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    Hi :-)

    I use Enfold and WPML for the languages German and French (most recent version) and I couldn’t find any answers via search, so I decided to post my problem…

    I build up a page with AviaLayoutArchitect in French and translate it as it is in German while using the “duplicate” function (German is the main language. For French I use the language as folder /fr/). Then I choose the function overtake from French and it fills up the german page with the french content and then I translate the text in German. So far so good, BUT:
    The Accordion I use in French doesn’t work properly in German (without any changes). I can’t close the toggles anymore when they are open. In french they work exactly the way they should.

    Can anybody tell me why?


    Hey you guys

    No more help needed in this issue, I found the problem… It was a F*** “umlaut” hidden in the submenu (the anchor link was #mastkälber instead of #mastkaelber). Unbelievable that it had such an impact on the toggles!!! …drive me crazy for at least 2 hours! ;-)



    Thank you for updating us

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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