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  • Hi Elliott!

    Thank you for kind support! Five stars, as usual :) The Enfold theme with Kriesi support team forever!!!


    Ok, let’s do the my issue simpler a litle bit. As we know, there is the post category’s description field in WP-admin (under slug and parent lines):

    category description fields

    The Enfold theme can shows this description text at the top of posts on the category page. But how it is possible to use some shortcodes for the description text? Now the text of category description shows as simple unformatted text. In order to make the view of that text better a little: how is possible to use some shortcodes for formatting (?), like below:

    [av_heading heading='Description of category' tag='h2' style='blockquote modern-quote modern-centered' size='25' subheading_active='subheading_below' subheading_size='15' padding='10' color='' custom_font='']
    Some subdescription's underline of text.


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    Right! Merry Christmas, friends, and good luck in New 2015 years!

    in reply to: BBForms Side Bar #372398


    In case you mentioned bbPress plugin instead of “BBForms”: the own (separate, as you wish) sidebar is in the Enfold theme for bbPress. You can add there the bbPress login widget as usually. Don’t use the “displayed everywhere” sidebar, that’s all.

    Or you mean something else? Sory, if I didn’t understand you well.

    Hey Elliott!

    Hmmm, I’m afraid, I don’t understand you right. Let me explain a little bit more. So, now we can add the categories to page with help of the Enfold Blog Elements and Post Slider element, right? So, we can create nice and unique looked page for each of category. Only one “little” thing is here: we need to assign each of that unique page with related category created under “Posts -> Category” WP-admin panel.

    So, how I see the possible workflow for this:

    1. When admin creats the category, he/she defines the name, slug, description of the new category and also admin can select the parens for new category (if it is required, of course). What if admin can also define there the link to the page, which will be assigned with this category? It looks like how works the WPCustom Category Images plugin. Well, let’s think – our admin can select what the page will assigned with the category here.

    2. When the visitors click-on to the category links, the archive.php is called. The php-script, which is inserted into archive.php (little hook), checks then – eithe the called category is already assigned with some page, or not yet. In case the category is already assigned with defined page, the archive.php redirects the client’s browser to that page. Bingo! If the category isn’t assigned yet, the archive.php works as usual.

    With this solution we can make all category’ pages as unique for defined category/categories, without of additional templates for this. I well understand: this question is out of support, but I think, the solution already exists, I hope.

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    1. Will be great, if the contact-form match captcha will avaible for bb-press login widget, for comment form (blog/forums) and for registration/login/password-recovery input forms too. I use now the Math Captcha plugin, which works, but has the different style from integral enfold match captcha and also doesn’t work well for bb-press login widget.

    2. Unfortunately, I cannot use the short-codes for the enfold/forums page in order to create this page more attractive. Also I would like to have some short-codes elements for the BB-press too.


    in reply to: Pop Up Image resizing – 2 #193580

    Thank you, Dude!! Now it works perfeсtly, I’m happy!

    Resolved :)

    in reply to: Blog-Views – why so complicate ?? #193075

    Dear kaMai,

    The Enfold theme is the well theme, because it allows to create nice looking site. The support team is correct here and they try to help patiently to use themes for all buyers. Please, be correct with them a little. For example, I wait support answer here more than 3 days, but I understand, there is no margins between support and develop questions. Actually, I read this forum every day and usually I find answers here. Yesterday I tried to understand, what you asked (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#post-192477, but I couldn’t, sorry. The Enfold blog section is the strong (best) part of theme. It is pity you cannot create the blog as you need.

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    Hi Devin! Thank your for this: “Edit: Just make sure the link on the images is pointing to the full size image and not the smaller size.”

    Well, I have figured out, I must place the links into custom link field for all images in fullwidth masonry gallery in order to provide my visitors the possibility to see the pictures as fullsized. But it is not necessary for another gallery (after )!

    The question is: is it possible to “ask” the Enfold opens the images placed into this element (av_masonry_gallery) as the same with the av_gallery? Because it isn’t necessary to place link for each image in this kind of gallery. It looks rather friendly for users, right? It is so boring to place 40 pcs of links for all pictures in av_masonry_gallery..

    Please, help me with this problem.

    in reply to: Gallery Shrinking issue #191551


    It seems to me, the images in this gallery have are large dimensions. Try to resize them to 1200-1400 pxs (+/-). This will help with your issue, I suppose..

    Nice pictures btw :)

    in reply to: Pop Up Image resizing – 2 #191144
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    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #191089

    Please, add some event calendar (as well as here: or some styles for The Events Calendar plugin. Thank you!

    in reply to: Pop Up Image resizing – 2 #190323

    P.S. There were some problems with server, now you can check the links in previous message.. Hope, this issue isn’t complicated. I have already checked the massonry_gallery.php and masonry_entries.php as well as slideshow.php too, but still have not find the decision. I also tried this recommendation – it works, but as my images are 1650 pxs, they looks badly on the little dimension screens in lightbox.

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    in reply to: Please contribute and translate Enfold #114949


    @dude: thank you for kind recommendations, the LayerSlider is translated now with success! My customer says big thanks to you too.

    Here is the last edition of rus-translation (Enfold theme and LayerSlider, 100%): download zip file. GLWS, guys!

    in reply to: Please contribute and translate Enfold #114944

    @dude, I have already try both of your kind recommendations, but unsuccessful.

    Also when I have tried to activate the LayerSlider as plugin, I have got the following: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare layerslider_load_lang() (previously declared in /home/info/public_html/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-layerslider/LayerSlider/layerslider.php:101) in /home/info/public_html/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/layerslider.php on line 102” May you kindly advise me some correct modification of config-file? My customer would like to use the translated LayerSlider with page builder and with shortcode too, if it is possible with powerful Enfold theme.

    in reply to: Please contribute and translate Enfold #114941


    Ohh, I have translated the files to Russian. Twice. First time the theme pot, and once again the LayerSlider pot too, because I didn’t see (Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-114453″>this message before beginning. I have killed 3 working days on it, really.

    You guys can download translated files from this link: download RUS po-mo files (100%, for both of pot).

    Also I have already placed the layerslider and ru_RU.po into enfoldconfig-layersliderLayerSliderlanguages folder. But unfortunately, the translation of LayerSlider interface doesn’t appear for my customer. Something needs be allow there, please, check this.


    in reply to: Sidebar of singl product page uses only half of width #110159

    Dear Devin, thank you! This CSS works perfectly for me! With sidebar with some woocomerce widgets the single product layout looks much better.

    in reply to: Sidebar of singl product page uses only half of width #110157

    Dear Devin, how is aligned the sidebar of single production page in your test installation?

    in reply to: Sidebar of singl product page uses only half of width #110155

    Hey Devin,

    I just replaced the folder with theme via FTP. Then I updated the woocommerce to 2.02 (and 2.03 today). But I installed all to the “test2” subfolder (absolute clear wp 3.5.1 one more time in the testing reason, and the problem with single product sidebar is there: (I didn’t import the dummy content in that time).

    Nobody has the same issue here?

    Also see there, how the content is shown in description tab (not the short description tab, but the next tab, before review tab). Need allow the shortcodes for all tabs in such product pages..

    in reply to: Sidebar of singl product page uses only half of width #110153

    I see.

    1. Now it looks like double sidebars in the left side, but without of the “first” sidebar. If it is possible to have this double sidebars layout for the single product page, it will be great, I think, but it requires more modifications of code, maybe. So the other way is the simple left sidebar, as you offer: “a bit more centered and wider” That’s all, you right, exactly.

    2. Maybe, you also agree with me about of the size of price. My customer says about: the size is too small, but the visitors must see the prices better (firstly), because it is important information for them. I think, he is right, and hope, it isn’t hardly to do with help of custom CSS.

    Thank you for kindness. Hope, you also help to other “propulsion”-customers too with this issue, not only for me.

    in reply to: Sidebar of singl product page uses only half of width #110151

    Oh, I cannot understand, how it is possible?



    I have already checked this page in the other decktop (under windows XP SP3) and in the Opera too – everything is the same with my screenshots. I have not ideas about..

    in reply to: Duplicate Product Descriptions after 2.0 Update #109956

    Yes, I have got the same problem, unfortunately:

    Please, help with this…

    in reply to: Shortcodes not working in Product Short Description Area #100861

    Dear Nick, thank you so much! It is working now! (your support every time looks like magic for me :) )

    in reply to: Sidebar of singl product page uses only half of width #110149

    Hi, Dude

    Thank you for answer. There were Propulsion 1.8 and woocommerce 1.6.6 on my test istallation with dummy content. Now I have done all updates, and I’ve also deactivated others plugins, but it doesn’t help me with alignment of the sidebar . – theme version, – installed plugins.

    Maybe, this is some hosting problem? Because in this installation of theme everything looks like default.

    May I fix this manually? By the way, if the “double” sidebars for product pages is possible with some modifications, is will be also well for design of single product page, I suppose..Another decision is align=”right” for widgets for this sidebar. Please, help me.

    Hi Devin! Amazing support, as usial!

    I think, I’ll look forward the new Kriesi woocommerce theme with all well Propulsion features, wonderful Replete’s fullwidth slider or Revolution slider on the board, 1200-1300 pixels width and with improoved product pages features.

    Thank you for helping!

    Update: maybe, for the short description field, it is enough to replace the [dropcap2]Letter[/dropcap2] to <span class=”dropcap2″>Letter</span> only for all generated shortcodes?

    Unfortunately not. I have already checked the iconbox shortcode with span class=”” – not work. So, for this reason I ask help. Hope, it is enough just allow for using the shortcode generator for the product short description field.

    in reply to: Shortcodes not working in Product Short Description Area #100858

    Hey, Nick!

    May be, you didn’t understand me right. Please, see the screenshot one more time: . Do you see there all not working shortcodes? Also see there the table with dropcaps (blue and red). You can see it here: (in the bottom of page). What is the difference between both of parts? Here is the explanation: – it is the editor of the short description of product. Do you see there the shortcode button? Yes, it is there, right :). But generated with help of this button shortcodes unfortunately don’t work in this field, in my case. I say about, maybe, 10 times here.

    Only HTML “shortcodes” work (on published page, of course): The generated shortcodes, as you wish me, don’t work for product short description field:

    I need either working generated shortcodes for product short description field (which is the best decision for me), or the HTML examples of these shortcodes.

    Ones again (for product short description field): This is generated dropcap: [dropcap2]H[/dropcap2] Not works. This is the HTML dropcap: <span class="dropcap2 bg-blue"> it works (with additional custom CSS code only). Maybe, the shortcode generator can generate the HTML shortcodes with CSS too and I can just copy the HTML into the short description field? It will be well in this case too, because my customer doesn’t like the following text box:

    ‘[hr] This is the example from product short description section:

    [one_third first][dropcap2]H[/dropcap2]ere is the column 1 just for testing reason[/one_third] [one_third][dropcap2]H[/dropcap2]ere is the column 2 just for testing reason[/one_third] [one_third][dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]nd here is the column 3, again for testing reason[/one_third] This is the example of iconbox shortcode: It isn’t work here in any places, unfortunately: [iconbox title=”Broshure” icon=”x-office-address-book.png”]The 10 first customers will get the unique color broshure as gift, hurry up![/iconbox]

    What is the strange here: it is ok for excerpt as hero-text, but shortcodes still don’t work in description table. [hr]`

    in his site instead of the nice-looking description text-box – is it much better, isn’t it?

    Hope, now it is clean all enough. Please, explain me, how it is possible to get the working shortcodes for, ones again, product short description field?

    Thank you in advance!

    in reply to: Shortcodes not working in Product Short Description Area #100856

    Hi Nick, thank you for answer!

    I don’t understand well about of the Hero text excerpt posibility. Let me explain, what I mean. So, here is the screenshot: and, If I choose there “yes”, the content of short description will be shown in the top of page (under or near of the product slider/gallery), like here But what is the reason of this (?), if 1. we can do it with help of main WP-editor in product page, and 2. all content from short description still remains in the short description table as bad looking text – so, we only make double of the descriptions with help of Hero text excerpt, right?

    Thanks to HTML, it is possible to create well looking text-style in short description field too (see the little table under bad looking text on screenshot: ). Ok, no shortcodes there, no “hero text excerpting”, it is ok in case I can find some list of shortcode in HTML, in order to insert them as manual. It is requirement of my customer. Can you provide me that list? If that list doesn’t exist, may I ask about of a few shortcodes in HTML-format for short description field? I need the follow:

    1. Buttons

    2. Icon links

    3. Icon boxes

    4. Column layouts

    5. and dropcaps

    That’s it (hope, not so much, it will be enough for my customer).

    Anyway, thanks for time!

    Thank you Kriesi for your time and for wonderful Propulsion theme too :)

    Ok, now the shortcodes work for excerpt as hero-text, but I think, it will be more logical to work for them in short description field too. It means the following structure, which is more clearly for visitors: the combination of the main description of product (use the WP-editor in product page for this, it works fine) and the additional description in “short description field”, under main content. Some visitors like this traditional table “short description + preview sections + something else”. Please, look at here one more time: I suppose, it will be fine, if the shortcodes will also work in short description field too. Is it possible to do that? If yes, please, help me with this.

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