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    I used the Plugin “CSS & Javascript Toolbox” together with Enfold smoothly until I updated to enfold 2.5. The Plugin enables you to insert HTML, CSS oder JS snippets on pages, posts, etc.

    Since the update, the Snippets are not displayed (and are not in the source code either), whenever a page is build using the advanced layout editor. You can make a page, look at it and it displays “hello world!”, which is a test html snippet set to display on the top of every page. This works fine. Then you edit the page, just turn on the advanced layout editor and Save the page – whooop: “hello world!” is gone.

    Again disable “Advanced layout editor” on that page – whooop: “helloworld!” is there again!

    I also tested this on a clean install with same results. WP-Version is 3.8.

    Is there a fix to the problem?



    Hi Rolf!

    I can’t reproduce the issue on my test server with Enfold 2.4.4 (not sure if Kriesi released a 2.5 version of Enfold yet but I can’t find it in our developer repository). Please create us an admin account and post a link to the page where the snippet doesn’t work. I can’t promise that we can fix the issue (third party plugin incompatibilities are beyond the scope of our support forum) but maybe I can find an obvious conflict/reason.



    Please i need this solution to! Can you please see where the conflit with this plugin.


    Hi Feliperobert,

    please head over here and express your need in this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-working




    Thank you for the notice :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Dude!

    Hey, some progress :-D

    The author of “CSS & Javascript Toolbox” wrote me this:

    CJT <= 6.1.1 prepared all blocks associated with the request within “wp” WordPress hook action.
    CJT > =6.1.2 is now using the “template_redirect” hook filter to do that. “template_redirect” hook filter is being fired and processed by WordPress for canonical URLs. This filter is not being fired on your WordPress installation might be because of the theme or another Plugin.

    Can this help you investigating? Is the “template_redirect” hook not fired when using the advanced layout editor of enfold?

    Best Regards,



    Actually the “Advanced layout editor” uses a special template and we use the “template_redirect” hook to load the special advanced layout page template. We load the template with the priority of 10 (default priority) and maybe the plugin doesn’t work because the author used a lower priority value. I’m also not sure if the plugin will work with advanced layouts at all because the different templates may conflict with each other.

    Best regards,


    That would be sad, because the plugin is the only real way to insert JS into the site, since enfold itself doesn’t offer a HTML/Scripting element.



    After reading this post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-working?replies=10#post-5173263 I guess the plugin does not load any custom templates but the plugin author just uses this hook to execute some code or functions. Try to replace

    'core' => (object) array('siteHook' => ((object) array('tag' => 'template_redirect', 'priority' => 11))),


    'core' => (object) array('siteHook' => ((object) array('tag' => 'template_redirect', 'priority' => 5))),

    and the plugin should work.



    This solution work perfectly with css toolbox 6.1.4 – TKS a lot!

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