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    For anyone trying this at home, as it were, I’ll just finish up by mentioning that to make all this work in a Child Theme, this is what I did:
    In my child theme I have a js folder where I added a copy of avia-snippet-lightbox.js and made the changes. I also created a ‘shortcodes’ folder and added a copy of the helper-masonry file where I made those changes.

    In my Child Theme functions.php I added this:
    // Register and enqueue scripts
    function my_custom_scripts() {
    wp_dequeue_script( ‘avia-lightbox-activation’ );
    wp_enqueue_script(‘avia-lightbox-new’, get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ‘/js/avia-snippet-lightbox.js’, array(‘avia-default’));
    add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘my_custom_scripts’ );

    //load override of helper-masonry
    add_filter(‘avia_load_shortcodes’, ‘avia_include_shortcode_template’, 15, 1);
    function avia_include_shortcode_template($paths)
    $template_url = get_stylesheet_directory();
    array_unshift($paths, $template_url.’/shortcodes/’);
    return $paths;

    Thanks again!

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    You got me in the right direction, and I solved the issue, though not exactly where you were thinking. My goal was to get the caption on the page so that when clicked for the magnific popup, it could write that out alongside the title.

    In that file aviashortcodes > av-helper-masonry.php, at line 411 you build the < a > tag, and in there you have a title attribute that is then called up in the avia-snippet-lightbox.js file. I added some code to get the caption, then insert it as a data attribute within that same < a > tag, so that I could get it in the js file and show it in the magnific popup. I might write up a quick blog post about it, I think there have been people looking for this over the years. I now just need to figure out where to put these files in my Child theme and I’ll be all done.

    In the av-helper-masonry.php file I added this around line 410, just before the important line :
    //get the caption
    $image = get_post($thumb_ID);
    $image_caption = $image->post_excerpt;

    then at what used to be line 411, after the {markup} within that < a > tag I add this: data-caption=’$image_caption’
    So that that line now looks like this:
    $items .= “<{$html_tags[0]} id=’av-masonry-“.self::$element.”-item-“.$entry[‘ID’].”‘ data-av-masonry-item='”.$entry[‘ID’].”‘ class='{$class_string}’ {$linktitle} {$markup} data-caption=’$image_caption’>”;

    Then in the ava-snippet-lighbox.js, I changed line 45 to call that data attribute and add it to the title:
    var title = item.el.attr(‘title’) + ‘ | ‘ +‘caption’);

    Hope this helps someone else. Thanks again, Ismael!


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    in reply to: Location of masonry gallery html construction… #1109294

    Hi Victoria,
    I’ve looked there, and did so again, but I don’t see anything in that file that produces the final front-end code of a masonry gallery. That file seems to only create the back-end ALB element and the pop up that happens when you click to edit it.

    It seems to me that there needs to be the caption attribute on the page when seeing the thumbnails of the masonry gallery in order for the magnific popup to be able to show the caption. Whenever I add code to look for the caption or alt text, I get “undefined” because I think it is just not on the page to find. So my thought is to edit the HTML output of the masonry gallery to include those things. BTW don’t you think it’d be good for the masonry gallery to have Alt text on the page anyway, for SEO and readers? Just a thought…

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    Yes we can close it. It’s interesting that she had pasted some Google Tag codes on certain posts (inside a text module, she didn’t know better basically). Something about that messed up the ALB ajax I think, even though I believe the codes and script tags were properly closed. But that definitely solved the problem and explained why it was only on certain pages.


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    I think I figured it out. My client had pasted their Analytics code in to the text area on certain pages. Ugh. Had no idea. When I removed those, it worked again.

    in reply to: Template for single CPT post using ALB #984260

    Hi Victoria
    I know how the next/prev work but I need to edit them and I can’t fine where they come from in this particular template.

    In the ALB if I could either use WordPress php functions (like the ones you mentioned) or create a hook on the page I could insert my custom prev next codes. I tried the WordPress php but it didn’t work for me. Thx

    in reply to: Template for single CPT post using ALB #983866

    And, just a quick question again about executing wordpress functions in a code block in the ALB… does that work? it seems not to. Or is there a way to create a ‘hook’ in the ALB code block where I could then inject something from my funcitons.php?

    …also can you tell me how the existing ‘prev/next’ is inserted into the post? It seems to be nowhere in the index-loop or other templates so I’m assuming it’s some js.

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    Thanks Basilis. As a follow-up, is there a hook after the ALB content I can target? I could insert my content that way if there is one.

    I may have to revert to a non-ALB method for this to help make that happen, and also because they may want these CPT’s to pop-up (I can write up the code for Magnific to do so) but I woudl strip out he header/footer and therefore need a template I can edit.

    in reply to: YouTube Video error in magnific pop up #947615

    NIkko, thanks. Not sure why that link worked and not the other but your solution works great. Much Appreciated!

    in reply to: Woocommerce Product Gallery Image Size #947521

    This: WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display panel does not exist anymore, and like everyone, the Appearance > Customizer (which I have always hated) only changes the Shop gallery thumbnail image. So my single product page is trying to show a 100px thumbnail in a 450px space. I also hate trying to override Woocommerce templates because they are notorious for arbitrarily nuking hooks and filters and leaving sites to crash and burn upon update (it’s happened to me plenty). Apparently Woo has left it up to the woo-enabled themes to add this feature into their Theme Options, which would be nice with Enfold.
    But if you know where I can override the image size being pulled for the single product page image, I would be grateful. This all seems like a time-consuming fix for something so simple.

    in reply to: YouTube Video error in magnific pop up #939313

    Victoria- Thanks for checking. Yes I do see that error in the console on my end too. The strange thing is that on a page where I just embed the videos, I still see that error but they play just fine. It’s only when in a magnific popup that they don’t. Also, in Chrome, yes there is that error. In Firefox I don’t get that error, but they still don’t play in Magnific. Anyway, I’m not sure what to do about it except look for another way around it.

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    Ok I made a user for you at (Email address hidden if logged out)

    in reply to: YouTube Video error in magnific pop up #937458

    Nikko- I can give you a link, but it’s in Maintenance Mode, so I’d have to send you a login for you to see it. I’ll set one up and send privately. This temp site is here: What email should I use for your credentials?

    in reply to: Launch lightbox gallery from one thumbnail #936764

    Thanks Jordan. This will work fine really. The only real cost is that the images are being loaded on the page and then not shown, which is a bit inefficient, but no biggie. Thanks.

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    Just as an FYI and for anyone else, I just added this to the top of the template-builder.php file in my Child Theme:
    if ( is_singular( ‘books’ ) ) {
    get_template_part( ‘single-books’ ); exit();

    and caused the correct template to be used, so I think it’s fine now, but still confused why it’s not using the single-books.php right away.

    in reply to: Custom Post Type mystery template #658611

    Thanks Rikard. I see now that it’s showing this: /dev/wp-content/themes/enfold/template-builder.php. I can see what that file is doing, but have never encountered it before. Normal blog posts use single.php I’m not sure why this CPT is directing to that file instead of either single.php or single-books.php. Any ideas? is it something in my CPT declaration?

    in reply to: ALB image sizes not working #638256

    Note: for the moment, I forced them to look the same by using: .slide-image {height: 0;padding-bottom: 90%;} but I’d rather the image block uses the cropped image I defined.

    Awesome. You learn something every day (10 minutes:) I don’t think I’ve ever included it before and maybe was just lucky it didn’t cause a problem! Or maybe I did and didn’t realize.


    Attaching in private…

    Josue- thanks for the quick reply. But that seemed to render almost everything gone. It left me only the excerpt. No JS errors, just missing the main parts of the editor now. This is how I changed my functions:

    in reply to: MailChimp API not connecting #550758

    I have the same problem. My MailChim connected fine yesterday. I have enfold 3.4.6 installed.

    in reply to: SSL and insecure content #357019

    Thank you. I should have thought of that. Actually, I did think to re-install the parent theme, but didn’t even think to look for an updated version. I assumed the WP update, being 4.0.1 would be a small update. Lesson learned! Uploading the new theme version now, so we’ll see if it fixes it.

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    Hi Elliott,
    Thank you. It’s good for me to know that. I tried the plugin I’ve seen you guys suggest that handles https across the site and it seemed to have helped, so I’m not getting those cross-domain errors anymore.

    BUT I have another related problem… Since moving to https, my image sliders are gone. Which is to say the container is still there, all the way to the

      but it’s now empty. here’s the firebug: I had the client delete and re-populate the sliders, and they show up fine in the back end but not on the site. When I firebug the back end, where the slider is, it seems to know they are https and shows the right locations in the uploads folder. Any ideas? here is the site:

      in reply to: SSL and insecure content #354594

      Hi, I’m having this problem too. Implemented an SSL certificate, and getting blocked content for various things apparently in the enfold files. I’m using a child theme, and would rather not go in and manually have to rewrite these links. I already had to do so in the font configuration file. Here’s a screenshot of my firebug error messages:

      Additional: the back end is a mess, and there are tons of blocked files and stylesheets: I’m sure this has to do with the AVIA_BASE_URL. I have Woocommerce forcing SSL, I have changed my site URL , etc etc. I’ve changed all my links in my child theme. This site is supposed to launch tomorrow. Any ideas?

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      Thanks. I swear I tried that early on and had no luck, but that did it. Excellent!

      in reply to: Archive Page title – edit #126886


      in reply to: Enfold- Archive Exceprts #126277

      Thank you Devin. I thought I had tried that, but apparently not.

      However, now I just can’t seem to get my Child-theme loop-index, and loop-archive to override the parent theme ones. I have placed them in my child theme with the same names, in the root folder of the child theme. Is that the correct way? I don’t want to start rewriting the loops in the parent theme if I can help it.

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