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    Hello Victoria!

    Sure, I can disable caching and minification. Try again in like 15 min or so, should be of then.


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    Caching and minification disabled. What now? I cant have it disabled for prolonged periods of time. My boss gets on my ass due to pagespeed rank scores..


    Please respond. I’ve disabled caching(even deactivated the wp super cache and autooptimize plugins) and disabled any and all minification settings i could find. But the site is now superslow and since we are using cloudflare, i’ve had to set it up in development mode so you can see live changes, but i dont want to leave the site so open for long time. So please respond.




    W are sorry for the delay, we are trying to identify the problem and help best way we can…

    Best regards,


    Hi again!

    I understand, but after 2 weeks, still no suggestion and solution, other then to make my site slow and unusable.

    Please advise!



    Sorry for the late response. I’m not really sure why it can’t detect the “$.avia_utilities.av_popup” function but since the lightbox is enabled, you can edit the js > avia-snippet-cookieconsent.js file. Look for this code around line 24:


    Set the condition to true.


    This is just a temporary workaround until we find the actual issue.

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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