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    Hey there,

    I do know the limitations of a template builder, but I have to ask this question (I’ve searched already the forums):

    Any chance to get the table-template into a tab within the builder? I don’t need this very urgently, but it would be neat due to customer satisfaction.

    Background: I’m using the portfolio as product showcase and I would like to use the table for the products specifications. The question itself doesn’t depend on tables – it could fit any other content element.

    Another question: how do I activate some (or maybe all of) the shortcodes for the MCE within the template builder? Currently there’s only dropcaps showing up (for some reason)… If I missed a topic on that, please point it out for me. :)

    Thanks and have a nice weekend,



    Yes I think that’s possible – however it requires a workaround.

    1) Use the “Default Editor” and create your table (shortcode generator). Then save the table and copy the shortcode to a text file.

    2) Switch to the advanced editor and insert the table shortcode into the tab element.

    I’ll ask Kriesi to add more shortcodes to the visual editor of the template builder – I’m not sure why they’re deactivated atm and maybe it’s a technical limitation.


    WordPress is by far the most static CMS when editing AND layouting content. Workaround won’t be the prob – especially when you’re using a custom post type (e. g. the Portfolio) to build a somehow larger database of entries it goes crazy and complicated.

    Maybe the maangement of all the modals is/was a reason to disable the shortcodes within the editor. I’ll have a look by myself meanwhile – shouldn’t be that hard. If I get a (practicable) solution, I’ll drop a note on it.

    Thanks and regards!



    Great. I tagged this thread for Kriesi – maybe he can shed some light on this :)

    Best regards,




    Eventually I plan to improve the editor and allow some advanced nesting with tabs/toggles/etc directly on the builder canvas, and also fine tune the shortcodes that are available when opening a text field in modal view but that will require a lot of changes to the template builder.

    I will tackle it once the most common problems are solved and the most common requests are added :)


    I also have set out try to find a solution to doing some similar tasks such as placing accordions within tabs on some pages and columns with accordions on others. The workaround that @dude identified does work but it is dirty and not very future friendly.

    Before I get too far in the weeds on trying to find a solution, I have to ask…Kriesi (or anyone else) how far along have you gotten on this? Any advise?


    Hi thebrewhouse,

    As far as I know this hasn’t been addressed very much. There were some bug fixes and features added in with the past few versions to get things to a stable point. Once Kriesi launches the new site development on the next version will get back underweight but I’m not quite sure where in the upcoming timeline this fits in.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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