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    Thank you for the excellent and determined support. The site looks perfect on mobile and desktop, at all sizes.

    Congratulations and I’m sorry this was so difficult.



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    Hi Rikard,

    Thanks, the white logo is now showing correctly on mobile. This is great. Can the logo be left aligned?

    However, and more importantly, the desktop view is still changing to the black logo when the desktop browser is resized down to smaller widths. In needs to remain white, always, at all sizes on both mobile and desktop.

    See screenshot link in private.



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    Thanks Rikard.

    We do not want the white logo to EVER disappear. We want it to always show for our home page, both with mobile view and desktop view at any size.

    WP login details in private.

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    Thanks Rikard and @guenni007 for your continued help with this.

    For us, the function is so far the best solution because it correctly shows our white transparent logo with mobile view. The only shortcoming with the function solution is that it only runs once on load and so in desktop view if someone shrinks their browser to <480 after load, the transparent logo switches back to the standard logo when the browser shrinks past the 480 threshold. For this reason I was hoping we could get the CSS solution to work. But if we cannot, I will go with the function as the best of all options so far.

    I applied Rikard’s latest CSS. Unfortunately the white transparent logo is now not showing at all with mobile view.

    , here is the page:

    password=beta (i’ll change password when we finish troubleshooting)

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    Thanks Rikard.

    Unfortunately the CSS that you shared is not working – the alternate logo does not appear on either mobile or on the desktop browser shrunk below 480 pixels. The function method works on mobile but not on the shrunken desktop browser.

    If you want to troubleshoot, the link I shared privately currently has the CSS implemented and the function removed. You can see for yourself that the site shows the original black logo on mobile and shrunken desktop. The alternate white logo only appears on desktop above 480 pixels.

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    Hi Rikard,

    Thank you for this.

    The CSS method is not working for us. However, the function method is working and our transparent white logo is now appearing correctly on mobile.

    However, when we shrink our desktop web browser to mobile size (eg < 480), the logo continues to revert to our standard black logo. I don’t imagine many people doing this, but still, we would prefer this not to happen. Any suggestions?



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    Hi Rikard,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we have not yet succeeded to get this working. But I see now how my description of our problem was unclear. Please allow me to explain further…

    For all pages on our site, our logo is black and our background is white. We want this combination throughout the site – EXCEPT on the home page. On the homepage we are using a dark blue section background at the top of the page with a transparent header over the section background. Our transparent logo is white and this is showing correctly in the full size web view. However, in mobile view, the home page reverts from our white transparent logo back to our black standard logo. The black logo does not work against our dark blue section background and so we don’t want to show this in ANY view on our home page.

    So the problem that we are trying to address is how to force our white transparent logo to appear in both the full size web view AND also in the mobile view.

    Thanks for your help.



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    Sorry, pls retry

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    Brilliant. Worked perfectly. Very quick response time to our inquiry. Your support rocks and I will continue to recommend your themes to anyone who asks. Keep it up!

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    Brilliant. This worked perfectly. Thank you.

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    Sorry, sent you the wrong link. Please try this.

    Thank you for the Quick CSS on the border. We have applied it. But, despite the fact that the CSS shows the same hex code, the colors still render differently on a Mac. See screenshot.

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    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for the quick response. I am guessing that you are viewing our website on a PC. You can still see a very small difference between the header and body on a PC but on a Mac, the difference is much greater. See my Mac screenshot.



    Thank you!
    Worked like a charm! Just what I needed. A handy tool for future use too!

    Lots of appreciation,

    I’ve uploaded the HTML file to google drive. If you could download it and figure out what the heck is going on, that would be appreciated.

    I tried deactivating all plug-ins and WordPress is updated. There is a link to the file in the private space for mods only.

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