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    Hi again, I’m afraid that didn’t work. The site’s host it put it all the way up to 1024Mb, and the problem was still there. Any other suggestions?

    Best regards,


    in reply to: Avia editor in back end not showing up #601558

    Great that worked. Happy client!

    in reply to: Small issue with blog articles with Avia Layout Editor #501799

    Hi Elliot, thanks for that. It took me a while to cotton on, but yes I can display some other posts manually as you suggest.

    Now I am not asking specifically for me, and I am not complaining as Enfold is a great theme, but as a suggestion for Kriesi at a later date, I think it would be great to be able to pull in from the Content Elements a ‘You may also like’ so it looks just like the one that appears in the Default Editor version.

    Thanks again, and cheers,


    in reply to: Enfold and #342768

    Excellent Kriesi, thanks very much for taking the time. That is exactly the type of answer I needed.

    Hopefully that will get them to accept Enfold.


    in reply to: Enfold and #342701

    Hi Arvish

    Thanks for that! I’ve used Enfold many times and love it. My new client however is involved with medical companies, and insists the theme we use (quite a few times) passes that very annoying test. (

    Is there anything other than quantity of sales I can try and use to get the client to accept Enfold. Security wise?

    Really appreciate any help, and understand you all have better things to do!

    All the best,

    in reply to: Problems upgrading Enfold #117157

    That should be FTP.

    in reply to: Problems upgrading Enfold #117156

    Sorry Devin, one last thing, if I replace the Enfold folder with the new Enfold folder via PTP, will all my previous theme settings be lost?

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    Thanks Devin!

    in reply to: Home page only navigation issue #111984

    Aha!! Thanks for that. Fantastic theme by the way.



    in reply to: Slider issue #86758

    Hi Devin

    Yes, the same issue appears on the demo version. Mac 10.6.8 Chrome Version 21.0.1180.82 (‘Chrome is up to date’ from About Chrome). Looks like my screenshot. Appears about every eighth slide. Disappears with the next change. Does that explain anything?



    in reply to: Slider issue #86756

    Hey again

    I tried changing the slider as you suggested, but it did not help. Through making other changes, I discovered it only happens when Dynamic Template is chosen. I created a new Dynamic Template to see if that would help, but sadly no.

    At there is a screenshot. As I mentioned previously, Chrome on a Mac, it behaves fine on Opera and Safari. It usually takes seven or eight slide changes for the black to appear, sometimes playing with the slider’s navigation buttons speeds this up.

    I simply can’t trust the theme as it is….

    Regards Iain

    in reply to: Slider issue #86754

    Hey Guys

    I spoke too soon. The black re-appeared shortly after.

    I then removed all posts, pages and media, all themes and plugins and deleted everything via ftp. Added a fresh wordpress install, brought in your theme with only your content, and the black is still there. Certainly on Chrome on a Mac. Tried another permalinks save.

    Your theme was uploaded via the backend, as was the shop plugin.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


    in reply to: Slider issue #86752

    Hi Ismael

    Thanks again. Logging out, stopped the black appearing….



    in reply to: Slider issue #86750

    Hi Ismael

    Thank you for your answer. It very nearly fixed it. While the slider now works, a black background now appears at random intervals. There are no plugins activated at the moment, and I tried re-setting the permalinks several times.



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