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    I was creating a post category of Press Release and created posts with that category checked.

    I then created a page and assigned it as the “blog” in the theme settings.

    It works as far as listing the posts that are assigned that category but lists the full post.

    Is there a way to that the page only displays the excerpt and not the entire post of each post with that category?



    Edit the posts, on Screen Options, check the Excerpt option. You can also use the <!–more–> tag.




    Thanks Ismael,

    I already had the post created..with an excerpt already in place.

    But it will continue to show the entire post.

    Inserting the “More” link does create the link and stops the entire post from displaying to the insert point. But I would prefer to use the excerpt feature. Can you verify that it is working?



    Edit loop-index.php on includes folder. Find this code

    $blog_content = !empty($avia_config['blog_content']) ? $avia_config['blog_content'] : "content";

    Replace it with:

    $blog_content = !empty($avia_config['blog_content']) ? $avia_config['blog_content'] : "excerpt_read_more";




    Ah…thanks….Definitely a step in the right direction for me.



    This is another option

    $blog_content = (how_many_posts() > 1 ) ? "excerpt_read_more" : "content";



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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