Enfold 3.6: Gym + Fitness App and Health Coach Demo

The demos of Enfold 3.6 focus on the healthy side of life

We thought it would be fun to create a few demos based on a common theme, so with this update we are introducing a very bold Gym demo, a friendly Health Coach demo and a one page Mobile (Fitness) App Demo.

As always we have tried to bring something unique to each of those demos. The cool thing is, that at this point, there is often not much needed in terms of additional features… just some imagination.

One example of that would be the sticky background effect used in the App demo. Something that would have been possible for months now, but we simply didn’t think of it until we stumbled upon a customers site who used the background in a similar way :)

Another example is the Gym demo which has a very bold look and feel, something that we also have never done before :)

We also added a few tags to the advanced styling editor (the <u> and the <mark> tag), that allow you to make better use of different typographic features as can be seen both in the Gym and Health Coach demo.

Another great feature is the improved icon font manager. It works the same way as ever but instead of only allowing font icons from fontello.com it now also works with iconpacks from Flaticon.com. At the time of writing this means you can now use more than 2200 icon packs :) All of our new demos already use some of those packs so make sure to check them out.

And although we decided to reduce time between releases and as a trade-off reduce the amount of changes and demos with each major update there are quite a few that made it into this release :)


New demo content:

Added features:

  • added: the ability to hide columns and cells on mobile devices (see App demo)
  • added: background color option for masonry elements (Example)
  • added: new coloring/saturation option for the google maps element: “Full color fill” (Example)
  • added: new minimal styling option for the data table element (Example)
  • added: new predefined styling “white-black” (Used in Gym Demo)
  • added: new styling options for <u> and the <mark> html tag that lets you spice up a sites typography considerably (GYM andHealth demo)
  • added: new google fonts
  • added: new css classes to the header generator

Improved features:

  • improved: up/down sliding of the easy and fullscreen slider with a more dynamic transition (GYM)
  • improved: iconfont uploader is now able to use packs from http://www.flaticon.com/packs
  • improved: iconfont uploader is now able to import custom icons from demos
  • improved: iconfont uploader now is able to apply user defined custom names to the fonts. simply name the zip file: “iconset.YOURNAME.zip” – replace YOURNAME with a name of your choice
  • improved: demo import script now includes iconfont files
  • improved: favicon is now also displayed in the backend of your theme
  • improved: changed a few files that generated false positives in some security plugins
  • improved: improved the form generator mail sending logic
  • improved: performance of the dynamic style generator
  • improved: icon element color selector allows rgba colors now
  • improved: caption styling of easy slider
  • improved: switched title generator to the default wordpress title tag generator recommended in https://codex.wordpress.org/Title_Tag#


  • fixed: a translation issue with contact forms
  • fixed: an issue that truncated links that contain multiple commas
  • fixed: an issue with template builder sections that no longer worked after deleting a column inside
  • fixed: the wedding demo import file caused a non editable issue on some servers
  • fixed: an issue with the markup helper for blog that wasn’t properly deactivated
  • fixed: a pagination issue with the blog element when set to grid and an offset was applied
  • fixed: a minimum width issues with the facebook widget
  • fixed: an issue with the construction demo content on mobile devices
  • fixed: removed the “portrait” and “landscape” that are used to controll masonry display tag from interacting with related posts
  • fixed: an issue with Instagram widgets and wrong lightbox groups
  • fixed: an issue with the page preloader not working properly when safari back button is used
  • fixed: enfold date picker styling when woocommerce bookings is active
  • fixed: alignment of multiple slideshow buttons on mobile
  • fixed: alignment of form fields on mobile
  • fixed: space between partner elements on mobile devices
  • fixed: an issue with testimonials stopping after they are clicked on a mobile device
  • fixed: a few z-index issues with the fullwidth menu element
  • fixed: an issue with disabled buttons not receiving the correct styling
  • fixed: a few errors generated in conjunction with WP-CLI

Update Files:

  • updated: layerslider to the latest version (5.6.8)
  • updated: google maps API to the latest version
  • updated: several language files and added a first version of Hungarian
31 replies
  1. Vinay Kashyap
    Vinay Kashyap says:

    Hey Art, Yes indeed, it’s a beautiful demo :) The background effects are created using Grid Rows and Cells. Each cell has a different fixed background image of the same size which gives it a curtain effect.

    If you like a sneak peek at the backend setup here is a screenshot http://i.imgur.com/k2208uy.png


    • Kriesi
      Kriesi says:

      Enfold itself is perfectly compatible with the latest wordpress version. If for whatever reason it does not work on your installation I guess it has to be a plugin conflict ;)

  2. Pako69
    Pako69 says:

    Enfold 3.6 = blank page… :-(

    > Error log:
    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare av_mailchimp_check() (previously declared in /home/sites/www.example.com/web/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/av-helper-mailchimp.php:446) in /home/sites/www.exemple.com/web/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/helper-mailchimp.php on line 449

  3. Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith says:

    A great update! Love the new bold effect. Many thanks.

    Kind Regards,

    PS: The demos still need a bit of work in iPhone 5 mode. Take a look at the gym demo using Chrome > F12 > iPhone5

  4. Bren
    Bren says:

    Is it possible to import coloured icon packs? Everytime I try to I get an error, but single colour (black) ones import fine…..

    PS Enfold is easily the best theme I’ve ever used! :)

    • Bren
      Bren says:

      Hi Kriesi!

      I tried a few to see if it would work, but none of these worked – 122625, 124091, 123368 – all the non-colour ones I tried worked brilliantly though, I just uploaded the zip.

      Many thanks in advance

    • Kriesi
      Kriesi says:

      I checked the contents of some of the colored icon sets and I am afraid most of them do not contain iconfont files. Without them the import cant work :/

      If a pack does not contain .eot / .ttf / .woff files its not a valid iconfont. Unfortunately the item pack description of flaticon is misleading here since it states that all packs got iconfonts, which is not the case :/

  5. dhuet
    dhuet says:

    Really great update. The hide for mobile is fantastic. it opens a the door tremendous possibilities. I would suggest adding it to the color section to and pretty much any of the components. Great job as always.

  6. Pako69
    Pako69 says:

    one question: are you using wp_is_mobile() function to added: the ability to hide columns and cells on mobile devices?
    It’s important to know because this function do not play well with cache plugin like wp rocket

  7. mf
    mf says:

    I am new to this and I am struggling. My Enfold is still 3.1.3 and some features like content slider is not working. Where can I download 3.6 or 3.6.1? It’s not in my themeforest account, and my wordpress dashboard doesn’t show any updates from Enfold…..your help appreciated….

  8. Tyson Kingsbury
    Tyson Kingsbury says:

    Is there a tutorial or demo or something to show how to recreate some of these?
    I was particularly impressed with the Healthcare demo….was wondering how to create something like that myself…. any tips or tuts?


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