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  • You only need to update any custom media queries you personally made. If you did not, you can just copy the above code, paste it into your themes stylesheet/custom css and you can select the pixel size when items change responsiveness. For ipads, 1024 will make websites load mobile on ipad landscape, and 767px is for ipad portrait (landscape will show a standard site and not mobile). Hope that helps!

    ingozen – You need to log in via FTP, go to website > wp-content > themes > enfold child > edit style and remove any edits you made to this file via WP admin (appearance > editor) if you did. The most likely cause (if you’re receiving a 504 error) is that there is some wrong syntax in your stylesheet or functions.php. If the change you made was directly in the Enfold theme settings you are going to have a harder time. To at least be able to access the site (so you can see the work is still there) you can disable the current theme by going to the Enfold theme file via ftp as mentioned above, and just change the theme folder name from Enfold to Enfold.old and then you should be able to log into WP.

    Hi Andy,

    I was actually able to pretty easily find the code to add to my custom css. For anyone else looking to increase the size at which enfold switches to enfold, you’ll need to search/replace all the media queries in your css at 767px to your required pixels. After that, you just need to copy this code below and change the media queries to your need, just do a search and replace for “1024”.

    /* == 1024 tablet view fix == */
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
    		.responsive .template-archives .tab_inner_content li{width:98%;}
    		.responsive .template-blog .blog-meta,
    		.responsive .post_author_timeline,
    		.responsive #top #main .sidebar {display:none; }
    		.responsive #top #main .sidebar.smartphones_sidebar_active{display:block;text-align: left; border-left: none; border-right: none; border-top-style: dashed; border-top-width: 1px; width: 100%; clear: both;}
    		.responsive #top #main .sidebar.smartphones_sidebar_active .inner_sidebar{margin:0;}
    		.responsive .content .entry-content-wrapper{padding:0;}
    		.responsive .content{border:none;}
    		.responsive .template-blog .post_delimiter { margin: 0 0 30px 0; padding: 30px 0 0 0; }
    		.responsive .big-preview{padding: 0 0 10px 0;}
    		.responsive .related_posts{padding:20px 0;}
    		.responsive .comment_content{padding-right:0; padding-left:0;}
    		.responsive .fullsize div .template-blog .entry-content-wrapper{text-align: left; font-size:14px; line-height: 24px;}
    		.responsive #top .fullsize .template-blog .post .entry-content-wrapper > * { max-width: 100%; }
    		.responsive #top .avia-post-nav { display: none; }
    		.responsive #top .av-related-style-full .no_margin.av_one_half.relThumb{display: block; width:100%; clear:both;}
    		/*all templates*/
    		.responsive .title_container .breadcrumb{position: relative;right:auto; top:-6px; margin:0; left:-2px;}
    		.responsive .pagination{padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0;}
    		.responsive #header .main_menu .social_bookmarks{display:none;}
    		.responsive #top .av-hide-on-mobile, .responsive #top .av-hide-on-tablet{display:none !important;}
    		.responsive #top .av_header_transparency.av_alternate_logo_active .logo a > img{opacity:1}
    		.responsive #top .av_header_transparency .logo img.alternate{display:none;}
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all #header {position: relative; width:100%; float:none; height:auto; margin:0 !important; opacity: 1; min-height:0;}
    		.responsive #top #main {padding-top:0 !important; margin:0;}
    		.responsive #top #main .container_wrap:first-child{ border-top:none; }
    		.responsive.html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo { left: 0%; -webkit-transform: translate(0%, 0); -ms-transform: translate(0%, 0); transform: translate(0%, 0); margin:0; }
    		.responsive .phone-info{float:none; width:100%; clear:both; text-align: center;}
    		.responsive .phone-info span{margin:0;padding:0; border:none;}
    		.responsive.html_header_top #header_main .social_bookmarks ,
    		.responsive.html_top_nav_header #top .social_bookmarks { right: 50px; width:auto; margin-top:-16px; }
    		.responsive #header_main .inner-container, .responsive .main_menu{position: static;}
    		.responsive #top .logo{position: static; display:table; height:80px !important; float:none; padding:0; border:none; width:80%; }
    		.responsive .logo a{display:table-cell; vertical-align: middle;} 
    		.responsive .logo img{height:auto !important; width:auto; max-width: 100%; display: block;  max-height: 80px;}
    		.responsive #header_main .container{height:auto !important; }
    		.responsive #top .header_bg { opacity: 1; filter: alpha(opacity=1); }
    		.responsive.social_header .phone-info {text-align: center; float:none; clear:both; margin:0; padding:0;}
    		.responsive.social_header .phone-info span{border:none; width:100%; text-align: center; float:none; clear:both; margin:0; padding:0;}
    		.responsive #header_meta .social_bookmarks li{ border-style:solid; border-width:1px; margin-bottom:-1px; margin-left:-1px;}
    		.responsive #top #header_meta .social_bookmarks li:last-child{border-right-style: solid; border-right-width:  1px;}
    		.responsive #header .sub_menu, .responsive #header_meta .sub_menu>ul{float:none; width:100%; text-align: center; margin:0 auto; position: static;}
    		.responsive #header .social_bookmarks{padding-bottom:2px; width:100%; text-align: center; height:auto; line-height: 0.8em; margin:0;}
    		.responsive #header_meta .sub_menu>ul>li{float:none; display: inline-block; padding: 0 10px;}
    		.responsive #header .social_bookmarks li{float:none; display: inline-block;}
    		.responsive.bottom_nav_header #header_main .social_bookmarks{ position: relative; top: 0; right: 0; margin: 10px auto; clear:both;}
    		.responsive.bottom_nav_header.social_header .main_menu>div{height:auto;}
    		.responsive .logo img{margin:0;}
    		.responsive.html_header_sidebar #top #header .social_bookmarks{display:none;}
    		.responsive body.boxed#top, .responsive.html_boxed.html_header_sticky #top #header{max-width: 100%;}
    		.responsive.html_header_transparency #top .avia-builder-el-0 .container, .responsive.html_header_transparency #top .avia-builder-el-0 .slideshow_inner_caption{padding-top:0;}
    		.responsive #top .av_phone_active_right .phone-info.with_nav span{border:none;}
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all .av_header_transparency .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a, 
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all .av_header_transparency .sub_menu > ul > li > a, 
    		.responsive #top .av_header_transparency #header_main_alternate, 
    		.responsive .av_header_transparency #header_main .social_bookmarks li a,
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all .av_header_transparency .phone-info.with_nav span,
    		.responsive #top .av_header_transparency #header_meta, 
    		.responsive #top .av_header_transparency #header_meta li,
    		.responsive #top #header_meta .social_bookmarks li a{ color:inherit; border-color: inherit; background: inherit;}
    		.responsive.html_top_nav_header .av-logo-container{height:auto;}
    		.responsive.html_top_nav_header .av-section-bottom-logo{border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-width: 1px;}
    		/*related images*/
    		.responsive #top .related_entries_container .av_one_eighth{width:25%;}
    		.responsive #top .relThumb5{clear:both;}
    		.responsive.html_header_transparency #top .avia-builder-el-0 .container{padding-top:0px;}
    		.responsive.html_header_sidebar #header .avia-custom-sidebar-widget-area{display:none;}
    		.responsive.html_header_sidebar #main{ border: none; }
    		.responsive.js_active #top .avia_combo_widget .top_tab .tab{ border-top: 1px solid; border-bottom:none; width: 100%; }
    		.responsive.js_active #top .avia_combo_widget .news-wrap li{padding:5px;}
    		.tagcloud a{ padding:8px 20px; margin:0 8px 8px 0; }
    		.widget li{line-height: 1.8em; font-size: 15px;}
    		.responsive #scroll-top-link{display: none;} /*iphones etc scroll better by tapping the status bar at the top of the screen*/
    		.responsive #socket .sub_menu_socket{    
    			display: block;
    			float: none;
    			width: 100%;
    			clear: both;
    			margin: 0 0 0 -15px;
    	/* Mobile Landscape Size to Tablet Portrait (devices and browsers) */
    	@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 1024px) {
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all .grid-sort-container.grid-total-odd .grid-entry.grid-loop-1{width:100%;}
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all .grid-sort-container .grid-entry{ width:50%; margin-bottom: 0;}
    		.responsive #top #wrap_all .portfolio-parity-odd{ clear:both; }
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
    .main_menu .avia-menu, #header_main_alternate, .fallback_menu{display:none;}
    .container #advanced_menu_toggle, #advanced_menu_hide{display:block;}
    .responsive.html_mobile_menu_tablet.html_logo_right #advanced_menu_toggle{left:auto;}
    /* == End 1024 tablet view fix == */
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    in reply to: Toggle Submenu on Mobile #783158

    Hi Victoria,

    Currently even when you visit the home page all sub menu items are open on mobile.

    Please visit to see the menu.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by  haydaw.
    in reply to: Toggle Submenu on Mobile #777467

    Sure thing,

    The site is below. You’ll see on the homepage there is only one submenu, under Work. On mobile it’s currently always open, and other pages there are going to be around 6+ submenus so the menu would become quite large.


    in reply to: Toggle Submenu on Mobile #776923

    Is there a way to enable this for Themes using a side navigation? When using a side navigation these options are all greyed out.

    in reply to: Different logo for mobile AND different pages? #772940

    So I updated this in the backend, and this latest version works, however once the logo loads it does not change back if the browser expands again.
    Is this something that will be achievable through php/js or should I just use css to swap the images out?


    in reply to: Different logo for mobile AND different pages? #769161

    Hmmm I added the code but no luck! the code semi-works. It’s only displaying on a mobile device and not on browsers at mobile widths.

    I knew it would be an issue with the same function, but wasn’t sure how to work around that. You can take a look at the site here:

    And here is the full code I added to the theme functions.

    function av_change_logo($logo)
        if(is_page(97) )
        $logo = "";
        return $logo;
    function avia_custom_mobile_logo(){
    jQuery(".logo img").attr("src", "")
    add_action('wp_footer', 'avia_custom_mobile_logo');

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    in reply to: Confusion on making something 100% height #766787

    HI Mike,

    Unfortunately the design is set and the bottom half of the page should be a white background.

    The issue is the content does not fill the height of the document. If reviewed in inspector, once height of the browser exceeds the page’s content, it’s just a blank area below. (except for the header, which is absolute positioned). What I would want is for the content to extend to the bottom of the footer, so in other words, instead of the height being the minimum of the content, I want it to be the maximum of the visible browser height.

    in reply to: Fullscreen slider custom height #765759

    I ended up finding an easier solution than editing the JS:

    .avia-fullscreen-slider .avia-slideshow>ul>li {
        height: calc(100% - 250px) !important;
        margin-top: 250px !important;

    Has there ever been a resolution to this? I am very good at optimizing images, and I have my landing screen banners loading in at ~40kb at 1280×450, however when I upload they become 1024×450 and gain an extra 20kb. What gives?

    Even when uploading these, using EWW optimizer, and then WP Smush, and then EWW again, the images are still larger than when I originally export them from Photoshop. I have clients uploading images that aren’t optimized, and those are giant. Using a 3rd party plugin to resolve a theme issue doesn’t seem like a good fix.

    in reply to: Center Tabs #726369

    For anyone else searching or a resolution to this that is responsive and can adapt to variable content:

    .tab_titles {
        text-align: center !important;
    .tab_titles .tab {
        display: inline-block !important;
        float: none !important;

    You can see a comparison of desktop vs mobile here:

    in reply to: Mobile Menu Vertically Center Menu Items #721679


    Thank you for reminding me of flex:, I knew there was an option I was missing!

    in reply to: Masonry shop second image on hover different aspect ratio #707513

    Hi Ismael,

    Sorry, I did not realize I posted the preview link. Please see the page here:

    To be specific, you are looking at the 1st column, 3rd row item, American Solid Wood End Tables.

    When you hover over the item, you will see the next image appear however the first image is still visible. Even if you were to hide the first image, the overlay will still be too large.


    in reply to: Everything just broke? ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED #672975


    I was able to get this resolved. Not sure exactly what the issue was, but I reset all of my browsing data and both mine and your sites decoding issue was resolved.

    I believe it had to do with being logged into Chrome, as it saves data over multiple devices.



    in reply to: REAL ESTATE Theme!!! #672318

    Since there is currently not an Enfold real estate theme or native plugin, can you recommend any plugins are 3rd party software you believe may be easily integrated with the theme?

    I’m unfortunately not very familiar with real estate sites, but would like to begin working with them as I receive a few inquiries on creating a site for a realtor, however Enfold does not have anything native to handle this so I usually turn them away.

    But to add to the list, I would also greatly appreciate Enfold incorporating some form of real estate functionality and IDX integrations.

    Thank you,


    in reply to: Google Maps temp fix leads to low res maps #665028


    Any news on this? It looks like the panning and zoom controls also do not show. I know this is an issue currently being worked on, however if there are any temporary fixes they would be greatly appreciated as I am using this map on multiple new builds.



    in reply to: Google Maps temp fix leads to low res maps #664019

    Info below.

    in reply to: Google Maps Element Not Working #663657

    Looks like there has been an issue with this recently, someone else posted a solution.

    Just read the first comment, follow the Github link and copy everything but the first line of code, and paste into your Child Themes functions.php

    After you paste the code, you will need to go to and get a API key.



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    in reply to: 403 Error Permission Denied for comments? #597097

    Hey There Andy,

    Yes, I have tried it with the 2015 theme and have disabled all potential plugins.

    The site I am using is domain mapped I believe, it’s located under a subdomain, so that may be the issue?

    Thanks for your assistance.


    Hi, sorry to bother, but I could really use some help with this as the blog is already live and receiving views.

    Thank you,



    So it looks like the code worked, however because it removes the shortcode there is now no content on the post when seen on a feed.

    Since the posts are being structured with the avia builder, removing it all also removes the main text. If it’s possible to remove the ‘[avia_codeblock_placeholder uid=”0”]’ as mentioned above everything should look fine.




    I have added the code and it looks like it’s not working, I am still running some test and will check back in, to add, here are some images of the issue and the only codeblock being displayed is this” [avia_codeblock_placeholder uid=”0”] ”

    and it’s usually at the top and bottom of the feed, with the uid changing.


    Hello Andy,

    Not sure what you mean by fix it. The validating is fine, however there are still a lot of warnings and issues.

    Also, if you add this feed to an actual RSS reader, you will see the Avia layout builder elements on the text.

    in reply to: Tag archive page different than category archive page #587577

    Hello Ismael,

    Adding this code actually resulted in a server 500 error. Any idea?




    I understand this, however because of the way I need to have an Avia Builder template made with a specific design, I am unable to save post using only the default editor.

    What I would like, is to use the Avia builder to write posts, but still have the ability to see tags, posts date, category, etc.

    Any idea?

    in reply to: Limit Excerpt Length for Blog Posts Element #577462

    Hi Elliot,

    Thank you for point out that thread, unfortunately I tried that code and it does not work. Is this possibly because I am using Blog Posts and not Posts Slider?



    in reply to: Change title of Tag Archive Page #569735


    You rock! Thank you very much for assisting with this, I greatly appreciate it.

    Best regards,


    in reply to: Change title of Tag Archive Page #569708

    See Below.

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