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    I just cant find where to access the html, I’m a noob , I know…

    in reply to: call me and email me buttons #119669

    I did find a plug in that puts a small call now button in the bottom right when displayed on mobile devices and it works great. Thanks for the code, I’ll play around with that too. I am learning work arounds and the functionality of the theme quickly and am very impressed with the results thus far., Thank you.

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    in reply to: creating icons? #119671

    Thanks for the reply, I did find an answer under the Enfold category. Icons are created on a difference entities site and may be imported apparently.

    in reply to: Load time implications with layer sliders? #119697

    Thanks! what would you say is the tipping point on that? I’d like to run several but, don’t want to impact performance. Would say three slides with four layers each be OK? How far can you take it before it slows down?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)