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    Hey Jordan,
    sorry, it functions now – must have been with the cache or on the server – although I’ve tried often… thank you for the answer and the inconveniance.

    thread can be deleated

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    Hey Rikard!
    glad you ask, thank you
    on, that leads directly to the start page, (overview of the blogposts), on the smartphone, means in the smallest version, the preview pics one under the other, have different distances or gaps between one another, with the text in between. It is not obvious, to which pic belongs which text. Pic-text-pic-text-pic-text etc: sometimes it looks like the text belongs to the pic above, sometimes to the pic underneath. There always should be a significant gap under the text to seperate the text from the pic underneath it doesn’t belong to – always- and not only sometimes. I don’t know the reasons this phenomen depends on. I’ve tried many changes in the posts but with no success.It has nothing to do with the text in the posts. On the pc everything is fine.different gaps between the overview pics and between text an pics
    thank you so much, Regards

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    Hey Yigit, I have the same problem, but already using version 3.1..

    in reply to: Remove the "Dummy/Demo content" from my WordPress Site #333323

    more precisely: unlinked with the frontend menue and unpublished

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    in reply to: Remove the "Dummy/Demo content" from my WordPress Site #333306

    Hey Devin!
    Is it important for SEO to delete the unused and unlinked demo stuff again, probably I will use it later? Do robots try to reasd the dummy text?
    thank you!

    in reply to: LayerSlider not customizable #239846

    today there was an update of enfold but it solved absolute nothing…

    in reply to: LayerSlider not customizable #239691

    Hy Yigit, thanks for the answer!
    Nothing on this page did function, except the “hidden” slide-button. The last row was already blue, i didn´t click on content. It was fixed.
    When I clilck on “add new layer” it only jumps to the top of the page. “Add new sllide” likewise. Where can i update Layerslider manually?
    Thank you and best regards

    the website is for a client, so I have posted the screenshot on

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