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    I am using the “Accordion Slider” at the top of my ‘Who Are We’ page and embedding anchor links (#team, #partners and #customers) to jump down the page to these areas where I have used invisible anchors (<div id=”team”></div>) to link the image to the spot on the page.

    Now, the first and third link works fine, (#team and #customers) and they take me to the correct place on my page, but – for some reason the second link (#partners) takes me to a spot just under my first (#team). I’ve taken a look at the code and it seems to have placed my div tags in the correct places, meaning my anchor is in the right place. But my code obviously works because the first and third links work fine. What is going on?

    I have tried renaming the <div> id’s to see if it had already been used, but still no success.

    Link to an image of the site:
    Link to an image of where the link is taking me, and another image of the code inside the accordion slider:

    Is this enough info for you to help?
    Has this happened before maybe?

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    Hi michaelspencer!

    we need a link to be able to check it. Admin access would be useful as well. Make sure to use newest theme and WordPress version. Deactivate all plugins to check if one is causing this issue.

    Best regards,


    I’ve uploaded the HTML file to google drive. If you could download it and figure out what the heck is going on, that would be appreciated.

    I tried deactivating all plug-ins and WordPress is updated. There is a link to the file in the private space for mods only.



    You don’t need to create invisible div containers to make the anchor work. Try to use the color section’s Section ID field instead.



    Thank you!
    Worked like a charm! Just what I needed. A handy tool for future use too!

    Lots of appreciation,


    Hi Michael,

    Great, glad we could help :-)

    Best regards,



    Is there any way to use anchors without using the color section? I have a sidebar on my pages and the color section messes it up.

    I’ve tried to use a code block and text element on these pages, but the anchor sends the page farther down that I want.

    See private content for link to page.




    Hi Dave,

    Yes but you would have to code it manually:

    <div id="your-anchor">Content</div>
    <a href="#your-anchor">Link</a>

    Not sure what you mean by the color section messing up your sidebar but since the color section is a full width element the sidebar will be displayed under it by default.



    I had the code wrong…thanks Rikard!



    Ok, glad you got it working :-)


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