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    I have noticed that all my DIVs have been replaced from #av_section_1 to #av_section_2 for items that are the first element on the screen. (Almost all of these are full width color sections) so my CSS is all jacked up.

    The color section when used first with no header showing and a sidebar on the right has the sidebar line going all the way through the color section and the sidebar is appearing below the content of the page not to the right where it should be.

    Several of the old classes have been removed from the elements (avia-builder-el-0 avia-builder-el-first) is this new?

    The DIV #wrap_all is no longer wrapping all the content?


    Looks like there is a two </div> after div id=”main” in the wrap it all. They need to be moved before the comments for “main” and “wrap_all”.

    At least this fixes the issue with the sidebar.


    Hi kcharity,

    Where is this within the theme? Do you have an example we can see live?




    It is right after the end header comment and the div id=”main” begins.

    I do have a dev site but don’t want to broadcast the URL. If you have an email I can send it there.



    I have rolled back the theme to 2.0 for now and appears as it should.


    I re-installed 2.0.1. All appears fine. Must have been a bad download?



    Yes, or the ftp/wordpress upload failed somehow…



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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