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    Can you nest accordion tabs inside each other with your enfold theme?

    (i.e. – when you click to toggle open an accordion you see sub-level accordions inside the main accordion tab you clicked?)


    Hi mattnystrom!

    Thanks a lot for using enfold.
    We are afraid that is not possible at all.

    Please let us knwo if we can do anything else for you.

    Thank you

    Best regards,



    I came across this thread on your Support page:

    Are you still planning to implement this feature?
    I am trying to link to specific anchor links that are included in a tab and it is not working (link in attachment)

    Thank you for your feedback!



    To be honest, I doubt if we will ever get to being able to nest elements by default using the builder only. But there is a work around if you want to try it out. First, activate debug mode in order to see builder shortcodes:, after that, you can copy the shortcodes into whatever element you want basically.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    Thanks for your reply. I could be more clear perhaps; I have created a page with a Tab element and within each tab I have a list of anchor links created with HTML
    I want to link to these anchor links from an outside URL but so far I had no luck. Will debugging offer a solution? I am unsure as to how this would happen…
    Is there perhaps a script that I can include in the functions.php that would solve this ?
    Please have a look at the links I am sending for a better understanding of what I wish to achieve ;) I hope to find a solution for this

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    Ok, thanks for the feedback. So you want the links to go to an element inside of the accordion? If so then you would have to assign the anchor to an element, like so:

    <div id="anchor">Content</div>

    Could you try that out?

    Best regards,


    Hello again,

    I have tried the solution you suggested but in fact if I close the anchor in a div the same problem remains. Please have a look at the link attached where I applied a div for the anchor.



    The anchor links will not trigger or activate the tab section title. It’s possible but you have to create a custom script.


    Best regards,

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