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    I’m sorry for any confusion but I’m not sure how I could have explained it any better. A series of client logos that slide from left to right in an infinite loop? I thought we were on the same page after you mentioned that the trick is in the fact that the logos are on one big horizontal strip. Are well, hence my creating a sample for you to get the message through. This is surprisingly difficult to explain online. I think this is why others have given up.

    I really appreciate all your help Devin. I understand this is outside of the scope of the support forum. This is more of a trick as opposed to a technical issue with the platform. It’s apparent now that this effect cannot be achieved with the current platform. The sample I showed you was a website I built. This was the only way I could get the image to slide but it’s only a hack. It will stop animating after 3 or 4 mins once the layer sliders finish.

    I am on the latest version of Enfold 1.9.1 on another site and the effect still does not work with your mentioned settings.

    We can leave this now. I’ll just hope that no one else asks for this effect :)

    Keep up the great work Devin.

    PS. I know you guys don’t have an open book for every possible effect (geez!!!!). I was just asking the same question that many other users have tried to ask and I thought it would be okay to ask on this forum. I did mention in my original post that I did try to contact the admin of the website that originally had that effect (they used Enfold) and they did not get back to me. I was trying to do the right thing.

    Maybe you guys could put up a tricks and tips page for stuff like this. So not a technical guide but step by step tutorials on how to do all kinds of things that people would never have thought of. This would be a “think outside of the box” section. I think you’ll find it would be very popular.

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    Nope. That didn’t help. I was asking what those settings would be?

    The options are as follows…

    Slideshow Image Size

    (I check ‘no scalling’ which doesn’t work either, makes it smaller than it really is)

    Slideshow Transition

    ( Checked to ‘Slide’)

    Autorotation active?

    (Checked to ‘Yes’)

    Slideshow autorotation duration

    (You have several options to choose from beginning from 3 seconds to 100)

    The image just sites on the screen and does nothing.

    None of these options allow the big long strip of logos to scroll from left to right in a seamless endless loop????

    PS. This is what I want to do…

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    PS, Feel free to call me Jamie.

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    Hi Devin.

    Thanks for replying. As mentioned in my original request what you’ve said is what Ismael said originally but doesn’t help. I know the logos are one long strip (That’s the obvious part) but what exact settings are used to create ‘Auto Rotate’? I can’t find it.

    This does not make sense…

    “You then add that as a “slide” for any of the sliders and make it auto rotate with similar images showing multiple inline logos.”

    I can assure you that I am not an idiot. So far this has been the only thing that has stumped me with the theme. It is surprisingly difficult to make this simple transition happen. I am not alone as others have asked the same question and have given up. I almost gave up too and had to do a hack version just to keep my client happy.

    So could I please get step by step instructions on how to do it as originally requested. Even screen shots would be bloody nice.



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    Thank you Dude

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    I’ve been following Kriesi’s work and downloading his templates for some time now. I have to say that Enfold is a quantum leap in regards to building websites.

    Finally I can spend more time designing the look and structure of my sites knowing they will work beautifully on any device especially mobile phones.

    I would like to congratulate Kriesi and his team for such a brilliant product (and service) and for that Milestone you reached through Themeforest, well done.

    Here is my site I launched 2 days ago. I only used a small amount of CSS coding, namely for the fonts and to change the colour of the line under the main header section. Apart from that I was able to design this pretty much how I composed it in photoshop.


    Jamie Russ

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