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    Hi nagylzs,

    Nekem :D (for me)
    (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Köszönöm! / Thank you!


    Hey Jean,

    Sorry for that, we must have missed it. Will add it to the next update. Thanks for the contribution! :)

    Best regards,


    Hungarian translation:

    It is not 100% merged with the current version, but usable.

    Can you please put it into the next update?


    Will do. Thanks for the contribution :)


    Hi Kriesi,

    I checked the hungarian translation and nice! It works well!

    Kind regards,


    Glad to hear that ;D


    I made a translation for Brazillian Portuguese.

    Not all strings were translated, only the ones who appear in the frontend.

    For whom wants to contribute, ask for it in the repository page.



    @Ricardo: That’s great. Thanks. :)

    Best regards,


    I am working on arabic translation, does anyone working on it already ?


    Heyya guys. Today – i can not NOT to write.It will be about your translation of theme into russian. And i won’t even be lazy and will attach the screenshot : here
    It’s not a big mistake, he, the translater, just missed a couple of letters -жа- (the meaning changed from “display” to “take away”).
    So – that’s not a first time i see such mistaxe in translation of enfold – and you guys be attentive to that. Surely it’s not a big deal. But as for me – when i see foreign product with mistakes written – dunno how to say… a trust factor gets a bit lower. Whip with rods those lazy contributors (joke). If you need a good translation, and need to be sure that it doesn’t hurt eye to your russian part of clients – you can always drop me a mail, i’ll do the job. Especially if you will promise me kinda nice bonus. Or bonusik (should be even smaller))) I’m siberian, lived in Moscow, then NYC, now back in Moscow. And yes – surely i did translations. One of last – dark sword game (made in Korea) on android – you’ll be able to see my name in titles.
    Cheerz and much love anyway.)

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    check out this:

    Best regards,


    weew. “hi”.
    checked, aha. phuq u with such answers, really.



    Our users contribute the translations. If you would like to contribute a corrected one, please feel free to post them here, we will be grateful. Since we have not provided any kind of “bonus” to any of the contributors, it would not be right to provide you, sorry about that and i hope that is understandable.

    Also, please post kindly. This is a public forum and we do not tolerate use of any kind of bad language.

    Best regards,


    That is good answer. Prev link says nothing. Do not tolerate use of any kind of bad language? I’m sure you know that on internet area there are people who express their thoughts in different and sometimes rough manner. You better pay attention to what behind the words – the sense, so it would be better to not tolerate bad sense, pardon for the word.



    No worries at all. Since this is a public forum, we just have to communicate professionally. Otherwise, i, personally, totally tolerate and appreciate the sense, really.

    Thank you for your understanding once again. If you have any other questions or issues, please start a new thread, so we can help you there and at the same time, keep this thread translate related only :)

    Best regards,


    Domo arigato – a big thanx for everything.!


    You can translate MO/PO files with Google Translate ONLINE and edit a language together.
    Here more for Dutch translations


    I’ m Italian and I contribute if no one translate it….
    let me know


    Hi Amepro,

    I’ve started a translation-project in Google Translate for Dutch with the use of Google Translate. If you would like you can easily set up an Italian project as well and translate with a group of English/Italian. The current Italian version of the it_IT.PO file can be found in the official download in the \LANG directory. Upload it in the Google translate toolkit (better dan POEDIT and free. No 1000 strings limit!). Happy Translating.

    Link to translate toolkit:

    Dutch Enfold translation/ Nederlanstalige vertaling Enfold
    Hoi Nederlanders: Help mee. We can work together here to translate/check this Dutch translation.
    If you are fluent in Dutch&English and want to help. Send your gmail-account adres and I’ll give you read/write access to the translation sources (60% 70% 80% 90% 94% translated).

    If everyone checks a couple of lines we will have a 100% correct translation in no time :)…. Let’s keep this up-to-date.

    NOTE: Orange lines have already been translated. Red lines are machine-translated and need work. Focus on the red lines first :) OR check/test real life websites and report changes please.

    Google link:
    mail enfoldtranslation[at] to be added to the project.

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    Thank you for your efforts :)

    Best regards,


    Hi, it works


    Hi guy’s, I resumed the translation of the French theme in the latest version, it remains about 12% untranslated (LayerSlider essentially).
    Thank you to include it for the next up-to-date.
    Download po/mo files here:



    Yigit Merhaba,

    3.6.1 Enfold güncellemesiyle birlikte bir çok alanda türkçe çeviri sorunu oluştu. Güncellemeye ne zaman gelir ? Güncelleme gelene kadar bunu ayarlayabileceğimiz bir alan varmıdır ?



    I’ve updated the Dutch translation for 3.7. Fixed some sentences for “kruimelpad/breadcrumbs, Twitter widget” and some weird machine-translations.

    Get it here:
    Pwd: Kriesi

    Just upload in :/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/enfold/lang
    Overwrite existing. OR if you have a child theme: Put them in a folder ‘languages’ in your childtheme.
    Edit your childthemes function.php and put this in it:

    function overwrite_language_file_child_theme() {
        $lang = get_stylesheet_directory().'/languages';
        return $lang;
    add_filter('ava_theme_textdomain_path', 'overwrite_language_file_child_theme');

    Download Example Dutch Enfold Child theme

    Help mee met de Nederlandse vertaling!
    PM mij je google-accountemailadres en dan kun je mee-vertalen.

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    @Pixelbits Thanks! Good Job!



    here’s our work on nn_NO translation so far. Even though it’s not complete I hope it can be included in the next release, as it will greatly enhance the front end user experience.




    Thank you for your contribution and we really appreciate it. I have informed Kriesi about the same as well :)

    Best regards,


    Can you reupload polish translation files?



    We rely on users to translate the theme voluntarily. Unfortunately, no one has submitted a complete polish translation yet.



    Hola, yo intentaré traducir algunas cadenas al español. Cuando termine avisaré aquí.

    Hi, I´ll try translate some texts to spanish. when finished I’ll call here.

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