Enfold 3.2 – Super flexible columns, new church and wedding demos and so much more…

You ask for it, we build it ;) 

It finally arrived. One of the most requested features ever, the highly customizable columns are now available for Enfold. You can now remove the space between columns, set them to equal height, control the padding and margin (even negative margins are possible as can be seen in our church demo), background color, border color, border radius, custom classes, etc

Although the changelog is a little shorter than with other major releases don’t let it fool you: this is one of the most powerful changes to date since it enables layouts that were previously not really possible :)

In addition to that we got a few new template builder elements, a deeper integration with the events calendar, some new color schemes and 2 new demos.

Here is the changelog with the most important updates:

  • new demo content:
  • added:
    • added: columns now got styling options like background color, image, padding, margin (Example)
    • added: colorpicker now allows to the use of RGBA (transparent) colors. (Example)
    • added: new element: events countdown (Example)
    • added: option to center contact form text (Example)
    • added: linktarget option for hotspot links
    • added: Audio Posts now also display the audio preview in grid mode (Example)
    • added: Gallery elements allows to display only the first image of the gallery and the other images are accessible via lightbox
    • added: new advanced font options for headings (font weight / text transform) in advanced styling editor (Example)
    • added: minimal header with drop shadow
    • added: main menu filter hook
    • added: 2 new color schemes
    • added: css column stylings
  • bugfixes:
    • fixed: image upload glitch affecting older themes
    • fixed: an issue with masonry excerpts displaying shortcodes
    • fixed: a bug that caused the template builder to disrupt WPML ajax translations
    • fixed: a bug with the animated number element if a decimal with a zero was used (eg: 0.007)
    • fixed: schema markup for posts
    • fixed: a problem with the latest version and the previous enfold config script
    • fixed: big with checkout display on mobile
    • fixed: an issue with the fallback main menu on mobile devices
  • updated:
    • updated: framework to the latest version
    • updated: backend option pages
    • updated: layerslider to the latest version
  • improved:
    • improved: default countdown element
    • improved: events calendar stylings
    • improved: styling for the big testimonial slider on mobile devices
    • improved: calendar element colors
5 replies
  1. Matt Mikulla
    Matt Mikulla says:

    Is there a customizable element yet that acts as a container for an object that can have a different color?

    Kinda like the well element in Bootstrap.

    The closest thing I can find is alert boxes.

    I just want to add a container with a color and some padding around a widget. Sure, I could write the HTML and CSS but it would be better if there was something already available.

    • Yigit
      Yigit says:

      Hi Matt!

      Please start a thread on the forum and post a screenshot showing the changes you would like to make with a link to your website and we will gladly try to help you :)


  2. Brad
    Brad says:

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing Avia Layout Builder not showing up after this update? I have refreshed my browser and tried opening WP in both Safari and Firefox to no avail.



  3. Erik
    Erik says:

    Ich kann in den Veranstaltungskalender der Text “Upcoming ” in einer niederländischen Übersetzung nicht ändern. Diese während der niederländische Sprachdatei vorhanden ist . Wo und wie kann ich den Begriff ” Upcoming” auf Niederländisch noch ändern? Schau ein vorbild an auf: http://www.waarisdatfeestje.eu (Waar is het volgende feestje, ganz unten).

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