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    I have a client that wants the items in the Post Slider content element to be listed vertically instead of horizontally.

    Is it possible with just CSS or would it be easier to create a new Post Slider that really doesn’t slide but just displays the number of posts chosen in a vertical list?

    Bonus Question:
    Can we add new content elements to a child theme without adding code to the core theme?


    Hi DesignerKen!

    The post slider without the sliding effect is actually the post grid (code wise). So you could try doing it with css but it’ll be a bit of trial and error to get right. Lists aren’t overly difficult so it should still be doable.

    You can add your own shortcode elements or add in replacements for the parent by adding a shortcodes directory to your theme and then adding in this function:

    add_filter('avia_load_shortcodes', 'avia_include_shortcode_template', 15, 1);
    function avia_include_shortcode_template($paths)
    	$template_url = get_stylesheet_directory();
        	array_unshift($paths, $template_url.'/shortcodes/');
    	return $paths;


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    Thanks for the info about adding custom shortcodes that will come in handy.

    But regarding the post grid – what is that component? I see blog posts and portfolio grid, but not post grid.

    Blog posts unfortunately do not have an option for ‘title only’ .. but I guess I can remove it with CSS.

    —– Hold the phone —–

    I just saw the grid option for the blog post component and the options changed for the title/exerpt/link. I think I can work with it now at least via trial and error like you mentioned.


    Glad you found it :)

    All variations on an element are within its file. So any time you are looking for something it will be contained in the named shortcode file and nothing external.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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