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    True, but that also defeats the purpose of having an excerpt if we want to have a summary of our post and not the actual beginning of the post itself. Also if we have 100’s or 1000’s of posts to have to go into each one and insert a “more” tag is not very feasible.

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    Hi Nick,

    I tried your recommendation, however it displays no listings.

    Also not sure what your recommendation of “though i think a better way would be to pull that login into the loop” means.

    Maybe I am doing the blog/news section incorrectly? Although I do notice that your demo site included the entire post (not what we desire) in the archive listing.

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126003

    Hey Devin,

    I’ve included links to our devsite and they will expire in two days:

    Extra Top Margin Page:

    Margin is ok:

    From what I can tell is the Div for the special heading with the extra padding is missing the “avia-builder-el-first” class so the CSS below is not associated to it like the page with the correct styling.

    body .container_wrap .avia-builder-el-first {
    margin-top: 0;

    Both pages appear to be identical I used a template in the editor. with a 2/3 and a 1/3 column. The 2/3 has a special heading set to H3 with Modern followed by a text block.

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    Ah…thanks….Definitely a step in the right direction for me.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114671

    Option to choose no image when using the post slider and have only the title show.

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    Thanks Ismael,

    I already had the post created..with an excerpt already in place.

    But it will continue to show the entire post.

    Inserting the “More” link does create the link and stops the entire post from displaying to the insert point. But I would prefer to use the excerpt feature. Can you verify that it is working?

    Thanks Devin.

    The other approach would be if possible to always keep the footer widgets at the bottom of the widget areas. That way when switching between different column the shift would only effect those widgets and not the rest. Not sure if that is possible but a suggestion none the less.

    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the reply. But that post you reference seems like a completely different issue. Also I am running 1.6 of the theme.

    in reply to: Special Heading not wrapping with DIV #124682

    That is with the “Default Style” Switching to “Quote Style Modern” fixes the wrap issue but lose the styling of the default setting.

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    So in the promo box and the text area widgets using the visual editor I can only see these. There for I am assuming that I cannot enter other shortcodes into these text boxes?

    in reply to: breadcrumbs – change "you are here" #123319

    Can this be hooked into from a child theme function file?

    in reply to: Delete Enfold Theme by Kriesi #123235

    Just add the following shortcode at the end of your Copyright line in the theme options footer section.


    The full line will read something like this:

    © Copyright 2013 - My Awesome Site [nolink]

    in reply to: More "Content Elements" #123053

    Thanks again Peter.

    That is what I was afraid of. Maybe in the near future making it a bit more extensible with a child theme would be more helpful for some of us not wishing to mess with the main theme files.

    Just read the addition to your previous post (adding that is an option) Something I’ll look into.

    On that note, maybe there is a way that if the user creates a folder “avia-shortcodes’ in the child theme directory that the theme checks for that folder when the builder is ran and looks for the additional code/classes? Just a thought.

    in reply to: Issue with Child Theme #122424

    Thanks Devin for the quick fix. It seems to be ok on my end now and I was able to remove some of the !important rules in the CSS declarations. I’ll check to see if the couple that are still using it are just not targeting with enough authority.

    in reply to: Shortcodes not appearing #123102

    Hi Devin,

    I’m running 1.5.1 and also I only have the plug-ins installed that need to be running on the site. When I am running in Chrome the shortcode flyout seems to be ok. I noticed the bug in firefox as stated above.

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    Thanks for the feedback Peter. But doing this will be written over when the theme is updated correct? I’m using a child theme currently.

    in reply to: Issue with Child Theme #122421

    Yes, but I can’t post the URL publicly right now. Can I send you a direct email?

    in reply to: Issue with Child Theme #122419

    I have noticed that I need to include !important on all my declarations in the child-theme CSS file.

    #top .logo {left:10px !important;}

    Am I missing something that I have to do this for all the new CSS rules I am creating? Shouldn’t the child theme CSS override?

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