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    I love the Enfold theme – but I have a problem that might be Enfold, might be WP or maybe it’s me.

    When I want to use an image that should be rotated 90 degrees. I upload the image into wordpress, I edit and rotate, I check the save-for-all-image-sizes box.

    It has then happended several times that the image is not displayed correctly. To me it looks like it might be incorrect as preview and correct after clicking on it (that is, when it is displayed in a lightbox)

    Help! What is wrong?

    Here is an example, just click on the image:



    Hi MarieAn,

    Which image specifically? I clicked on the images on the page but none had any errors that I could see.




    Hi Devin

    Look at my website now. I just made a test entry where the big preview image has rotated..

    I installed a plugin “Rotation fixer” earlier today, beacuse now as I made the test entry I had less problems.

    But still, the big image isn’t useable right now.

    Thank you,



    Hi again Devin

    I just added some images to the gallery that is at the bottom of my front page http://lystilditthus.no/. Some of them are not rotated in preview, but are still ok when seen in the light Box.

    Thanks for your help.



    If the image is getting modified after it has been uploaded my guess is that WordPress doesn’t actually re-generate all of the thumbnails. So what you will need to do is use this plugin to do so after any change to the image orientation: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/




    It’s me again Devin:)

    I realise my explication is bad.

    Her is the short version:

    Images that I have rotated are sometimes rotated back when I use them on the website. To me it looks like this is mostly in thumbnail or preview mode.

    There is several on my front page right now..


    When you upload an image to WordPress it gets processed by the code of both your active theme and any active plugins. By itself, WordPress creates a small thumbnail and a medium sized thumbnail and stores those in your uploads folder with the original image.

    The theme and any plugins will tell WordPress to also create some other thumbnail images to be used for other things. These are defined in the functions.php file of the theme.

    So when you rotate the image after it has already been uploaded you aren’t actually rotating all of those other images that were created when you uploaded.

    What this means is you will need to regenerate your thumbnail images after you’ve rotated the original so that all the thumbnails are regenerated based on the new orientation of the original.


    Thank you!

    Would the simple solution be to delete the pictures I am having trouble with, then rotate them on my computer before I import them to WordPress again? Maybe rename them first too?


    You can either do that or just let the thumbnail regeneration plugin run and see if that does it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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