after clearing caches and deactivating Plugins one by one… I had no clue.
    Well, in that case it’s all good!
    Thank you again and sorry for disturbing! ;-)

    Best regards and stay healthy!

    in reply to: Mobile Navigation Problems #1273178

    This is exactly what I did… still no mobile menu! (
    Since hours I’m trying to fix that for my client. She’s getting angrier with every day this doesn’t work.
    Looking forward to a serious fix!

    in reply to: avia layout editor not working #1157969
    in reply to: avia layout editor not working #1157275

    Same issue here… Page content is not loading. icon is turning round infinite. This behavior is only on one page in Enfold… the others work fine.
    I had this issue in the past, could solve it some how but can’t remember how – too long ago. :-(

    in reply to: Slide some page content fullsize (like Hero image) #1106358

    Hi Basilis
    Thanks for your feedback.

    I tried several things with shortcodes and came a bit nearer to the solution. However, there I encountered new issues with nested shortcodes (well I guess it is due to the nested thing).

    It is in relation with this thread:

    Maybe the thing I’m trying to do could possibly be a new feature of enfold some day!? ;-)
    In my humble opinion, this would be a really strong feature to be able to slide several pages in a content section – just like hero-slides, but with much more complexity such as combining post contents with other content types, galleries, or any type of listings and so on, and being able to admin the content type for the sliding page centrally and only once!

    I hope Rikard will be able to give me some helping inputs for my issue!
    Thanks again and have a great day!

    in reply to: Nested shortcodes – no content shown #1106356

    Hi Rikard
    Thanks for feedback… I have still this issues and meanwhile it became critical…

    My issue is in direct relation with this thread:

    I thought, I could work with shortcodes but I encountered the actual issue (see above).

    The intranet is not on a public platform but in the local network of the firm. Access is only possible via VPN.
    I send you the credential below in the private field – please be careful with these credentials!! ;-)

    Thank you for your appreciated help!

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    Hi Rikard
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Meanwhile the problem is located and solved. This behavior was due to the very old version of a built-in browser of the Samsung TVs. I can’t understand why they use browsers from 2014 for brand new TVs (!) …with the update of the firmware and a new browser component (can’t tell wich, it was done by the IT section of the company), we finally could solve the issue.
    But many thanks anyway! :-)

    in reply to: Can't update to 4.5 #1027348

    Hi Mike
    Thanx for your help!
    After a renaming of the old Enfold folder it worked well. With no renaming it doesn’t install (error: the folder already exists).

    in reply to: Can't update to 4.5 #1027321

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for the quick answer.
    Somehow when I come to the Envato website, 4.4 is shown. When I download, I get a zip file named “” it doesn’t look like the latest version 4.5, right?
    Manual update is no problem, I know how it works, thx for the pics. I just need the right version! (4.5)
    Regards & thxx!

    Hi to all!

    I have the same issue, but for my sub menus. While scrolling there is no “.scrolled” class on submenus… How can I change the animated background-change from “no transparency” to “any solid color”. This would help me a lot!!!

    Thank you guys!

    in reply to: Vollbild-Slider loads but don't show the images #986483

    Hey Ismael
    Thank your for all these great information! In fact I tried several things you suggested but without any positive results. The only thing I could do in this articular case, was to reilink all the images one by one… after that the Volbildslider show the images again. No clue what have been the initial problem.
    Thanks again! :-)

    in reply to: Font in Layerslider fuzzy #954430

    Hi Victoria
    As I said above, I always clear my cache…
    I didn‘t meant the first fullwidth slider (like on your screenshot), please scroll down to the two other sliders there you will see the problem.
    Please see my description of the behavior above, the blurry font is not there from the beginning…
    thank you!

    in reply to: Font in Layerslider fuzzy #954021

    Thank you Basillis! Hope you will find the problem very soon :-)

    in reply to: Font in Layerslider fuzzy #952860

    It seems to me, Safari can’t handle the change of z-index with a higher amount of sliders… (but I’m not 100% sure about that).

    in reply to: Font in Layerslider fuzzy #952676

    Hi Basilis

    Sure, it is… in my custom CSS I put the CSS code like above. I always clear cache when I so such changes, but thanks for the memo! ;-)

    The behavior is quite strange… at the beginning, fonts are looking good, but after the 6th or 7th slide, all the fonts in the slider becomes blurry and then stays that way… You can check it in Safari (it is the second slider on the page – somewhere in the middle of the page).

    Thanks to give an eye on it and your proposal to fix that.

    Best Regards,

    in reply to: Conditional main menues with search box #925416

    Ok, I will check that. Thx.

    in reply to: Dal Facebook?? #924651

    Same issue here…
    Thanks for the updates! ;-)

    in reply to: Enfold Image Hotspot Tooltip Arrow #924400

    I had the same issue and tried this:

    .avia-tooltip .avia-arrow {
    background: #333333;

    I hope his helps :-)

    in reply to: Accordeon & WPML (not the same behavior in both languages) #914890

    Hey you guys

    No more help needed in this issue, I found the problem… It was a F*** “umlaut” hidden in the submenu (the anchor link was #mastkälber instead of #mastkaelber). Unbelievable that it had such an impact on the toggles!!! …drive me crazy for at least 2 hours! ;-)

    Hi Nikko

    Exactly what I needed, works like a charm!
    Thank you so much for your helping hand in this issue! I give you 6* for your support! ;-)

    Have a great day – you made mine! =)

    Oh… Sorry!
    I changed it.
    I hope it’s working now! Sorry for inconvenience ;-)


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    Hi Nikko

    Thank you for your kind feedback and input, but I’m afraid that it doesn’t help… The way you’re proposing will change all my subheadings to 70px.
    Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my last post, sorry! What I really need, is to be able to choose the font size in avia layout builder via dropdown. What I expect is to have more sizes to choose from the actual preset of 10 – 40 px. That means sizes between 10px and 70px (in steps of 5px).
    I hope this is a bit clearer for your understanding? I guess, it must be added somewhere in the functions.php… (not in the stylesheet!)

    Thanx Nikko!
    Regards, Schmiddy

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    Hi Yigit

    I had exactly that issue but couldn’t make it work.

    (request obsolete, I deleted my text)

    P.S.: To put the functionality of a customizable popup in Enfold (for example under “media elements”) would be very appreciate!!! Not the first time I’m in need of this function…

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    in reply to: Codebox change code #795767

    OK, thnx for the answer, I changed everything already ;-)

    Possibly a information who could help:
    I use WPML. We have this issue in French, but in German not. In German, the code stays as I paste it in, while in French it the code block cut out some html elements.
    Very strange behavior… thanks for reporting to your developers!


    in reply to: Codebox change code #794762

    Hi Ismael

    Thank you for you well appreciate support!
    I presume, there is no other way to fix that, right? That means, I will have to do that for all my pages…

    What I don’t understand is, why the code can’t stay the way I put it in the code box? When I format it the way I want, after saving it has new breaks… is there something behind this code box who formate html code?

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Codebox change code #793899

    This is exactly what I mean!!! I post valid HTML in the code block, but after saving, it look like what you’ve seen (see below).

    The valid HTML looks like that:

    	<li><a href="#informationensga" rel="bullet-nav"><div class="texthover">» Informations</div><span></span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="#fruechte" rel="bullet-nav"><div class="texthover">» Fruits, légumes, pommes de terre</div><span></span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="#most" rel="bullet-nav"><div class="texthover">» fruits à cidre et à distillert</div><span></span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="#oelsaaten" rel="bullet-nav"><div class="texthover">» Oléagineux</div><span></span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="#brotgetreide" rel="bullet-nav"><div class="texthover">» Céréales panifiables</div><span></span></a></li>

    …and after saving: (some how it cuts parts of the code off and rearrange it in a weird maner)

     	<li><a href="#informationensga" rel="bullet-nav">
    <div class="texthover">» Informations</div></li>
     	<li><a href="#fruechte" rel="bullet-nav">
    <div class="texthover">» Fruits, légumes, pommes de terre</div></li>
     	<li><a href="#most" rel="bullet-nav">
    <div class="texthover">» fruits à cidre et à distillert</div></li>
     	<li><a href="#oelsaaten" rel="bullet-nav">
    <div class="texthover">» Oléagineux</div></li>
     	<li><a href="#brotgetreide" rel="bullet-nav">
    <div class="texthover">» Céréales panifiables</div></li>
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    in reply to: Codebox change code #792280

    The bullet navigation is driven by a plugin who smoothly slides my sections from ID to ID ( Rest is pure CSS and a bit html. In the code block I put a simple html list with links who points to section IDs, thats the whole thing.

    I the language German it seems to work (it has new behavior though) but still funktional – I have to check out why it is not aligned correctly anymore (on the right side of the pages). Behavior of the bullet navi should look and work like on this website I’ve done 2 years ago:

    My main problem is, in the French pages the navigation bullets are not working nor looks the way it should. This is due to the following problem:
    Each time I save the html code in the code block and publish the page, the code block cut off some html parts into its block, specially the css attributes. The German code block isn’t touched from this problem. The problem occurs only in french code block – but why???

    Thank you for your support!!!! :-)
    Best regards, Eric

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