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  • Thank you!

    I I tried it with no luck.
    I finally decided to switch back to WP Rocket, and I think it solved my problem.
    WP Rocket uses “remove unused CSS” and “Load Java Script deferred” to avoid render-blocking delays and I think it’s working better than consolidating files or minifications.
    I still wonder if Avia layout builder offers too many functions. I wish if there was a layout builder “lite,” which only has minimum options.

    Anyway thank you for your insights. This case can be closed now.

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    OK thanks. You can close this case now.

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    OK thank you. You can close this case now.

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    Thank you, I added the snippet.

    >So if you set your default setting of font-display to swap – it makes sense to have for entypo-fontello a different loading.

    I don’t know what I am doing, except that I am trying to reduce warnings from Google Search Console/Speedinsight.
    Are you suggesting I do something extra by saying “it makes sense to have for entypo-fontello a different loading.?” I couldn’t understand what “have a different loading…

    Sorry for a damn question.

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    Thanks Ismael,

    I am not savvy enough so bear with me. I installed Code Snippets plug-in so that I can add the code.

    Do I need
    add_filter( string $hook_name, callable $callback, int $priority = 10, int $accepted_args = 1 )
    before the strings you gave? (If so, I don’t know how to set the parameter. Could you let me know?)

    Do I also need <?php and ?> ?


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    >Isn’t that all you need really?
    Unfortunately as long as Google says my site is slow for whatever the reason is, it affects my ranking etc. and page visits from Google organic search plummets. Plus the fact that you can load my pages fast doesn’t mean other people can. (or Google bot can).
    Anyway it looks like this is not going anywhere, so I will try to switch theme. Thanks. You can close this case.

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    That’s exactly my problem. I get good scores on Page Speed test or GT Metrix. Almost 100%. HOWEVER, Google Search Console keeps saying it takes more than 4s to load my pages. All of them, not only image-heavy pages etc. It’s abysmal (see the links below). GSC community experts say page speed tests etc. are lab tests, and cannot predict real user experience. GSC is saying real user experience for my web is bad. (your experience seems to be good, but apparently GSC doesn’t think so)

    Vikinguard is a real user experience plugin. I copy pasted Viginguard results and GCS community replies etc. in the above message. Did you see them and do you have any suggestions? If “it loads fast on my computer” is only thing you can suggest, unfortunately I will have to try other themes. Especially as Vikinguard says it takes the longest time to load html for the website and the other article says Enfold is the second slowest WP theme…Of course your theme may not be the problem, but as I cannot find anything else right now, all I can do is to change theme unless you have any suggestions to improve the situation.

    in reply to: Enfold too slow? #1344662

    Thank you! This is my website

    1) The slowness started at the end of December and rapidly deteriorated in Jan/Feb. I do not know if it coincided with something you did on your theme, but FYI.
    2) I installed an RUM plugin called Vikinguard. Using its “fast test” function, the slowest request is:
    Status 200
    Header size 986
    Body size 368977
    Time 1339
    Then I also have
    This requires 83 ms to load.
    3) In addition, someone in GSC community pointed out that
    “It looks like you are doing a trick where the main image is not loaded until user interaction. That may fool LCP for now, but it does not cause a good user experience, and I expect the LCP algorithm will pick up on these tricks in the future. They may even dish out manual penalties for people deliberately trying to get good CWV scores by deception.”
    It turns out this is about Avia Layout full slider. Avia media has been causing headache for me, especially as I couldn’t figure out how to use them with performance optimization tools (I use WPRocket right now.)

    Then, he also pointed out: “I suspect your biggest speed issue is the server response time for the HTML. Did you change hosting at some point? Response time for static resources on that site seems fast. This indicates the issue may be related to the time it takes your WordPress site to build the HTML. Maybe the theme or a plugin is slowing it down.”

    I’ve already deleted plugins I do not use.

    Thanks for checking.

    I thought I sent credential, but it doesn’t look like it went through… let me send it again. Please do it for me!

    OK thanks. I am not savvy enough to understand…

    please update the enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\gallery\gallery.php file using the code below.

    Can you let me know how I update the .php file “using the code below?”

    in reply to: Support error message #1335773

    Sorry, I changed permission for Google Drive.

    in reply to: Support error message #1335715

    I thought about it, but I am uncomfortable sharing my account as it has some personal info.
    Instead this is what I attached some screenshots and files.

    1) I attached the receipt of my purchase (which says “support”)
    2) Upon the purchase, I was prompted to the page (I attached the screenshot). On the right hand side of the page, it says: “You have 1 license for this item. Download”
    3) When I click “download,” it’s linked to the license of the product, not support. (I attached the file)

    So my guess is I was delivered a license for the product (which I already have), not the support.

    All in all, when you are just trying to purchase support, you are directed to different places and it’s not easy. If you want to increase the sales of support, you may want to make it easier.

    in reply to: Support error message #1335475

    Here’s my email address.

    And I have more pressing question than the one above.
    I disabled AMP on my website and I immediately started getting “text too small to read” error on Google Search Console. It looks like it’s because of the viewpoint.

    <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no”>

    Is it okay to change user-scalable=no” to “yes?” Is there a reason why it’s current set at initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no”? (Just trying to know if I could mess up if I changed the parameters)

    Also, if it’s okay to change the parameters, do I just add the code above at the end of the fuction.php file?

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Magazine element #1334839

    Oh okay, it’s this problem.

    I will check the support thing.

    Thank you,

    in reply to: What is themeforest license code? #1330915

    OK it’s AMP plug-in that’s blocking the full slider. I’ve always had the feeling that AMP and Avia Layout Builder weren’t working well. So I purchased AMP Pagebuilder Compatibility because it said that it supported Avia Layout builder.
    But it’s not working. Am I missing something? At this point I cannot deactivate AMP, as Google prioritize mobile-friendly pages to index.

    As to font and size, here’s the screenshot of my text block control panel. Above the textbox, there are multiple commands that start from “paragraph” pull-down menu. Then “bold,” “italic,” then bullets…..I was able to see font and font size options within the bar. They are no longer there. I know that there is another tab “styling” in which you are supposed to be able to choose font size, but it’s not working for me, plus it messes line spacing.
    As I don’t know what to do, I paste <span style=”font-size: 12pt;”></span> manually every time I want to change the size. Really time consuming.

    in reply to: What is themeforest license code? #1330753

    Thank you, I included the info in private content area.

    in reply to: What is themeforest license code? #1330360

    Thanks Rikard, do I need themeforest license to post questions (like this)? I had hard time finding “create a new thread” button….Specifically, my full slider stopped displaying (again) after I installed ver ( Also, the button to chose font type and size disappeared. I know that I now have style tab in “text block,” but it’s not working, and it also messes line spacing. I can no longer see font types, and everything seems to be showing Ariel.

    Thank you,

    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1322312

    OK thanks. I had to disable those in order to show full slider, but I will keep playing SG optimizer. You can close this case now.

    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1322124
    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1320936

    I disabled CSS file merging and compression and Javascript file merging and compression and it worked.

    Did I do it right (disabling both)?

    Thank you!

    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1320797

    Again, for some reason I didn’t get the notification for your reply. Sorry for the late reply.
    In the meantime, I updated the theme to ver 5.8.1, and the situation got worse using Avia Layout Builder.
    1) the full slider is no longer loading on desktop computer using “full widths easy slider.”
    2) the pictures using “gallery” aren’t loading properly. Under animation, you have an option to load upon page load or scroll. I use upon page load usually, but they no longer load upon page load.

    Both were working perfect at least from desktop computer.

    The full slider problem looks exactly the same for mobile devices.

    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1318913

    It’s been a blank rectangle from my Android, ever since I added AMP. I can attach my screenshot, but I couldn’t figure out how to attach a file to this thread. In the meantime, “These DOM elements contribute most to the CLS of the page” according to GT Metrix. Looks like many of them are related to Avia Builder. Is it possible that my slider problem is related them? Is there any way to improve?

    <section class=”av_textblock_section “> 0.17(s)

    <div class=”tg-grid-preloader”> 0.15(s)

    <div style=”height:75px” class=”hr hr-invisible avia-builder-el-2 el_after_av_one_full el_before_av_te…”> 0.05(s)

    <div class=”tg-item-image” style=”background-image: url(…”&gt; 0.04 (s)

    <div class=”tg-item-image” style=”background-image: url(…”&gt;

    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1318706

    Oh no, I just realize that my reply to your last message wasn’t uploaded. Sorry!

    Anyway I have implemented multiple things, and my GT Metrix score improve to B. The only red flag is CLS (0.44s).

    I have been having issue with full slider using Avia Layout Builder, so I would like to fix it now in case if it’s affecting my CLS time.
    I use full slider at the top of the page very often.

    It load with no problem from desktop, but it doesn’t work if you access from a phone. I do not have a tablet so I don’t know how it works from tablets. But as far as smart phones, it just shows a blank rectangular space.

    How can I solve it? Please let me know!

    in reply to: How to reduce initial server response time? #1315948

    I already talked with the hosting provider (Site Ground). They said it’s not their problem.

    Below is from Google PageSpeed Insights.

    Reduce initial server response time 1.06 s

    “Themes, plugins, and server specifications all contribute to server response time. Consider finding a more optimized theme, carefully selecting an optimization plugin, and/or upgrading your server.”

    “Themes contributes to server response time” That’s why I am asking you guys. I have 36 plug-ins and am in the process of minimizing it.

    On Search Console, till July 28 100% of my pages were “good” in terms of page experience. By Aug 6 only 5.5% were good. 2 days later it’s back to 75%. It’s a drastic drop. Not sure if it will recover, or will deteriorate again. I made no changes to my website except for adding some posts.
    Currently 406 pages have LCP issue: longer than 4s (mobile). For example, this one.

    It’s hard to understand because this page only has text. No images, nothing.

    Just trying to figure out if I need to change the theme from yours.
    Thank you!

    in reply to: Menu bar incompatible with Google mobile indexing? #1240739

    I am just trying to explain what’s going on.

    In your attachment, this user says “every page” faced crawl anomaly,

    In my case, crawl anomaly occurs almost exclusively on pages with sliders, galleries, videos, thumbnails and things like that. Those pages are also considered “text too small to read, & clickable elements too close together.” You may say they are two different issues, but they are affecting the same pages. It’s hard to believe that it’s just a coincidence, especially when the problem goes away after I remove media elements.

    Anyway, I am just trying to let you know what I am experiencing. I am not complaining to you. So please don’t be so defensive. I am not a technical savvy user AT ALL. I just want to focus on writing, but feel forced to do something to fix Google issues as the number of visitors are now less than half compare to pre-COIVD, pre-mobile crawling era (6 months ago). My web is an abysmal situation.

    See how I rarely opened cases over the last few years? Everything was working fine. Now I am suddenly struggling in my battle against Google bots.

    Please close the case.

    in reply to: Menu bar incompatible with Google mobile indexing? #1240003

    Yeah so first of all, I wish if you guys have “attach file” function here. Attachments would have explained the issue 10 times better than me trying to explain using text only.

    Yes I know exactly what you are talking about! I wasn’t really complaining to you, but more complaining to Google.

    The pages I am “Live Testing” is the ones that are in “Crawl anomaly” category. In GSC, under “Coverage” there are “Error,” “Valiid” and “excluded.” Crawl anomaly is under “excluded” category.
    Those pages are crawled by Google bots, but determined not indexeable.
    ” URL is not on Google
    This page is not in the index, but not because of an error.”

    And if you take a close look at where the problems are, they are 1) text too small to read, 2) clickable elements too close together.

    If you are right and Google is still indexing those pages despite “crawl anomaly” and says this URL is not on Google, I will just be really happy! But I just don’t want to take a risk because you never know with Google. So I am avoiding media tools for now, because crawl anomaly disappears when I stop using them.

    Anyway, I was just telling you in case other users were in the same situation. This whole things started after Google announced that their primary crawling method will be smart phone moving forward, and also during the pandemic. I heard that Google made a lot of modification how it crawls sites in order to react to COVID-19. Everything was just fine until February this year.

    in reply to: Menu bar incompatible with Google mobile indexing? #1239608

    OK I got it.

    >So what do you mean by “incompatible with Google bots”?

    This is what I have been talking about from the get-go. Maybe you can re-read my first thread. My pages look fine when you access them from your mobile device, and they pass mobile-friendly test. But in order for my pages to be indexed by Google, they need to pass the test by Google bots that actually crawl pages (at least that’s my understanding). When I “live test” my pages, Google bots return errors: 1) text too small to read, 2) clickable elements too close together.

    In actual pages, texts are not too small and clickable elements are not too close. (As we have been seeing, everything looks just fine!) But when I check how bots see my pages, the menu bar is displayed as a list of texts with hyperlink. Which are kind of close to each other. If I can attach a file, I can send the screenshot how Google bots see my pages.

    As a result, Google decides not index those pages.

    After you took care of my setting and disabled SG Optimizer, many pages no longer showed 1) text too small to read, 2) clickable elements too close together, and became indexable. However, some still showed the same error. When I removed sliders, gallery and video function from those pages, the error messages finally disappeared and they became indexable.

    From the get-go, this issue had nothing to do with how my pages are displayed in reality. It’s been the Google indexing problem. But it’s a huge issue, you know. If Google refuses to index a page, it virtually becomes non-existent, so there’s no point making it look nice….

    in reply to: Menu bar incompatible with Google mobile indexing? #1238603

    OK thank you. I disabled dynamic caching, and most of the pages became indexable by Google bots. Do you recommend deactivating SG Optimizer altogether??

    As I wrote earlier, Media elements of Avia layout builder seem to be particularly incompatible with Google bots. The pages with full slider, video and gallery are having trouble. It’s sad because I liked using them to make full, rich contents for desktop users. I no longer can do it.

    Thank you for your help!!

    in reply to: Menu bar incompatible with Google mobile indexing? #1238102

    Thanks, so I added the code at the end of the function.php. I thought I did it correct, and actually Google bots started to recognize some of the troubled pages as “indexable” after I did it. But it wasn’t the end of the story…some other pages that were totally fine before the change suddenly became non live text-able (hence non index-able). According to GSC, it means “…cannot be shown in a live test, as these states are only shown when the user submitted the page using a sitemap, and sitemap information is not available in a live test.”

    So I deleted the code.

    Maybe you could try to add it in case I did something wrong? Thanks.

    Also, Google bots does not like anything fancy that Avia builder provides: I stopped using slider, gallery, video etc. I am even refraining from using thumbnails because it often causes size problem with GSC. I am making new pages using almost text only. It should not how it’s supposed be, right?

    in reply to: Menu bar incompatible with Google mobile indexing? #1237587

    I have been monitoring GSC for more than a month, but the problem still persists. I still get
    1) text too small to read,
    2) clickable elements too close together
    warnings and GSC refuses to index many of my pages.

    what else can I do?
    This is other page that is disliked by Google bots.

    I think I mentioned earlier, but in the screenshot of Google tested page on GSC, menu bar disappeared. Instead it’s showing the menu as a text list with hyperlink. I think it’s considered “text too small to read etc,” but in the original page it’s just a menu bar, so there is nothing I can do.

    Obviously, it’s just Google bots. If you check my pages on cell phones, the menu bar is properly displayed.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you.

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