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  • Thanks Ismael

    That is just what I needed, so it needed to be called in the ‘init’ at the launch of the site? and you had to target the larger function.

    I believe that code snippet with the CSS will work just fine. I appreciate your and the other Mods support.

    Very good link, so I have come up with this code, but it seems to not be called.

    I assume maybe I am using the wrong hook? Do you recommend one that can be used?

    // Fix Enfold from using 1500px wide image and use the full-size image instead
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'ssi_woocommerce_full_width_category_images' );
    function ssi_woocommerce_full_width_category_images()
    	remove_action( 'ava_after_main_container', 'avia_woocommerce_parallax_banner', 11);
    	add_action( 'ava_after_main_container', 'avia_woocommerce_parallax_banner_child_theme', 11);
    	function avia_woocommerce_parallax_banner_child_theme($bg, $overlay, $opacity, $description, $font)
    			$bg = wp_get_attachment_image_src($bg, 'full');
    			if(is_array($bg) && $bg[0] != "") $bg = $bg[0];
    		if($font) $font = "style='color:{$font};'";
    		if($bg) $bg = "background-image: url(".$bg.");";
    		$output = "";
    		$output .='<div id="av_product_description" class="avia-section main_color avia-section-large avia-no-border-styling avia-full-stretch av-parallax-section av-section-color-overlay-active avia-bg-style-parallax container_wrap fullsize" data-section-bg-repeat="stretch" '.$font.'>';
    		$output .='<div class="av-parallax  avia-full-stretch" data-avia-parallax-ratio="0.3">';
    		$output .='<div class="av-parallax-inner" style="'.$bg.' main_color background-attachment: scroll; background-position: 50% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat;">';
    		$output .='</div>';
    		$output .='</div>';
    		$output .='<div class="av-section-color-overlay-wrap">';
    			$output .='<div class="av-section-color-overlay" style="opacity: '.$opacity.'; background-color: '.$overlay.'; "></div>';
    		$output .='<div class="container">';
    		$output .='<main class="template-page content av-content-full alpha units">';
    		if($description) $output .= "<h1>".$description."</h1>";
    		$output .='</main></div></div></div>';
    		return $output;

    Thanks Ismael

    Can I place a copy of the folder and file in my child theme folder to have it overwrite the core theme files?

    or can I somehow just edit the function avia_woocommerce_parallax_banner() to include the change to the $bg variable mentioned above?

    Information provided below.

    Hi Andy thanks for chiming in with that plug-in link. But would you mind explaining why that would give me more control? Would it not be easier to just adjust the template section that renders that image to use the full-size image instead of the 1500px wide version that it must be calling for instead of adding a new plug-in to manage?

    I am assuming that this is now the default behavior of the theme? It did not do this before.

    in reply to: Product Category Pages Full width page banner and description #555242


    Yes that is a similar solution posted by the moderator. But that image is still the 1500px wide image. It will be stretched and can get pixelated. It would be good for small images that are not wide enough. But If I have an image that is bigger then it would be better to use that one.

    There simply is no option to choose full size. So the question remains…Is this a bug? or is this now how Enfold behaves?

    Hi Elliot,

    That would be really simple wouldn’t it? :)

    That was my point in the post above…there is not an option to select the fullsize image. (See attached image)

    Screen shot of <a href='' target='_blank'/ rel=woocommerce product category image select" />

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    Hi Elliot,

    You are correct the one image is 2048 wide, when I select the image that is 4032px wide it is replaced on the front end with the 1500px wide one. I have not done anything special to create the 2048 one. I even created a 2048 version of the new image and it still renders on the front end as 1500. I guess that 1500 would be one of the image sizes the theme creates?

    As an experiment I uploaded the the new image I want at the same dimensions of the truck 2048px x 1226px and on that page there is still space on either side of the product category page now AND the image that is being pulled in is resized to 1500px. So it makes no sense that the old one is still working but new ones are not.

    The problem as I see it is that there is no option for me to select what size image I want to use (thumb, large, fullsize) in the admin when choosing the woocommerce category image, so i would assume that the image should always be the full size image. On the front end upon selecting the image only the 1500px wide version is rendered not the full size image (the truck is rendering the fullsize version). I don’t recall this being an issue in the past, but I have noticed that all my product category images are not full width like they used to be.

    However I still want to find a solution as to why one page works and not the rest. Why is one pulling in the fullsize image and the others are not? Was 1500px width added to the theme at a certain update? Since the truck photo does not have that thumbnail width it is possible that there is not one created because it was done before that update, therefor not numbnail to pull in and it has to use the fullsize image.

    I am only trying this full screen on a macbook pro retina. So max page width is only set to 1680 on my machine. So any screen larger than 1500px wide will not be rendered at full width.


    Yes that CSS could work, but I’d like to figure out what is happening, since it is doing the same on your demo site and it should go edge to edge.

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    Hey Elliott

    Yes 1500px, That is what is being pulled in (the one that is cropped from WordPress), but I had uploaded a 4000px wide in there as well and that did not do it. The Theme did not do this before. At least I dont recall it doing this it always when edge to edge.

    in reply to: Moving away from Enfold #195646

    Hey Devin,

    Thanks for the reply. So would I just pull-in the code for shortcodes from config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes directory? I know enough PHP to do some damage but am not up-to-speed on using classes.

    Would it be easier or even possible to have a plug-in that does an include call of those files or will they need to be disected into different individual functions?

    in reply to: WooCommerce Category Widget broken after update #176837

    Thanks Ismael,

    That was the missing piece. I was trying to target the dropdown instead of the header.. Look forward to the next update.

    in reply to: WooCommerce Category Widget broken after update #176514

    Hi Devin,

    Still having an issue with the dropdown from the top header.

    The styling options trick fixed the issue with the dividing line on the sidebar.

    I noticed a update for woocommerce this morning and after the update the categories are listed again.


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    in reply to: Change output of the Post Slider content element #175227

    Thanks for the info about adding custom shortcodes that will come in handy.

    But regarding the post grid – what is that component? I see blog posts and portfolio grid, but not post grid.

    Blog posts unfortunately do not have an option for ‘title only’ .. but I guess I can remove it with CSS.

    —– Hold the phone —–

    I just saw the grid option for the blog post component and the options changed for the title/exerpt/link. I think I can work with it now at least via trial and error like you mentioned.

    in reply to: CSS issue with latest update (2.0.1) #136841

    I re-installed 2.0.1. All appears fine. Must have been a bad download?

    in reply to: CSS issue with latest update (2.0.1) #136840

    I have rolled back the theme to 2.0 for now and appears as it should.

    in reply to: CSS issue with latest update (2.0.1) #136839

    It is right after the end header comment and the div id=”main” begins.

    I do have a dev site but don’t want to broadcast the URL. If you have an email I can send it there.


    in reply to: CSS issue with latest update (2.0.1) #136837

    Looks like there is a two </div> after div id=”main” in the wrap it all. They need to be moved before the comments for “main” and “wrap_all”.

    At least this fixes the issue with the sidebar.

    in reply to: Page loads dark gray first #132647

    I had tried that..Must have been a cache issue.

    Thanks for confirming the fix.

    Thanks Dude, that look to be what I would like to do.

    What would you recommend for use in a child theme as to not overwrite the core theme files?

    Sorry for not being clear on that Devin.

    I have a CPT created. and am using the builder on a page that uses the widget to pull in blog content. That component is set to pull in the articles for that CPT. So that page acts like an archive listing the posts for that CPT.

    So when I go to that page it shows the layout defined by my builder layout and blog content that I have chosen with the component. But the output of that blog component is not what I would like so I am curious as to what file it is using to do the loop and output the content. And is is possible to create a custom loop for it?

    in reply to: Generate new image sizes in child theme #129952

    Ok thanks for that Devin. Would it be possible for the future to add a hook so just defined new ones are added?

    in reply to: Generate new image sizes in child theme #129950

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the link. In doing how you suggested it removes other items in the drop down Display Settings dropdown.

    Before the code I have 9 choices:

    Thumbnail – 80 × 80

    Medium – 300 × 300

    Full Size – 900 × 900

    Square – 180 × 180

    Featured – 900 × 430

    Portfolio – 495 × 400

    Gallery – 710 × 575

    Entry with Sidebar – 710 × 270

    Entry without Sidebar – 900 × 360

    Then I wrapped the code above in a function:

    // Add Custom sizes for Products
    function avia_change_image_size_array() {
    global $avia_config;
    $avia_config['imgSize']['product-thumb'] = array('width'=>250, 'height'=>250); // small preview pics eg sidebar news

    $avia_config['slectableImgSize'] = array(
    'product-thumb' => __('250 x 250','avia_framework'),
    add_action( 'init', 'avia_change_image_size_array');

    Now I only get 3 choices:

    Thumbnail – 80 × 80

    Medium – 300 × 300

    Full Size – 900 × 900

    250 x 250 – 250 × 250

    Thoughts on why the rest of the list is not appearing?

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126015

    That was going to be my fall back. I wanted your team to be aware of the bug.

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126013

    The header with the video has this class:

    av-special-heading meta-heading blockquote modern-quote

    The header without the video has this class:

    av-special-heading meta-heading blockquote modern-quote avia-builder-el-6 avia-builder-el-first

    The CSS adding top margin like this:

    .av-special-heading {
    clear: both;
    display: table;
    margin-top: 50px;
    width: 100%;

    By removing the video ‘.avia-builder-el-first’ gets added to the CSS class so the new CSS is this:

    body .container_wrap .avia-builder-el-first {
    margin-top: 0;

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126012

    Both links work fine for me.

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126010

    URL with bad formatting:

    Copy of above with video removed (formatting ok):

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126007

    Yes I am running the latest version and recreated the page. Once I delete the video out of the 1/3 column all is fine.

    The page is built with:

    color section with 2/3 and 1/3 inside (video in the 1/3)

    then a 1/1 with text block inside.

    a hairline with whitespace

    then a 2/3 (with a special heading and text block) and 1/3 (with an image)

    in reply to: Still having issues with excerpt #125860

    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the quick video link. To start off, I just changed that preference in the theme options to no blog page. That started to make things to look better off the bat.

    I was also creating the latest news page as an archive. That is what I was used to from a previous theme and had it set to that page for the theme option.

    So now I created a new page with the blog post content element and its looking better and shows the title and the excerpt.

    However when I click on an category for the blog item in the minor meta under title it takes me to a page that lists the full items again instead of a excerpt. Can that be fixed?

    Thanks for your help so far. Trying to figure out this new framework is stretching my abilities a bit.

    in reply to: Top Margin on H3 Special Heading not consistent #126005

    The issue is apparently the Video component in the 1/3 column to the right in the color section. Once I remove that the margins are aligned properly.

    Can you verify that and provide a solution?

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