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    I am finalizing a site, and now that I am taking a look at the feeds I am noticing they are a bit strange. When validating on a feed validator, you can see that the site will validate, however there are many errors. Also no recent post are ever shown, when this site has over 200 posts. Looking at the warnings, you can see all of the avia builder markup listed.

    Any ideas?




    Hi haydaw!

    it says “This cast feed is valid.”. Could you fix it? If not send us admin access here as private reply.



    Hello Andy,

    Not sure what you mean by fix it. The validating is fine, however there are still a lot of warnings and issues.

    Also, if you add this feed to an actual RSS reader, you will see the Avia layout builder elements on the text.



    Please try the following
    Customize Feed in WordPress in functions.php

    add_filter('the_excerpt_rss', 'dbt_custom_feed');
    add_filter('the_content', 'dbt_custom_feed');

    Hide all Shortcode also in functions.php:

    function dbt_custom_feed( $content )
    	global $post;
    	if ( ! is_feed() )
    		return $content;
    	// Remove all shortcodes
    	$content = strip_shortcodes( $post->post_content );
    return $content;

    into your functions.php and let us know if that solves the issue for you.


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    I have added the code and it looks like it’s not working, I am still running some test and will check back in, to add, here are some images of the issue and the only codeblock being displayed is this” [avia_codeblock_placeholder uid=”0”] ”

    and it’s usually at the top and bottom of the feed, with the uid changing.




    So it looks like the code worked, however because it removes the shortcode there is now no content on the post when seen on a feed.

    Since the posts are being structured with the avia builder, removing it all also removes the main text. If it’s possible to remove the ‘[avia_codeblock_placeholder uid=”0”]’ as mentioned above everything should look fine.




    Hi, sorry to bother, but I could really use some help with this as the blog is already live and receiving views.

    Thank you,




    could you explain further please? because screenshots are not working anymore and I can’t see any issues anywhere. Can you send us some precise links where we can see the problem please?

    You are using a caching Plugin, so go into plugin’s settings and choose to switch off caching. Deactivate this and all other plugins. Afterwards clear browser cache and hard refresh a few times.

    Hope this will help.

    Best regards,

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