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  • in reply to: media editor and yoast seo #628686

    Hi Rikard

    no – I am speaking of something else:)

    When uploading an image to the Media Library, I can edit the image and make an attachment page. As this is a page and I have the Yoast SEO plugin, I will normally be able to write my own snippet, select a keyword etc for the page. This is not possible at the moment, but only in the Media Library.
    When writing a post or a page, the snippet editor etc works fine.

    When changing to twenty-fifteen, I have no problems with the Media Library and can edit the attachment pages with full functionality.

    in reply to: featured image misbehaving for pages #489895

    Hi Rikard, thanks for answering.
    I think I might have found the answer. Could it be that when using the advanced layout editor I can not do a featured image? When making a button with the ordinary editor I don’t seem to have a problem.

    in reply to: featured image misbehaving for pages #489405

    Just discovered that results differ with regards to the browser. In Opera the button disappears in the editor, in Chrome it does not.
    For both browsers the featured image disappears and the button does not (on the page).

    in reply to: Fullwidth image #489401

    Thank you Dake – will try that!

    in reply to: featured image misbehaving for pages #489400

    Hi Ismael,

    I didn’t really understand your answer, but anyway this is the case: I have updated Enfold to the latest version.
    I am now able to make a featured image, but when adding a button with the advanced builder the image disappears.
    When I go back to the editor, I can’t even see the button there…so basically I don’t understand what is happening.

    in reply to: Advanced editor not working #488215

    Hi Rikard, thanks for the tip – it worked! Best, Marie

    in reply to: contact scheme #347750

    Hi Yigit and thanks for helping me out.

    It does not seem like the Contact form 7 helps…seems like a good plugin though..

    Could it be some settings in WordPress that are not related to the Contact form itself?

    in reply to: permalinks changed after upgrade – problems with Yoast SEO #321067

    ok! That was strange, the long log-in time I mean.
    Anyway, thank you for helping me out.

    in reply to: permalinks changed after upgrade – problems with Yoast SEO #320405
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    in reply to: permalinks changed after upgrade – problems with Yoast SEO #320148

    Hi Yigit and thanks you helping me out.

    I dont know how to paste the code into the Functions.php file, I am sorry to say.
    Tried this:
    Clicked on Appearance, then Edit, then functions.php file – scrolled down to the bottom of the functions.php and pasted the code there.
    There was no way to save this. A text also tells me to make the file writeable before pasting and refers to “Codex”. From hereon, I am lost!

    What to do?

    Thanks for very good support!

    in reply to: permalinks changed after upgrade – problems with Yoast SEO #319196

    I was wrong after all – it seemed to work, but it didn’t…

    in reply to: permalinks changed after upgrade – problems with Yoast SEO #319138

    Thank you Josue and eSensual –

    I did this and I think it works:

    in reply to: permalinks changed after upgrade – problems with Yoast SEO #317984

    Hi Josue

    I dont know how to do that, I must admit.

    What I have done is this:

    I save a page, the permalink changes to the wrong permalink.
    I change the permalink back to the good one and save.
    I deactivate the Yoast SEO,
    I save the page and the permalinks stays good.
    I reactivate Yoast.
    I save the page, the permalink reverts to the wrong one.
    I change the permalink back to the good one (with the plugin activated) and it stays good.
    I save the page once more and the permalink reverts to the wrong one…

    So I can actually save the page after correcting the permalink, but if I save it once more, it reverts.

    I would be happy to do what you suggest, but would need an explanation.

    Thank you for helping!

    in reply to: upgrading enfold #317692

    Thank you Devin.

    I got IRL help to do the upgrade, so I have the latest Enfold now.

    in reply to: ADVANCED LAYOUT EDITOR #312905

    I have the same thing – I can’t see the text in the advanced editor unless it is highlighted.

    I recently did several updates – I updated just about everything – before I did this, everything was ok.

    Did you find out what to do with bocable?

    Best regards,

    my site:

    in reply to: follow me and more #312898

    I tried “Follow me” and some others. But as I have deleted them, I don’t know… I am sorry

    Anyway, it seems like I have some other issues. I will start a new topic I am afraid..

    Thanks a lot!

    in reply to: comments… #197960

    Hi, Josue

    I forgot to post the link.
    The site in question is

    I changed back to “normal” from grid view yesterday evening and the comments field is still gone. Then I guess it’s not the grid view that made the commenfs disappear. Anyway , I would love to get them back.

    Thank you

    in reply to: Enfold and Adsense #197772

    Hi Josue

    I saw your answer today only. I will try to do what you suggest:)

    in reply to: Remove logo in header #194327

    Hi Yigit

    Thank you for helping me.
    I did as you suggested and the logo disappeared.

    But – then I shared my website privately on +1 just to test the share button – and the enfold logo popped up side by side with the link.
    I can always add a little image of some sort to the logo field if this makes the shared links nicer. But – if you have any thoughts about why the enfold logo popped up and how I can remove it, I am listening..

    in reply to: Non-clickable blog preview #193341

    Thank you Ismael!

    in reply to: slider and blog disappeared #172266

    Hi Yigit

    The website is I have Windows 7 and have been using Explorer. For the sake of science, evolution and everything I just downloaded Firefox and my website suddenly looks good.

    So – something happened with Explorer it seems.


    in reply to: upload image http error #162810

    Good morning and thank you for helping me with this.

    I have deactivated my plugins and are about to add the code as pr your suggestion.

    Being a complete newbie, I have some questions about this:

    -To edit the theme, I should use the editor in wordpress, I don’t try to find my way in the installation files saved on my Laptop?
    -To do a backup of “everything” before I add code, I must/should download a backup plugin (and make use of this..)?
    -I don’t find anything called htaccess in the theme editor in wordpress. Where should I look?

    Thank you so much for a wonderful support service. I am learning a lot.

    in reply to: images not displayed correctly #138772

    Thank you!

    Would the simple solution be to delete the pictures I am having trouble with, then rotate them on my computer before I import them to WordPress again? Maybe rename them first too?

    in reply to: images not displayed correctly #138770

    It’s me again Devin:)

    I realise my explication is bad.

    Her is the short version:

    Images that I have rotated are sometimes rotated back when I use them on the website. To me it looks like this is mostly in thumbnail or preview mode.

    There is several on my front page right now..

    in reply to: images not displayed correctly #138768

    Hi again Devin

    I just added some images to the gallery that is at the bottom of my front page Some of them are not rotated in preview, but are still ok when seen in the light Box.

    Thanks for your help.


    in reply to: images not displayed correctly #138767

    Hi Devin

    Look at my website now. I just made a test entry where the big preview image has rotated..

    I installed a plugin “Rotation fixer” earlier today, beacuse now as I made the test entry I had less problems.

    But still, the big image isn’t useable right now.

    Thank you,


    in reply to: Dropcap 2 and post sliders.. #138352

    Thank you very much.

    Just a question –

    I have never done any changes to the enfold files – is there anything I should do before I change anything – like a backup or something?

    in reply to: "Was this information useful?"-button in Enfold #138704

    Thank you very much. I will try that.

    in reply to: links disappear in enfold #135493

    Thank you for helping me with this.

    Being a complete novice with html et cetera, it could be I have been doing a very basic error all the time. I have just managed to make the email-link work as well as doing changes to the page without anything disappearing. I have done this by trying and failing – and suddenly it worked.

    It feels like I am either having a bug or I have been doing something wrong all the time that messes up other things in the theme.

    The code you want me to add – it augments the memory as I understand it?

    in reply to: links disappear in enfold #135491

    Hi Ismael

    I have had several problems, but here is one as an example:

    I want to make a “send email” link on my contact page. So I make a text box, open the “text” window, and use some html I have found on the internet:

    <p>(Email address hidden if logged out) ?Subject=Hello%20again”>

    Send Mail


    When saving this, I do get a working link. But as soon as I do anything else on the same page, the link disappears – that is – the “send mail” text stays on the page, but as ordinary text, not as a link.

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