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  • in reply to: Bad search results #1128478

    Hi Florian

    I just searched for “Island” on your website and search results look good to me.
    What exactly is the problem or are you talking about a different website? If so please paste the link here (makes it easier to verify).


    in reply to: Adding MINUTE READ to blog post meta #1124794

    Hey Justin

    Not directly connected to Enfold, but I think the following plugin brings you the closest to what Medium has:
    Reading Time WP

    Cheers and I hope this helps

    in reply to: anchor link does not work #1124358

    Hey Diana

    Ich vermute, dass der Fehler darin liegt, dass du für die “Besucher-Adresse” keine separate ID definiert hast.

    Bei “Preise” hast du das schon korrekt gemacht, deshalb funktioniert es auch:
    <div id="preise"...

    Dies sehe ich im Code für “Kontakt” aber nicht. Wenn du somit das gleiche auch für “Besucher-Adresse” definierst und dann mittels Link im Menü diese ID ansteuerst, sollte es auch da klappen.

    Viele Grüsse

    in reply to: Upload Custom Fonts #1124357

    Hi SilviaNT

    Exactly, the file fonts.css goes into your main directory as well.
    I guess it works properly now without any issues, correct?


    in reply to: Upload Custom Fonts #1124329

    Hi SilviaNT

    Please try my method described (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/#post-1092973″>here.
    I saw you only did part of it, but if you complete it from the beginning to the end, it should work with your custom font.

    And careful, the fonts folder does not go into your child theme folder. It goes into your root folder (your main directory) as I tried to describe here:

    I always create a new folder called fonts in my root directory and upload the font files there.


    in reply to: Changing Default Font #1117875

    Hi antiguanice

    Yes, that is definitely possible.
    Check (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/#post-1092973″>this reply which tells you how to embed external fonts on your website.


    in reply to: Multilanguage site #1117874

    Hi fbeger

    I can’t answer your question, however, have you tried Polylang?
    Personally I do not know qtranslateX which is why I have no idea about its compatibility with Enfold.


    in reply to: Yoast not working with Enfold #1116933

    Hi Ismael

    Well yes it is customized but nothing different than to some months ago when it worked perfectly.
    Hard to judge what it could be, I know.

    I will just wait to see if the issue still exists after the next Yoast update or Enfold update.
    If nobody else has that exact same problem (or has not discovered it yet) it might be my configuration/setup.


    in reply to: Yoast not working with Enfold #1116577

    Hi Ismael

    Thanks for the follow-up.
    No, the option “Use WP classic editor” is active in my case.


    in reply to: Yoast not working with Enfold #1115784

    No – I am using ALB for all my pages and posts.

    in reply to: Yoast not working with Enfold #1115073

    Hi Ismael

    That’s weird, but thanks a lot for your reply.
    I only have 5 other plugins in place. These are the same since a long time, so there should not be an issue with them I think.

    However, I will wait for the next update from Yoast. Maybe that solves this little issue.

    Cheers and have a great day

    in reply to: Yoast not working with Enfold #1114522

    Hey guys

    I think I have also discovered a compatibility issue with Yoast SEO and Enfold 4.5.7.

    Blog posts from 2018 are all fine, but since March (when I wrote a new blog post) the text link counter for internal links is not working anymore.
    Even though I have internal links to that post, it always displays 0 (zero) for incoming and outgoing links for blog posts from 2019.

    Could you please test that on your local installation to see if you can reproduce it?
    (I am using WP 5.2.2, Enfold 4.5.7 and the newest version of Yoast SEO).

    Thanks a lot

    in reply to: Updating 4.2 > 4.5.7 breaks website #1114494

    Hi Matt

    Have you also already tried to update Enfold directly via FTP?
    If you make a backup first, then upload the newest version of Enfold to the themes folder (call it “enfold-new”).

    Afterwards, delete the “enfold” folder and rename “enfold-new” back to “enfold”.
    Like this you can make sure that no old theme files are hanging around somewhere (not sure if that is also the case if you are using this plugin).

    Cheers and good luck

    Hi kellyCraftMedia

    Which version of WooCommerce are you using?
    The latest version currently is 3.6.4 which I am using in combination with Enfold – no issues so far due to WooCommerce.


    in reply to: Does the website use GoogleFonts #1114482

    Hi Niklas

    I want to load GoogleFonts locally so that no connections are made to the Google server.

    My reply in (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/#post-1092973″>this thread will help you I guess. I explained it step by step there.

    But then, how to make sure, they load locally and the connection to the google server are surpressed?

    1) If you are using Firefox for example -> Go to your website, right click, choose “Element untersuchen” (inspect element).
    2) Switch to the tab “Netzwerk” at the bottom and reload the page.
    3) You will see all connections that are made when you page is loaded. On top of it, there is a small field called “URLs filtern” or similar.
    4) Type in to check whether Google Fonts are loaded via a Google server or not. If you don’t see any URLs after your search, your Google fonts load locally (which is great concerning GDPR).

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    in reply to: Essential Grid Version 2.3.2 vs Enfold #1110801

    Hey Sue

    First of all: I am just a participant like you who saw your post. This means I can’t see your private content if you have posted anything there.

    Secondly, I do not know the essential grid plugin. However, if it breaks WordPress core features such as “Quick Edit” and “Help” this is not a good sign for the plugin itself in my opinion. These two features have nothing to do with Enfold.

    Please provide some more technical details:

    • WordPress core version
    • Enfold version
    • PHP version


    in reply to: Contact Form is not working #1110776

    Hi Nora

    This is probably due to how your email (server) is configured.
    Are you using a provider such as Gmail or your own domain for the email address? If you are using your own domain you should check how it is configured via your hoster.

    Easy WP SMTP might help you as well.


    in reply to: Accordion same link but different behaviour #1107727

    Thanks Ismael – you can close this thread please.

    in reply to: Font size of the tab's registers #1107126

    Hi Beat

    I can’t see the link as I am just a participant like you. It is only visible to moderators.
    I also searched the frontend but could not find the labels such as “Sozialverhalten” or “Merkmale”.


    in reply to: Font size of the tab's registers #1107100

    Hi Beat

    Mh – where can I see “Reiter” on ?


    in reply to: Enfold Update von 4.1.2 auf 4.5.7 funktioniert nicht #1107092

    Hallo lauragrashoff

    Was kann ich noch ausprobieren?

    Ich würde es über FTP versuchen. Hat bei mir bisher immer geklappt. Neue Enfold-Version hochladen, den Ordner z.B. “enfold-neu” benennen und anschliessend den alten Enfold-Ordner zu “enfold-alt” umbenennen und “enfold-neu” zu “enfold”.

    Hab ich zu lange für das Update gewartet?

    Nein – ganz bestimmt nicht :)

    Viele Grüsse und viel Erfolg

    in reply to: Font size of the tab's registers #1107090

    Hi Beat

    What do you mean by “tab’s registers”?
    I don’t understand which element you want to change exactly, sorry.


    in reply to: anchors not woking #1105845

    Hi smarta-brett

    It is very likely because you don’t have your ID #hawkins defined on the website (at least I can’t find it in the source code).

    So you can just add this ID (without the hashtag at the beginning) to the title for example:

    <p id='hawkins'>
    <strong>MICHAEL HAWKINS</strong><br>
    <strong>Executive Director NACO & AIMC </strong>


    in reply to: Bild – Kreis #1105836

    Hallo Birgit

    Ich würde die Abrundung der Bildecken im CSS wie folgt lösen:

    .avia_image {
        border-radius: 0px !important;

    Den Stern zu verwenden ist immer heikel, weil es dann wirklich global ist und auch ungewollte Nebeneffekte haben kann.

    Beste Grüsse

    in reply to: Support Sucks #1105831

    Depending on how many support requests they get, it can also take longer than 3 days.

    This is not acceptable.

    Of course it is. Kriesi does not have to provide support. It is optional so just calm down a bit. They are doing a great job.

    in reply to: Fatal error after 4.5.7 update #1105829

    Hi machaddict

    Are you using a child theme?
    If yes, your theme path makes sense:

    If you are not using a child theme (parent Enfold theme), then your path should look like this:


    in reply to: Accordion same link but different behaviour #1105365

    Ah – it was caching, sorry.

    So I guess disabling that is not an option either, because then the viewport obviously just stays where it is and always scrolling to the top instead is not possible, right?
    In this case the whole content in the middle would become visible again.

    in reply to: Accordion same link but different behaviour #1105362

    Hey Ismael

    Thank you very much for your reply – I appreciate it.

    I commented that part of the file avia.js out, but unfortunately this does not do anything.
    I located the file inside my child theme in js -> avia.js but as I said, it is still scrolling like before.

    What am I missing? Pretty sure it is not caching.

    Best regards

    in reply to: Update PHP and Enfold #1105091

    Hallo Joel

    HTTPS hat geklappt. Wo kann ich das Protokoll HTTP/2 einstellen? Im Panel vom Hosting?

    Eigentlich ja, aber frage doch direkt mal bei green nach, ob sie HTTP/2 überhaupt unterstützen. Von anderen Hostern weiss ich, dass Sie dies (noch) nicht unterstützen und alle Anfragen deshalb stets via HTTP/1.1 gehen, was um einiges langsamer ist.

    Viele Grüsse

    in reply to: Update PHP and Enfold #1105081

    Hallo Joel

    Ich mache hier mal auf Deutsch weiter ;)

    Ah perfekt, wenn du direkt den Code im File anpassen konntest. Vermutlich wird die Warnung dann aber wieder erscheinen, wenn du das Plugin aktualisierst, nicht?

    Bezüglich PageSpeed:
    Ich vermute es handelt sich um die Website – korrekt? Dass Google dort niedrige Werte anzeigt, kann zahlreiche Ursachen haben. Das Theme an sich ist aus meiner Sicht aber ziemlich schnell.

    Dinge, die mir grad in den Sinn kommen dazu:
    a) Bei welchem Hoster bist du denn? Green vermutlich…
    b) Stelle sicher, dass HTTPS die Standard-URL ist und das Protokoll HTTP/2 verwendet wird.
    c) Welche PHP-Version verwendest du?
    d) In den Debug-Infos sehe ich, dass du die JS- sowie CSS-Kompression nicht aktiv hast. Hat dies einen bestimmten Grund?
    Compress: CSS:disabled - JS:disabled

    Viele Grüsse aus Frauenfeld

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