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    Good day. The basic out of the box password protection for individual pages on WordPress is not functioning correctly with this theme. I assign a password to a page, but when I enter it live on my website, it doesn’t let me view the page. It just refreshes. However, after waiting 30 seconds and refreshing the password protected page, it does end up letting me view the page! So the password protection on a page does not work immediately…it takes 30 seconds and the user to manually refresh the page, so it’s not a good experience.

    I am using the latest version of WordPress and have already tried deactivating all my plugins. It still does not work. I also tried switching to one of the basic WordPress themes, and when I do, the password protection works fine. It doesn’t seem to work with Enfold. That’s why I am writing to you as it seems to only happen when using the Enfold theme.

    I will provide the URL and login credentials in the private content section below.

    Thank you!


    Hey santanin,

    Could you try updating the theme to the latest version (4.5) to see if that helps please? https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/how-to-install-enfold-theme/#theme-update. Please note that you might have to delete the old version before you upload the new one in order for it to install properly, or use a plugin like this in order to upload the new zip file: https://wordpress.org/plugins/update-theme-and-plugins-from-zip-file/.

    Also please read this thread: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/updating-to-enfold-4-5-and-validating-personal-token/

    Best regards,


    Hi. I just updated the theme following your instructions. It is now showing Enfold version 4.5. However, I am still experiencing the same issue.



    I can’t reproduce the issue on my end, checking on Chrome/Opera Windows 8. The password page displays immediately on page load. Is this fixed? Where are you testing it?

    Best regards,

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