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    Hi @yigit,

    I updated the German translation files. The new version can be found here:

    Maybe you can manage to add translation support for the “Save all changes”-Button and the result strings regarding saving Enfold settings?
    It would be a geat.

    Also, I noticed that some translations don’t exist in the German-translation files. i.e:
    “You can also use the message bar to display a one time message not related to cookies if you do not need to inform your customers about the use of cookies.”

    Best regards



    Persian translation complete please add it in next upcoming version.

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2i2b6fbdochkbnf/fa_IR.zip/file

    Best regards,



    Thank u for sharing this

    Best regards,


    I can translate into Portuguese (pt/PT). Can you provide a link to start doing it?



    @bigamist You can use this free software – https://poedit.net/ and translate Portuguese language file in /enfold/lang/pt_BR.po. Please make sure to click “update” before starting to translate. Thanks in advance! :)



    Hi Yigit,

    Sorry, I don’t know if I understood. I would like to help, translating from English to Portuguese (pt/PT). Are you telling me to translate based on (pt/BR) file, or do you need that I work also on that file.


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    Hi Yigit

    I adjusted the (pt.BR) to (pt.PT) but only over the existing translations there, that are the Front Language also. Is ready and working fine on my website (pt.PT).

    I will translate the entire file, but will take a few weeks. As soon ready I will post it here. For those that are in a rush to have the Front translated to (pt.PT)
    here is the adress of the files ziped.

    Merry Chistmas


    Hi Joao,

    Yes, please update existing file. Obrigado! :)

    Best regards,



    Please use de_DE for de_DE_formal. The translations in de_DE are formal. I exported the translation file correctly and uploaded the po and mo files here http://www.mediafire.com/file/t3a5su62kjt5m60/de_DE_formal.zip/file.


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    In this link there’s the full italian translation of version 4.7.1
    4251 items
    If you run into any errors, let me know
    Best regards


    Hi, I’ve noticed lot of errors in the Italian translation and I was thinking to check all the file to correct spelling, grammars, accent errors.
    @elquenosabenada your file (don’t have a box account) is the current 4.7.1 Italian po/mo file in the theme?


    I corrected the link to the file.
    In this link there’s the full italian translation of version 4.7.1
    You’re welcome to correct the errors.

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