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  • Hi!

    Thanks for making me aware of that. I can’t remember turning this on, so kinda weird it was on. The header/easy slider is back now -albeit without the captions – I wonder why. Can this be “fixed” ?

    Also, how can I adjust the placement(centerpoint/scaling) of the image in mobile view. If possible I would iike it to view the whole picture. not just crop it. I have another site where i use a similar setup, and there the whole picture is viewed. Same settings etc IIRC, only some differences with custom css for the menu etc.



    Sorry about that. The other admin seems to have removed the account in the mean time.

    Its readded. Se details in private.



    Hi and thank you for your reply!

    I haven’t been able to follow this up until now due to illness. In the mean time my boss actually liked the spacing on top as it kinda makes the meny look like a strip of packing tape that we use(moving and relocations company. so kinda fits perfectly).

    However, I’m having issue on the mobile version. The header image (easy slider) isn’t showing up at all and it seems to be displaced all together. Its there, just seems to be displaced and i cant figure out why. I’m getting massive cuts on the pagespeed insights scores for mobile because of this. Possible to fix?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Nevermind. Seems like there was some issues on the server – after rebooting apache things are now working! case closed!

    UPDATE: works in firefox and chromium, not in qutebrowser or chrome and not on mobile. I dont get this. Please help!

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    I’ve done the following:

    Downloaded the ttf file from

    Used with expert settings, changing only the subsetting to include cyrillic and keep existing TTF hinting.

    Uploaded the eot, ttf woff and woff2 files to the enfold-chiled/fonts folder on the server.

    Added the following to my quickcss:

    @font-face {
        font-family: 'alexandra_zeferino_threeRg';
        src: url('fonts/');
        src: url('fonts/') format('embedded-opentype'),
             url('fonts/') format('woff2'),
             url('fonts/') format('woff'),
             url('fonts/') format('truetype');
        font-weight: normal;
        font-style: normal;
    h1:lang(ru) {
      font-family: "alexandra_zeferino_threeRg" !important;}
    h2:lang(ru) {
      font-family: "alexandra_zeferino_threeRg" !important;}
    h3:lang(ru) {
      font-family: "alexandra_zeferino_threeRg" !important;}
    h4:lang(ru) {
      font-family: "alexandra_zeferino_threeRg" !important;}

    However, the text is rendered using regular arial or something, at least its not the script font i specified(neither is it Tangerine and Lato fonts that are set in the enfold theme settings).

    I’ve also tried to use this instead of the @font-face

    @import url(;

    but the results are the same.

    Please advise!

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    Hi again!

    I understand, but after 2 weeks, still no suggestion and solution, other then to make my site slow and unusable.

    Please advise!

    Please respond. I’ve disabled caching(even deactivated the wp super cache and autooptimize plugins) and disabled any and all minification settings i could find. But the site is now superslow and since we are using cloudflare, i’ve had to set it up in development mode so you can see live changes, but i dont want to leave the site so open for long time. So please respond.


    Caching and minification disabled. What now? I cant have it disabled for prolonged periods of time. My boss gets on my ass due to pagespeed rank scores..

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    Hello Victoria!

    Sure, I can disable caching and minification. Try again in like 15 min or so, should be of then.


    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but wanted to move over to the included GDRP settings and getting the same error. Child theme has header.php from latest version. But still getting the error. Also, Lightbox is turned on in enfold settings.

    Built in GDPR settings are disabled now, so i can use an external plugin, but feel free to turn it on and test. When it works. ill just disable the cookie notice plugin.

    Please advise!

    Ohh come on. Not THAT much modification needed. I just need to know what elements to modify, and since there are tons of unneeded CSS in your theme, its extremely hard to find the one i need.

    If you at least could help me solve the width/menu-logo overlap problem, the rest i can handle my self.

    The support here is very varied – sometimes you fix a lot more complicated setups with no problem, while other you just send directly to “freelancers”. This is not the most complicated questions I’ve seen here by far, yet you’ve helped solve them. I’ve purchased your theme like a 100 times over the last 5 years – the least you could do is actually help me the one time I ask.

    So please help! :)

    Anyone ? I’ve managed to put the breadcrumbs into the footer for now, but its not optimal.

    Please advise!


    Small update:

    If i make the breadcrumbs sticky, then dropdown menus are “below” the breadcrumbs. making them useless.

    Please advise :)


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    That did the trick! Thank you! :)

    I got another question though – the logo in the main bar – it’s a png file saved from an SVG. When opening the page in chrome and scrolling down so the header shrinks – there is a delay in rendering the logo(it first shrinks,pixilated, then sharpens). When opening the page in firefox this does not happen, but the shrunk logo is not sharp. Most likely because it’s a “big” png file being shrunk. Is there any way to add a svg logo there? so it resizes without artifacts? If not – how to solve this so the logo looks nice and sharp in both expanded and shrunk header.


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    Hello again.

    I added the code and it works, but breaks the mobile view – I now have a huuuge whitespace between f ex sub menu and header, or main content and header. Any way to adjust for this om mobile?


    in reply to: Custom menu height #688223

    Nothing? When I select shrinking header the border is back..

    Please check :)

    in reply to: Custom menu height #688081

    Please see private content

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