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  • Hi! Thank you so much for this information. This worked perfectly. And I noticed I can play around with the CSS styling you provided and change the width now giving m e full control over the image size on the Archive pages! Is this something you may consider adding as a permanent feature? Controlling the size of images on Archive pages is a very beneficial feature.

    I have one additional clarification question. I am using an Enfold Child theme. My question is regarding when Enfold releases updates. I know adding code to the functions.php file is typically safe from upgrades as the file in the Child theme does not get overwritten when you push out an upgrade.

    My concern is over the loop-index.php I needed to edit. I did move this to my Child theme like you recommended. From what I understand about Child themes, when I do upgrade Enfold for the next update you release, I understand that the loop-index.php file in my Child theme will not get overwritten by whatever changes you make to the loop-index.php for your upgrade. This allows me to keep the customizations I made. Is this an accurate understanding so far?

    If so, my question is about any new code or functions you added to the loop-index.php you may have added in the upgrade. Would I not get those on my website because the loop-index.php in my Child theme prevents the hypothetically updated loop-index.php file you just released? I don’t want to miss out on updates in the loop-index.php file, or necessary code edits you needed to make for other parts of a future upgrade to work. Is that something I should be concerned about since I chose to customize the loop-index.php file and add it to my Child theme?

    Thank you,

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    That worked perfect on the page with the Magazine element. Thank you.

    However I am still seeing the problem on archive pages for categories, tags, and dates. The tops and bottoms of the image is being cut off. I included the link in the Private Content section.

    In the Enfold Child Theme Options, under Blog Layout, I chose “Default (Business)” for the Blog Styling, and “Single Author, small preview Pic (no author picture is displayed, feature” for Blog Layout.

    Could you tell me what file to modify to stop these images from being cut off at the top and bottom?

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    Good day. Just wanted to see if you figured this out? I am hoping to launch this new page on Friday morning. Thank you.

    in reply to: Trouble seeing PHP edits in Child Theme #1200550

    Worked perfect! Thank you!

    Works perfect! EXCELLENT product support as usual. That’s why I keep buying Enfold!

    Thank you! Works great :)

    in reply to: Problem with WordPress Password Protected Pages #1034795

    Hi. I just updated the theme following your instructions. It is now showing Enfold version 4.5. However, I am still experiencing the same issue.

    in reply to: Lessen the shrink size of the header when scrolling #899137

    Thank you very much @guenni007 for responding to my topic. @rikard, I did not try his solution as it appears making those changes to the two values in the avia.js file (changing to el_height/1.5 on both lines) and moving it to my child theme seems to have worked. NOw when I scroll, the logo and header quickly go to very tiny and then immediately goes to 75%. Can you look again at the URL in the private content to see if you experience this as well?

    Also, I didn’t want to have to create a brand new JS file like the other posted mentioned. I wanted to keep it easy and just modify a file that Enfold created. So I would like to keep it as is if you agree that what I did originally worked, and if there’s a way to fix that quick shrink from regular header size to very tiny and back to 75%. Please check it out when you have a moment and let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you, as always.

    in reply to: Partner/Logo Element Arrows on Mobile and Size #871183

    Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

    in reply to: Partner/Logo Element Arrows on Mobile and Size #870696

    Okay no problem. The Partner/Logo Element is on the page in the URL I put in the Private Content section.

    in reply to: Add Category to Masonry Blog Main Page #864945

    Hi I replied to you 3 days ago but no response. Please help and why no respond? Please respond and help. Thank you to you.

    in reply to: Add Category to Masonry Blog Main Page #864052

    Hello. I read through that thread and do not understand. Which of my 2 issues will that help? And what exactly do I do? I need to replace the value of the “is_page” function and the slug value for “whats-new”?? What do I replace it with?

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    Hi again. One more quick question. Can you also provide CSS on how to make this work on an iPad Mini in landscape orientation? Your code makes everything look so nice in the iPad Mini portrait orientation, I wanted to make it looks the same in landscape orientation. Thank you!

    in reply to: Content Slider arrow controls not showing on mobile #772939

    Hi do you have a solution for this? What you said is the problem…you cannot see the arrows above the sample videos on a mobile. That’s the issue. It shows them fine on a laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, etc. It’s only hidden on mobile devices.

    in reply to: Content Slider arrow controls not showing on mobile #770878

    No I am talking about the content sliders. Above the sample videos. The arrows appear on desktop and ipad but not on mobile. See my screen shots I sent in original post. Also, can you remove the link to the screen shot from your reply? The website is private for a client!

    Works perfect!!! Thanks so much!!

    No problem. In the private content area, I provided links to to images. The image called “grid-layout-ipad-mini.jpg” shows 2 columns of progressive bars in a 2 column, 1/2 by 1/2 grid layout. As you will see, the two columns of progressive bars are next to each side by side and way too skinny and the words run into each other. The image called “grid-layout-mobile.jpg” shows each of the 2 columns of progressive bars laid out on top of each other, stacked rather than side by side. Hoping you have some CSS that forces the columns in a grid layout to stack rather than displaying side by side on an iPad mini like they do on a mobile. As I mentioned, it looks great on a desktop and on an iPad Mini landscape orientation. The problem is with the iPad Mini portrait orientation. Thanks!

    in reply to: Combining features from multiple demo sites #695821

    Thank you for the information! What are your thoughts on my first question about getting features/elements from multiple demo sites?

    Thank you so much! Wow I had no idea the characters/symbols in a URL would have such an effect. I’ll make sure never to link to a URL with hashtags or exclamation points. Thank you again!

    Good day. I just logged into the WordPress admin and saw that you have deactivated all plugins yesterday and that they are still deactivated now. Do you know when they will be activated again?

    Also, I really needed that error code off my home page, so I removed the “Blog Posts” element from the home page, so now the error code does not appear. But the error code still appears on the other 2 pages where I have the “Blog Posts” element. Links in the private section.

    Thank you again for your wonderful support.

    in reply to: Weird line of code appearing only on home and news pages #646156

    Hi again. I tried downloading a new copy form ThemeForest and just moved that one file to overwrite what’s currently on the server via FTP and it still did not work. I renamed the old file to “zhelper-post-format.php”

    I also had GoDaddy do one of their special server cache flushes. But I still see the errors on the pages where I have the Blog Posts content element.

    I also moved a copy of the enfold folder from ThemeForest to the FTP and renamed it to “enfold v3.6” as you requested.

    The information you requested is in the Private section below.

    Thank you very much.

    in reply to: Weird line of code appearing only on home and news pages #645871

    Okay no problem. It’s in the private section.

    Actually, I think I am narrowing it down even more for you. I get the error on all pages that I have Blog Posts being displayed. So only pages where I use the Avia Layout Builder and go to Content Elements > Blog Posts, and add that widget to the page.

    That includes the pages I list in the Private section.

    This must help you figure out the root cause, right?

    Hi again. I disabled each plugin, one at a time, flushing the cache after each one, and loading the website on a Chrome Incognito window, but I still see the error. I went though all plugins. Also, I tried activating a different theme, and when I do, the error goes away. So it seems to be isolated to Enfold.

    Also, to give you more information, once I manually moved the most recent version of Enfold to my server via FTP, as you instructed, the error does go away. But the first time I publish a new post, the error returns. So once I publish a post, the error goes on the home page and the news page. But every other page is fine.

    Also, I have a child theme activated. I have the following code in the functions.php file of the child theme. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the issue.

    add_filter('the_excerpt', 'do_shortcode');
    add_filter('get_the_excerpt', 'do_shortcode');
    add_filter( 'avia_widget_time', 'enfold_customization_widget_time' );
    function enfold_customization_widget_time( $time ) {
        return get_option('date_format');

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Good day. I tried to do what you said and overwrite the “enfold” folder on my server via FTP, but the error is still there. Again, it’s ONLY on the home page and news page. And it first appeared when I published a new post. After publishing a new post, the error appears on the home page and news page. Any ideas? It’s looks so bad. Thank you for your help.

    in reply to: Change layout/design to mobile for iPad Mini portfolio view #578646

    Good day. On an iPad Mini, the layout stays the same as it is on a desktop. I want it to change to the way a mobile phone displays the information. I’m not sure how to attach a screenshot to the ticket, so I uploaded screen shots from the iPad Mini to the website and posted the links to them in the private content area below. I am assuming there is some kind of specific width specified somewhere that triggers the layout to change from desktop view to mobile view? Or something else?

    Okay sounds good. Thanks!

    Okay sounds good. Thank you for letting me know!

    in reply to: Change dimensions of video lightbox #575073

    Absolutely of course! Just left the 5 star rating and write up!

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