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    I would like to have just the © Copyright on my website footer without the mention of the Enfold theme. How would I do that? Please help.

    So grateful,




    Edit footer.php then find this code on line 85

    $kriesi_at_backlink = apply_filters("kriesi_backlink", " - <a href=''>Enfold Theme by Kriesi</a>");

    You can change the value:

    $kriesi_at_backlink = apply_filters("kriesi_backlink", " - <a href=''>My Awesome Website</a>");

    Or you can remove it.




    Just add the following shortcode at the end of your Copyright line in the theme options footer section.


    The full line will read something like this:

    © Copyright 2013 - My Awesome Site [nolink]


    Hi Gurmit,

    Both of the above methods will work for you but the [nolink] will allow you to not modify the actual theme files which is often user preferred for easier updating later.




    I read in footer.php:

    // you can filter and remove the backlink with an add_filter function

    // from your themes (or child themes) functions.php file if you dont want to edit this file

    // you can also just keep that link. I really do appreciate it ;)

    $kriesi_at_backlink = apply_filters(“kriesi_backlink”, ” – Enfold Theme by Kriesi“);

    Can you write me code for functions.php in child theme for removing or editing of this line? Maybe it is totally beginner question but I am beginner in child theme options. Thanks for help!


    If you aren’t comfortable writing a function, you can just add [nolink] at the end of your custom text in the copyright field in the theme options.




    It works. Thanks!

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