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  • in reply to: lightbox popup links not working when column link #1129264

    Thanks Ismael – I understand why it doesn’t work now – but still not sure how to open a ?iframe column link in popup as required.

    Are you please able to provide the solution?

    Thanks, M

    in reply to: lightbox popup links not working when column link #1128867

    Please see the last line of my request: “Localhost so unable to provide access but this replicable on any enfold installation that I’ve tested.

    This seems to be default behaviour / a bug.

    Best, M

    in reply to: New WC orderby options since upgarding to 4.5.6 #1094010

    Thanks Gunter – will give this a go,

    Thanks Mike & Günter – yes please close.

    That works just fine – many thanks.

    Can I assume the WC fix (not the mod) will make it into a release sometime soon?

    Cheers, M

    Hi Mike,

    Have updated the demo.

    Result is that price sorting now uses the high variable to sort descending – which is good for me, but is using the low variable to sort ascending – which isn’t.

    I suspect this is closer to te WC default however does not fix my prob – I need to sort by high variable on both descending and ascending.

    Best, M

    Thanks, M

    Hi Mike – testing this now and I’m afraid it doesn’t work for me.
    I have updated the demo site with products – please take a look I hope this will clarify things.

    Fistly would like to be sure that it’s clear I’m talking about the shop page – not masonry or any other elements when it comes to the sort issue I have.

    Secondly it’s worth noting that in my scenario I am ignoriong the lowest variant price – it is irrelevant (it’s actually display:none in the final version of this site) – the only sorting I want to do is on the highest variable price.

    If you look at the demo now you will see 7 products each with the attribute “Test Attributes | Att 1 | Att 2”.

    Att 1 is the high variant price | Att 2 is the low variant price.

    You will note that the defaultr sort lists the products from 7 down to 1 as expected.

    For reference I need sorting by price asc / desc to producte exactly the same result as sorting bny name.

    With default Enfold (4.5.5)

    Price descending should be the same order – from £7000 down to £1000. But it isn’t because the sort is being performed on the lowest variant price (Att 2) which is random.

    Similarly price ascending is being sorted on the lowest variable price and ignores the high variable price.

    I have created a theme – Enfold test – which includes the modified files provided. HOPWEVER – I note that your accomanying text doc lists “/enfold/config-woocommerce/config.php” and that this file has not actually been provided. woocommerce-mod-css-dynamic.php has but is not listed in your test file.

    In any case – switching to this revised theme makes no difference at all to the price sorting on the shop page I’m afraid.

    Hi Mike
    You are right – the import stripped all the attributes and variables – sorry about that, must have been a late night!
    Can you confirm you are able to replicate the issue I describe or shall I upload a new vbersion with the correct data for testing?
    Thanks, M

    in reply to: Masonry behaviour if selected product category empty #1083829

    Hi Basilis – localhost right now but will get a live demo of issue up shortly and let you know.

    in reply to: Masonry behaviour if selected product category empty #1080947

    You are aware that it also shows draft (unpublished) products? Far from ideal – e.g. if a category sells out masonry all over the site could be displaying draft content.

    in reply to: menu conditional logic – additional roles #1079680


    in reply to: Masonry behaviour if selected product category empty #1079206


    in reply to: Masonry behaviour if selected product category empty #1078662

    Hi Victoria,

    Masonry set to show a single category. If this is empty instead of showing nothing, posts from random categories (including drafts) are displayed.

    I see this behaviour on every site I test on – including fresh install no plugins. Is this a bug that will be fixed?

    Secondly – hiding the masonry when category empty is exactly what I want to do – but this MUST be automated (I cannot manually disable masonry on hundreds of pages when a category of product is out of stock). How would I do trhis?

    Thanks, M

    in reply to: sow sidebar on woocomerce product archive only #1004094

    Perfect thanks – would be great as an admin option.

    in reply to: sow sidebar on woocomerce product archive only #1003580

    Victoria – the Shop page is what I am talking about – otherwise known as Product Archive – this uses the archive template therefore when sidebars are disabled on archive pages they are disabled on the Shop page too.

    So I am NOT referring to a single product page, I am referring to the product archive (i.e. the woocommerce Shop page) – hope this is clear.

    Afraid the screen grab URL you provided is wrong so unable to view.

    in reply to: sow sidebar on woocomerce product archive only #1003304

    Hi Basilis,

    Working localhost I’m afraid. It’s a general question though:

    Enfold options allow me to disable sidebars on all archive pages but as the Woocommerce shop is also an (product) archive it disables it there too. I wish to show the sidebar on the woocommerce Shop page only and nowhere else (apologies if original wording unclear) – how do I do this?

    Thanks, M

    in reply to: Gutenberg plugin & Enfold not compatible #995196

    I also note a new statement here:
    Looking good!

    in reply to: Gutenberg plugin & Enfold not compatible #995195

    Thanks Ismael – makes sense – on a deadline right now so will test and feed back next week.

    in reply to: Google API key problem #994400

    Resolved – needed to add billing details as I understand is now the case for all Google API account :(

    in reply to: Gutenberg plugin & Enfold not compatible #994395

    Hi Ismael,

    Have tested this and unclear what exactly it is supposed to do. As you say it changes the options in the page/posts panel but the same functionality is already acheivable without this code – when presented with the native Edit | Classic Editor | Quick Edit | Bin | View options, selecting Classic Editor on a page built with avia builder takes you to the advanced page editor as expected.

    But this is not the whole issue – there are more than one entry points to editing a page – clicking “Edit Page” in the admin top bar for example – which takes you to the Guttenberg editor. Although page builder is displaying in a tab below this it requires a long scroll through pages of shortcodes so is not going to work for client sites as it undermines the simplicity that is key to using avia and will confuse non technical editors.

    So, somehow, the default option needs to be applied per page/post so that they open in the appropriate view depending whether they have been created using Advanced builder or Default editors as is currently the case.

    Thanks, M

    in reply to: Google API key problem #994284

    Same issue.

    in reply to: Gutenberg plugin & Enfold not compatible #993315

    Guttenberg extremely basic compared to “proper” page builders in my view – nothing more than useful enhancement for text editor / content where page builder not used – we keep all posts as native and only use page builders for pages for example.

    I don’t think there is any reason avia or other page builders will be overshadowed by Guttuenberg for some time to come – they will coexist.

    As for Enfold – sites still render as expected with GB plugin enabled – just no way to access Advanced Page Builder which I hope will be fixed with a release in the not too distant future. Avia shortcodes just appear in a text block in the same way as they always have when you switch off advanced builder.

    in reply to: Gutenberg plugin & Enfold not compatible #993259

    All I want to see is the advanced layout editor option so I can switch to it in place of gutenburg (which after a bit of familiarisation will be fine as a replacement for current text editor in WP). The two can then live side by side and separately as far as I’m concerned.

    in reply to: Gutenberg plugin & Enfold not compatible #993234

    At least one of our hosting providers (siteground) is now actively encrouraging clients to “give it a go” so more important than ever for Enfold team to get on top of this with a plugin compatibility release asap IMHO.

    in reply to: Accessibility Coding Standards #927596

    Also seeking a definitive answer to this please – impacts use of Enfold as preferred theme in US.


    Perfect – many thanks Yigit.

    Hey Jordan – sorry currently localhost – but this question relates to any and all Enfold installs so hopefully shouldn’t need access to a specific site.

    For clarity – when you visit any archive page the category name in the page title is prefixed with “Archive for: ” – it looks like this:

    <h1 class="main-title entry-title"><a href="" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link: Archive for: Established" itemprop="headline">Archive for: Category name</a></h1>

    I am looking to remove Archive for: from this title.

    Instruction for template edit or snippet for functions.php would be great.

    Thanks, M

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    in reply to: WordPress 'Gutenberg' #906417

    Hey Kriesi,

    Can just pitch in on the approach your describe above.

    I’m neither impressed nor encouraged by Gutenberg so I’m glad to hear you intend to provide a route that lets us use Avia framework (absolutely the best visual page builder out there) as is – but please, for the love of all that’s holy, make this a universal Admin option and not a choice that is presented to users.

    Best, M

    in reply to: Centering breadcrumbs below responsive breakpoint #892710

    Hi Mike,
    Applying a left margin doesn’t work to center variable length breadcrumbs – a 20 character breadcrumb with a left 40% margin may appear roughly centered but a 40 character breadcrumb with the same left margin does not (obviously).
    The solution required is something that performs the same action as text-align: center – i.e. it is not width dependent.
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks, M

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