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    I have created several custom widget areas.

    After having those in place I decided to change the footer area from the 4 column to a three column area.

    After doing so I moved the widgets content from #2 to #1, #3 to #2 and #4 to #3 areas. Then #4 widget area is removed from the backend in the list of widget areas. What happens then is the custom widgets then all get the widget area content from the item below it.

    I am not sure if this makes sense but its the best way I can describe it after not being able to figure it out for quite a while. LOL



    Please visit this link:

    Follow Dude’s instruction. It might fix the issue. Sometimes widget settings get stuck for no apparent reason.




    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the reply. But that post you reference seems like a completely different issue. Also I am running 1.6 of the theme.


    Hi kcharity,

    Unfortunately wordpress is a bit funky with widget areas.

    What you’ll probably need to do is clear out all the content for those widgets and then change your footer widget settings to 4. Save that and then change it to 3 columns again and save.

    Now re-add your content to the widget areas.




    Thanks Devin.

    The other approach would be if possible to always keep the footer widgets at the bottom of the widget areas. That way when switching between different column the shift would only effect those widgets and not the rest. Not sure if that is possible but a suggestion none the less.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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