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    Well as an Austrian, Krisie should know, hat Austrian and German copyright law requires to display the copyright of the picture directly besides the picture. So he should feel the need for it and reconsider it soon – shouldn’t he? :-)

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    Thanks Victoria,

    so this is bug in enfold? Or a intentionally dismissed feature?


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    <script language="javascript">
    				$(window).load(function() {
    					var postImage = $('.single-big .wp-post-image');
    					var imgAlt    = postImage.attr('alt');
    					if(imgAlt) postImage.after("<div class='img_caption'>"+imgAlt+"</div>");
    		 .big-preview.single-big .img_caption {
    			z-index: 1000;
    			padding:0 5px;
    			font-size: 9px;
    			text-align: right; 
    			color:#777 !important;

    But that is only because the actual caption is not displayed…

    and actually, the ALT-Field is the wrong field for image caption :-)

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    See below :)

    in reply to: caption missing in single view #787133


    The Caption, that you see when visiting the page is an extra javascript, which extracts the ALT-Tag of the image and inserts a caption, until the “real” caption is working again :-)

    Hi Yigit,

    yes, deleting the line is working, of course :)

    Thanks for having the change in for the next update…


    in reply to: Changing enfold with child theme #416443

    Great, this works!

    By the way, the code I changed/added is this:

    masonry_entries.php, from line 770:

    							case 'video' :
    									preg_match_all('#\bhttps?://[^\s()<>]+(?:\([\w\d]+\)|([^[:punct:]\s]|/))#', $entry->post_content, $match);
    									foreach($match[0] as $test_url){
    										if($this->loop[$key]['video_image_url']=video_get_image_url ($test_url))
    											$this->loop[$key]['text_before'] = av_icon_display($post_format);
    									$this->loop[$key]['text_before'] = av_icon_display($post_format, 'av-masonry-media');

    …and line 863:

    				//get attachment data
    				$this->loop[$key]['attachment'] = !empty($this->loop[$key]['thumb_ID']) ? wp_get_attachment_image_src($this->loop[$key]['thumb_ID'], $img_size) : array($this->loop[$key]['video_image_url']);

    and in functions.php this function:

    // Video-URL
    function video_get_image_url($url,$size="thumbnail_large"){
    	$image_src = parse_url($url);
    	if($image_src['host'] == '' || $image_src['host'] == '' || $image_src['host'] == ''){
    		parse_str($image_src['query'], $query);
    		if(isset($query['clip_id']) && $query['clip_id'] != ""){
    			$id = $query['clip_id'];
    		} else {
    			$path = explode("/",$image_src['path']);
    			$id = $path[(count($path)-1)];
    			$ch = curl_init();
    			curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, "$id.php");
    			curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
    			curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
    			curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 10);
    			$output = unserialize(curl_exec($ch));
    			$output = $output[0][$size];
    			return $output;	
    	else if($image_src['host'] == '' || $image_src['host'] == ''){
    		parse_str($image_src['query'], $query);
    		if(isset($query['v']) && $query['v'] != ""){
    			$id = $query['v'];
    		} else {
    			$path = explode("/",$image_src['path']);
    			$id = $path[count($path)-1];
    			return "".$id."/0.jpg";				
    			return "".$id."/default.jpg";				
    	} else{
    		return false;

    Voilá – now every post content of type “video” in the masonry automagically displays the cover image of the first video of the post instead of only the video icon. Wouldn’t this feature be nice for a future enfold update? :-)

    in reply to: Automatic image caption für featured image of a post? #343957

    Thanks, that works. Couldn’t you build that in as an option to enfold, so people don’t have to mess with their functions.php?

    in reply to: Comments count on magazine element #317953

    Ok, thank you :)

    in reply to: Comments count on magazine element #317197

    Hi Josue,

    no, you got me wrong. I don’t want to deactivate the comment count, I want to *avtivate* it because I can’t see them…
    Have a look here:


    in reply to: Magic wand button for shortcodes missing on multisite #273795

    Hi Perter,

    info: After upgrading to the latest version the wand is back again in its full glory! :)


    Ok, updating solved it. Thanks! However, the Layout of my site broke after updating, because animated images are no longer accessible via css by “” but rather by “.top-to-bottom img”. Could you inform us about such changes in the read me? Would appreciate that… :)

    Have a nice week!

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    in reply to: Fullscreen slider doesn't work on opera #246040

    Hey Kriesi,

    I’m terribly sorry! I used Version 12 – no wonder it didn’t work. I clicked on “Update Opera” before posting this and it said “You have installed the latest version of Opera”, so I believed it was so. I didn’t double-check with :( Apparently, there is a bug in the update routine of that version.

    Sorry again – everything works fine with the latest version! :)


    in reply to: Fullscreen slider doesn't work on opera #242645

    Have a look at this:

    in reply to: Nested columns? #222280

    Hey Ismael, sounds great, but it doesn’t work with me (latest Version). The wand inside the text block only offers a reduced set of options (4 content elements and dropcaps):
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -15.18.49.png” alt=”” />
    And when generating codes like this…

    [av_one_half first]Add Content here[/av_one_half]
    [av_one_half]Add Content here[/av_one_half]

    …with the advanced layout editor turned off, and inserting it into the text block, then something like this happens:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -15.21.59.png” alt=”” />


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    That would be sad, because the plugin is the only real way to insert JS into the site, since enfold itself doesn’t offer a HTML/Scripting element.

    Hi Dude!

    Hey, some progress :-D

    The author of “CSS & Javascript Toolbox” wrote me this:

    CJT <= 6.1.1 prepared all blocks associated with the request within “wp” WordPress hook action.
    CJT > =6.1.2 is now using the “template_redirect” hook filter to do that. “template_redirect” hook filter is being fired and processed by WordPress for canonical URLs. This filter is not being fired on your WordPress installation might be because of the theme or another Plugin.

    Can this help you investigating? Is the “template_redirect” hook not fired when using the advanced layout editor of enfold?

    Best Regards,

    Hi Feliperobert,

    please head over here and express your need in this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-working


    in reply to: No preview with Enfold in dev website #180751

    Of course, Peter, because the credentials can obviously be viewed by non admins (see above). So I deleted the access immediately. Can you give me a secure way to pass you new credentials?

    in reply to: No preview with Enfold in dev website #180185

    Hi Jean,

    you see the Test-account-credentials?? Hey Dude, the there is a real problem with your description that only admins can see private posts…!

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    in reply to: post_delimiter floating freely through space ;-) #180180

    But it’s a little weird. One normally would put them away with display:none, not by putting them 1500px to the left. :-D On my iMac, they are shown due to the big screen.

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    Done. Hope, blue border means “private” :D

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    in reply to: No preview with Enfold in dev website #178439

    Just dropping in here: I have the same issue. WP SuperCache is installed but not active.

    in reply to: Menu too large > overlaps with logo #165841

    Thanks, Devin. That’s fine, but the customization will disappear every time I update the theme.

    Look what I have coded, maybe you want to include the snippet in the next version of enfold?

    To avia.js, I added after line 1233:

    // function to decide if menu overlaps logo
    	function menuSqueezed(){
    	  if(!$("#header ul#avia-menu").attr("origwidth")) $("#header ul#avia-menu").attr("origWidth",$("#header ul#avia-menu").width());
    	  return(($("#header ul#avia-menu").attr("origWidth")*1 + $("#header .logo img").width()) > $("#header .container").width());

    and then I replaced line 1369ff with this:

       //plugin functionality
        function run($this){
          //menu doesn't exist
          if((isMobile() || menuSqueezed()) && !menuExists($this)){
          //menu already exists
          else if((isMobile() || menuSqueezed()) && menuExists($this)){
          //not mobile browser
          else if(!isMobile() && menuExists($this)){

    For me, this works like a charm because it adapts dynamically to the width of logo and menu and switches to the mobile menu if things won’t fit. You can try via the above url. This even works on a full width window with a too much stuffed menu. I could imagine this would be great for other enfold users, too, since surely nobody wants menu and logo to overlap. :)


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    Hey, you know what? I just uploaded todays enfold update and now it almost works :-D

    Only some css z-Index-Problem now, but Ill fiddle that one out.. :-)

    Thanks for your kind trying to help though… :)

    in reply to: Bootstrap Modal fails (wpdownloadmanager) #163628
    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #116486

    We have made with Enfold and somebody wrote us: “This is the best Website in Germany!” :-D

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114651

    I strongly support this one:

    Offset for Blog Grid Element, so users can build creative Magazine Pages

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