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    In my header.php in the head there is this line:

    <!–[if lt IE 8]>

    <style type=’text/css’> .one_fourth { width:21.5%;} </style>


    What is that doing?




    It tells IE8 (and only IE8) that the column width is 21.5%. It’s required because of compatibility reasons.




    Thanks. Maybe you can help me with this problem:

    I have modified the site to the wishes of a client. But now there is a problem.I added a div to the footer area. I made also a container div to center the site. In chrome,firefox and IE9 everything is ok. But when I am testing in IE8 the div is positiond at the very bottom of the screen. It stick to the bottom. You have to scroll down to see this div. I gave the content area a height:auto and I saw that the page with the biggest content exactly matched with the div. I hope you understand a little bit what I mean. Resume, I added a div to the footer area and in IE8 the div stick to the bottom. Any idea’s why?




    Can you post a link please? Maybe it’s a html coding error (missing tag, etc.)?

    Best regards,




    This is the site: http://dev.vonorangesup.com

    There is a coming soon page so you have to login true the /wp-admin

    You can log in with : test test

    I am not sure if there is a coding error because it is only in IE 8 or below and like I said when I dissable the javascripts the problem is gone.

    Hope you can find it;




    I am sorry but I wasnt able to find the source of the error. The only suggestion I got is: you could add the compatibility header to the header.php file so ie8 renders the page like ie7 which in turn should prevent the problems you are having if I am not mistaken?



    Well the problem is in IE7 and IE 8. In IE 9 it is allright. So the problem isn’t fixed when I am using your suggesting solution.




    Hm ok.

    Still not sure why this is happening. First of all I would try to move the new divs that you have added into the “#wrap_all” div that wraps around the whole content.

    You also have a HTML error caued by the social tabs widget which tries to place a div element inside an ul element. thats not a big deal usually but often times such problems are the root for problems in IE…


    It doesn’t work unfortunitly. I did put the div’s in the Wrap_all div and I removed the social media widget. Still got the custom div that floats down.:S its driving me crazy.



    Hello here is the statistics of visitors using IE8 below. This issue might not really hurt your website when it comes to browser compatibility.





    Hello Ismael,

    Yes it is because the problem is in IE8,IE7 and not in IE9 and above. From all the IE versions is IE8 the most used browser. So it is quite a problem.



    Hi Martijn,

    I tried to take a look and see if I could offer any additional advice on a possible fix but it looks like you have a under construction page up now. I’m not sure if we can provide a fix but if you do take it down I can try taking a second look.




    He Devin,

    Yes I have made a test account as I said earlier:

    There is a coming soon page so you have to login true the /wp-admin

    You can log in with : test test



    Hey Martijn,

    I think at this point your best option is going to be to remove the changes you have made then re-add them individually to see what is causing the issue with ie7 and 8. I took a bit of time to try and poke around and test it but one of the downfalls of IE is its kind of difficult to make live changes if you don’t have control of the site (where you can easily modify css and code through firefox or chrome).

    Sorry none of us have been able to offer a quick fix, IE can be a tough obstacle to overcome when you are creating items from scratch and even harder when adding into a complex system like Flashlight.




    Hello Devin,

    Thanks a lot for you time!!! I appreciate you efforts. I will check and try it. IF I solved it you will here it from me.




    Great! Thank you in advance and good luck!


    Hello again,

    I am now sure that there is a conflict between the avia_fullscreen_slider and the div. I disabled the avia fullscreen slider for IE in the avia,js file and the problem was gone. So what can it be that a created div floats down to the bottom in IE when the Avia fullscreen slider is active?

    Someone a suggestion?




    Hi Martijn,

    I’m not sure. I’m glad you found the conflict and I’ll ask some of the other support crew to take a look (i’m not the greatest with js).




    Thanks a lot!!!


    Hey Devin,

    Did anybody allready looked at the problem?




    Hi Martijn,

    Its been looked over but with no posts I believe there wasn’t a deeper resolution. Thinking about the whole thing again, I’m betting there was an issue with an undefined height, padding or margin. IE is a bit sensitive if you don’t specifically tell it a div has no padding sometimes.



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