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    I’m getting rather frustrated by the lack of response from support here.

    It’s over a month now since I first reported the problem, and I am definitely losing out on potential clients who can’t register via the site. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM which needs to be addressed without delay.

    Several other people have reported the same thing.
    What’s happening to get this resolved?

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form Issues #1036946

    Have opened a new thread as requested, here:

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form Issues #1036605

    I’ve mad that mod but I’m afraid the problem persists.

    What’s with the hidden username field? That’s not something I’ve added.

    I regard this a MAJOR ISSUE now as I know I’m losing potential clients as a result as several people have now told me it doesn’t work.

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form Issues #1028799

    This is really pretty important now.

    I’ve had a few people tell me ‘I tried to sign up on the site and it wouldn’t work’ and there are likely others who’ve not said anything so I am losing potential customers over this.

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form Issues #1028008

    Nope, sorry. It’s working fine for me when I click the link above and I’m not seeing any downtime reported in the logs from my ISP.

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form Issues #1027213

    I have the same issue on my site ( ).

    Required fields are all filled in correctly, yet the field is not submitted and the error ‘Please make sure that your fields are filled in correctly’ is displayed.

    This is very frustrating, it was pure chance that a potential customer called me to say it wasn’t working..

    in reply to: PROBLEM IN UPDATING ENFOLD 4.4.1TO 4.5 VERSION #1024185

    Same here

    in reply to: Spam Emails through Contact Form #957533

    I have implemented the Google reCaptcha and it’s working ok, but now I’m getting complaints from users because the ‘click on all the cars’ etc version of the reCaptcha can take forever and people are giving up on it without every managing to send the form. It’s *very* frustrating.

    Can we get a version of the code to utilise the ‘silent’ version of the reCaptcha instead which doesn’t require too much end-user interaction?

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form Questions #541291

    Hey Javi, your first item is kinda the same thing I’ve asked for in the feature requests. Maybe you could add a vote and some comments to that.. See the first page in feature requests.

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form: Default Value for field #533803

    Thanks for your efforts on this so far Josue, and I will try that as an experiment, but really it’s a lot of faff as I often add a temporary page for a short-term promotion or specific event etc. and this kind of solution means a lot of messing around editing code etc. I really need to be able to populate the fields in the normal Avia page editor.

    Given I’m currently using Danny’s Mailchimp4Wordpress plug-in, it seems to me it’s going to be a lot simpler for me to simply stick with that, which is a real shame and somewhat ironic as I was the person who originally requested the mailchimp integration two years ago!

    I can’t imagine I’m the only person who needs to do this, it’s very common for someone to need to track their signups this way.

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form: Default Value for field #533732

    Whilst I can see what you’re trying to do, this wouldn’t really solve the issue.

    I already have a large list, and a text field in that list for notes which needs to be populated with specific things on a per-form basis. This could be something like ‘front page promo’, ‘SD course october’, ‘VIP form’ etc.). I have automated follow-up campaigns which send to targetted segments of the list based on the specific value in these fields.

    So, I need to be able to put specified text values in the fields in the form editor as a default value. And that field still needs to be sent even though it’s hidden.

    I’ve noticed an issue where the ‘success’ message doesn’t always show up, but not tested extensively yet as limitations in the current implementation mean I can’t replace my active Mailchimp forms yet.

    in reply to: When's next version of Enfold? What'll be in it? #531937

    If you put your CSS tweaks into a child theme you’ll have no worries about them being overwritten during updates.

    in reply to: Mailchimp Form: Default Value for field #531467

    As a follow up, I’ve been reviewing how I use my list this morning and this is a real killer for me. It’s vital that i can track which form they came from, so without the ability to populate the hidden fields and have them sent to MailChimp I won’t be able to use this..

    in reply to: Styling for mobile theme #531277

    You’ll be wanting to familiarise yourself with CSS @media queries as these are a pretty easy way of targeting content at specific devices and screen resolutions. It’s basically the key to all the responsive design.

    If you look in the Enfold Child theme’s css you’ll see a section targetting mobile styles, wrapped thus:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
      /* Add your Mobile Styles here */

    I use this to hide the layer slider on mobile devices by including the following:
    .avia-layerslider { display: none; }

    You could do this with the ID of your extra mobile objects to hide/show them as appropriate.

    in reply to: Sign up form #508502

    Perhaps we could get an update from Kriesi on a rough ETA?

    It seems the feature requests ‘in-progress’ hasn’t been updated in a long time..

    in reply to: Sign up form #507434

    It’s been on of the top requests on the feature requests page for the past two years, has been ‘in progress’ for a year now, indeed it’s the only ‘in-progress’ item on the feature requests pages.

    Getting kinda old waiting for this now..

    in reply to: Mailchimp Integration #449141

    Err, still waiting a month later..

    in reply to: Mailchimp Integration #436441

    Thanks! I am using the plugin mentioned in that post already, and it works ok. I’m really just interested in the native Enfold solution as I know that my original feature request has been marked as ‘in-progress’ for quite some time now..

    No, I’m referring to THIS forum, i.e and the Enfold Feature requests pages.

    As you need to be logged in to reply on the forum or to even see the feature requests, neither can be accessed from a mobile device as it is not possible to login from the mobile / responsive versions of the pages.

    in reply to: Happy Birthday Enfold! #431921

    I missed this at the weekend as I was away, but happy second birthday too!

    in reply to: Mobile / Responsive menu won't scroll on iphone 6+ #430610

    Have you tried scrolling with two fingers? That’s the convention on iOS for scrolling content in a frame.

    Just put your own copyright info in the main Enfold settings and put a [nolink] tag in there to remove the Kriesi backlink.

    in reply to: Enfold in Safari #372232

    I use Safari and have made several Enfold sites which all look fine in Safari. Specific problems are you seeing?

    in reply to: WordPress 4.0.1 #354711

    Wordpress pushed an update to fix a security vulnerability. Nothing to ‘rage’ at them for other than protecting our interests.

    in reply to: Theme that looks like "" #342974

    I think you’ll find that the main site is using Enfold with a custom child theme.

    in reply to: Please help, I don't know anything about coding #342209

    There no example page linked, but it sounds like you want to use Icon Boxes in a colour section with an image background. No coding required..

    in reply to: Social sharing links hidden #334304

    Ignore this for now. Re-installed WP & Enfold and it seems to be ok now!

    in reply to: Enfold 3.0 Update Thread #329038

    Fantastic update…

    Currently playing around with the new stuff on my little private test site but I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far.

    Great work guys!

    in reply to: unable to delete dummy content #309996

    The dummy content is in the database, not in the theme files, so you need to go into the relevant sections for pages / posts etc. and delete all the relevant unwanted pages etc from them.

    The ‘chaos’ you see there is because all the pages have been added to your main menu so the first quick fix is to either make a new menu, or edit it to delete the extra entries.

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