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    Thank Günter for the answer but if I replace “std” => __(”, ‘avia_framework’), with “std” => ”, it gives me error to the line 386



    Thanks for the update. Make sure that the quotes are not converted to their entity number. And don’t forget the comma after.

    "std" => "",

    Best regards,


    Some updates to the Swedish translation (mainly the search result page)


    Please include it in the next release :)




    @comaround_therese Thanks for your contribution. We will be updating the file in upcoming Enfold version :)

    Best regards,


    I was checking the Brazilian Portuguese translation and it misses many words, according to Loco Translate:
    4% translated, 3,096 terms (2,966 untranslated).

    Can I help to translate it, even partially?


    Using the Loco Translate, I’ve spot some missing words when you order the products
    – Relevance
    – Popularity (sales)
    – Average rating
    – Product ID

    How can I translate them?



    @PIW Those strings are coming from WooCommerce and should be translated in WooCommerce plugin. Please search them not in Enfold but in WooCommerce :)
    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards,


    Thanks for your reply Ygit, but I can see the translate string in the WooCommerce, take a look

    View post on imgur.com

    It was already translated in Woocommerce, but the theme isn’t reading from it.

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    @PIW please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum so we can look into it :)

    Best regards,


    These are some changes I recently made on my child theme styles, to fix some issues related to RTL languages, on both admin and front side. I didn’t know where to send it, so I just place it here.



    Thanks Ygit, I will do it.


    In this link there’s the full italian translation of version 4.5.7
    3857 items
    If you run into any errors, let me know
    Best regards

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    @elmanisero: Thank you for the update! We’ll include this in the next patch.

    Best regards,

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