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    Good Afternoon!

    I have a site running WP 5.2 with Enfold 4.5.5, and I have CSS and JS merge-and-compress turned on in the Performance tab. However when I do a view source, I see a TON of separate style sheets being loaded at the top as well as a bunch of JS files at the bottom. Plus when I look at these files, none of them look compressed, which I thought meant minified, which I thought basically meant no-white-space-or-line-breaks. It’s a simple one page site, and I’m posting the URL (on my dev machine) below in the private content box. If someone could take a look, I would appreciate it.

    On a semi related note, pages generated with Enfold do seem to be somewhat heavy on the html code. There seems to be many layers of divs within divs within divs, etc. I often find that when I assign a class to an element in the ALB and try styling that class, it doesn’t work initially because the class was actually applied to an html element two or three layers above the html element that holds the text (for example) that needs to receive the styling. Any chance you guys will be reducing the amount of html code that gets rendered any time in the near future???

    Thank you!



    Hey Scott,

    Could you try updating the theme to the latest version (4.5.7) to see if that helps please?

    HTML; the markup is there for a reason, we don’t add it just for fun. We always try to optimise the theme for speed but the markup will likely not change.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard:

    Thanks for the reply. I know the markup is there for a reason. I just thought perhaps at least some of it could be accomplished without as much markup.

    So I installed 4.5.7, BUT it doesn’t seem to have changed anything. I believe there are the same number of code lines and same number of style sheets and scripts being loaded as before. Any suggestions? Or do you guys have any plugins that you recommend for this? I’m concerned because the site I listed in the private data of my original post is fairly simple one page site. It only scored a 74 for desktop and 57 for mobile on Google PageSpeed Insights. Both said the major issue is render blocking resources and listed 19 CSS files plus jquery.js.




    Thank you for sharing the details.

    I checked your site for some reason the CSS was not merging but I have re-saved the theme options to force generate the minified files. The CSS and JS files are merged now.

    You can also check the site on the below link for detailed insight. When I checked your site most of the elements get long Yellow bar which indicates the server request time. Please consider looking into this issue with your hosting provider.

    Also, consider optimizing the images. I noticed an image that is almost 1MB. Please refer to this link for more optimization tricks.

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay:

    I checked all the images on the page. The two large background ones are only around 200K or so each. The rest are all between 20K and 60K each. Which one did you see that was nearly 1Mb???

    According to a view source, there are 19 calls to style sheets, 17 of which are in the enfold folders, and 15 calls to scripts, 11 of which are in the enfold folders. If that’s how many there are when it’s merged, compressed, and set to load only what’s used, how many are there when it’s not merged and compressed?

    Also what does Kriesi mean by “compressed” anyway? When I clicked on several of the style sheets and script files in the view source, the resulting code was very neatly formatted, indented, white space, etc., very easy to read. That is NOT what I expect to see when code is “compressed”. Is that what you guys expect???



    The compression is actually not working in your installation, but we’re not sure why. Have you tried using a third party compression plugin like Autoptimize?


    Also what does Kriesi mean by “compressed” anyway?

    The compression will combine all the scripts or stylesheets and minify them, removing the spaces, lines and comments.

    Best regards,

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