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    Yes you can close this thread, thank you.

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    Works beautifully… thank you so very much.

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    FINALLY… I figured it out.

    There’s some conflict in using the Enfold Child theme. I had removed all plugins… still slow (20-40 seconds just to load the edit screen of one of the modules in the visual editor). Then I wondered if it was old CSS (I’ve used Enfold for many years, and there’s lots of old stuff in there) so I went through and deleted it all. Still slow.

    Finally, wondered what was different between this site (where it’s slow) and my other site, on a different host, where it’s fast. I realized that on this site I use the Enfold Child theme. So I exported my theme settings, activated the parent theme, uploaded the theme settings, but still the same slowness. Then I deleted the child theme altogether, just to be sure, and now it’s fast again.

    So, for your developers who are working on the next release, you may want to have them investigate this.

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    I installed the v3.4, but unfortunately that’s not fixing it either. Is there a way for me to pay for development support, where someone can login and see exactly what’s happening and fix it? I’m happy to do so, I just need that productivity back. I have two licenses of Enfold, and on the other site there doesn’t seem to be this issue.

    To duplicate the issue, you can just to to the “Test” page, then try opening any module, evey now and then one will pop right up, but ordinarily it’ll take 20-30 seconds for a module to resolve, and then the same to close and save it.

    Thank you for whatever help you can provide.

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    Thank you Victoria!

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    Thank you Victoria. Unfortunately 4.26 goes back a bit too far. 4.3 is the version that had all of the performance improvements in it, and has some features that I’m currently using from 4.4.

    I know it sounds like I’m being picky, but you have to understand I’m spending all day editing pages in enfold, and it takes up to 20 seconds just for a single “edit module” screen to populate once I click on it “e.g. to edit a special title, or a text module, or any of them”. The amount of work I’m able to get done in a single day has literally been cut down to about 25%, right at a time when I’m trying to launch (and boostrap) a business. I’ve paid Godaddy developers to try to figure it out. They’ve optimized all they can, we’ve disabled every plugin to isolate it down to the theme, and they’ve even studied these forums to come to the same conclusion, that it’s the cron jobs associated with the instagram widget. But I’ve added the code above, and it hasn’t resolved any of the speed issues.

    Is there anyone else who might be able to resurrect a v4.3 file for me?

    If not, can I pay someone to go into my site and fix the issue?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Where can I go to download the prior version of Enfold, v. 4.3?

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    If I’m working in the backend on anything else, it’s fast, but anytime I work on a page with the Avia Layout Builder, it spikes my resources, slows to a crawl, and I often get “Connection Lost” message on the editing page. I built a page called “Test” where you can go and do some edits so you can see what I mean.

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    In other words, the real question is not “how do I stop these errors from being logged”, but “how do I stop these errors from happening?” How do I change that code so that it’s not trying to open a directory that doesn’t exist, because every time it does, which is all the time, then it slows the site down, consumes resources, and makes it take an eternity to try to do any editing of pages.

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    The warning is not what I care about, it’s the incredibly slow site-speed that I’m worried about. I’ve systematically worked through all of my plugins, disabling them each, and in the end, it appears to be Enfold that is causing this terrible latency.

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    I should mention, that there’s the solution of just removing the featured image from all of my hundreds of posts, which is a prohibitive bit of work, but what’s more, I want the featured images to remain attached for other display purposes, and because this is just an engagement experiment to observe click behavior of the posts when the image is absent.

    Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Even just pointing me to the .php file responsible for the masonry display.

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    The masonry display works fine with posts that have no featured image. It builds a nicely formatted display using only the title and excerpt. That means the loop code in some .php file knows that if there’s no featured image available, to just pull the title and excerpt and format accordingly.

    We just have to tell it to always pull the title and excerpt.

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    I just launched a new website for my company Life Engineering, entirely using enfold. I used lots of color sections that have images with horizontal separators above them with negative pixel settings. That causes the image to bridge the two sections for a nice effect (if you are using transparent png images).

    I’ve worked with dozens of themes, but by far Enfold is the best, most reliable, easiest to learn, and most flexible. – Take control of your life

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    I’m really frustrated by this issue.

    Here’s what I’ve found, after countless hours… When the retina images load, they are expanding to 100% the width of their container. When in non-retina, the image retains its intended size.

    The only fix I can find, is to manually set the height of every single image I place on my site in the quick css, as follows:

    #about-ces .avia-image-container img{
    height: 337px !important;

    When I look at it under Chrome’s css inspector, the offending code seems to be that base.css is setting “height:auto”, and when I turn that segment off in the inspector, the images all shrink down to their appropriate size. The code inspector lists the setting in:

    img, a img {
    border: none;
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    display: inline block:
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;
    image rendering: optimizeQuality;

    And when I turn off the “height: auto” setting, it works.

    Can Devin, Kriesi, or someone help me find a global fix to this please? Thanks.

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    I’ve been through all 7 pages of support on the wp plugin support page for wp Retina 2x and tried the various things that “fixed” the issue for others who were having it. They included changing the .js file in the plugin, attempting custom css, etc. None of them work. According to the author of the plugin, it’s got to be a CSS issue where the theme is using CSS that breaks it.

    To be clear, the specific time it breaks is when I am building a custom page using the page-builder, and I insert an image, simultaneously uploading an @2x equivalent for retina displays. The @2x image displays, but at double the size.

    I really appreciate whatever help you can provide. It’s very strange, because at one point all the images on the custom pages were working fine on retina, then when I updated the theme, they stopped working. I’ve tried disabling all my plugins (except wp retina 2x), and that doesn’t fix it.

    Again, thank you. Amazing work.

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    Interesting. That fixed it, thank you very much. The question remains, how did that happen. At some point I set the border color for its container to white, and I wonder if there’s a bug that associates the timeline color with the border color. In any event, I’ll watch out for that, and appreciate your help.

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    Do you see dotted lines connecting the icon circles? I’ve tried on multiple devices and browsers and for me the animation stops half way through, doesn’t ever resolve to the darker grey circles connected by lines.

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