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    i noticed today, that the mobile Navigation on our Website doesn’t show up. I am using a child theme and can’t figure out, what the problem is. I can’t really tell, if it occurred because of an update or something. I’m using this theme for other websites and i don’t have any issues there.

    Edit: I noticed, if i’m not using any alternative menu for mobile, than the navigation shows up. If i define a specific one, it’s all white with no entry. The Problem is, that i need other items showing on mobile, than on desktop.

    Safari is pointing out this error.
    [Error] TypeError: Not enough arguments
    postMessage (2017602595020788:30:1607)
    (anonyme Funktion) (2017602595020788:30:1607)
    v (fbevents.js:23:63997)
    w (fbevents.js:23:53522)
    value (fbevents.js:23:26764)
    value (fbevents.js:23:25578)
    D (2017602595020788:26:44690)
    (anonyme Funktion) (2017602595020788:26:45400)

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    I have the same problem with every site on my server that has an alternative mobile menu set.


      tags are empty. No menu is displaying.

      Please can you advise. Another user has had the same problem so replying so i get updates.


      Update –

      Using the Jquery Migrate Helper.

      Here is a log file from the migrate plugin

      There is a problem with the avia_meag_men.js compatibility with the latest 5.6 WP update.
      2021-01-05 17:07:22 jQuery.fn.attr(\’checked\’) might use property instead of attribute Theme: enfold/framework/js/avia_mega_menu.js /wp-admin/nav-menus.php



      Sorry for the problem. Please try installing this plugin:, then set the jQuery version to 1.12.4 in the plugin options. This is only a temporary solution, it will be fixed permanently in the next release of the theme.

      Best regards,


      This is exactly what I did… still no mobile menu! (
      Since hours I’m trying to fix that for my client. She’s getting angrier with every day this doesn’t work.
      Looking forward to a serious fix!


      Hi Schmiddy,

      The mobile menu is working fine on your site when I checked it just now, please try loading the site in an incognito or private browser window. Please refer to this for a permanent fix:

      Best regards,


      Hi Rikard

      Thx for the answer!
      You’re right, now it works… strange, while +/- 24h it wasn’t showing, even after clearing caches and deactivating Plugins one by one… I had no clue.
      Well, in that case it’s all good!
      Thank you again and sorry for disturbing! ;-)

      Best regards and stay healthy!


      Hi Eric,

      Great, I’m glad that we could help. The fix I linked to above will be included in the next update of the theme.

      Best regards,

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